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  1. Fact or Fraud quiz

    Fact or Fraud quiz

    An army of PR gurus and spin-doctors ensure the police force is trusted by the public. But can we always trust what we’re told? How good are you at picking the real reports from the phoney figures?

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  2. The Cast

    The Cast

    Find out who's who in the show

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  3. Interview with James Nesbitt

    Interview with James Nesbitt

    'There was the whole complexity of what it must be like to be the senior police officer in the land...'

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  4. Introduction from Danny Boyle

    Introduction from Danny Boyle

    'A cop show without detectives...' Director Danny Boyle introduces the show.

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  5. Interview with Brit Marling

    Interview with Brit Marling

    'Liz believes the new PR game is that you’ve got to tell the truth better than anyone else.'

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