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Attack the Block

Part-funded and developed by Film4, Joe Cornish's directorial debut is a much-praised sci-fi horror-comedy in which extra-terrestrials pick the wrong part of London as the 'beachhead' for their invasion.

Moses (John Boyega) and his crew aren't the most obvious of heroes - they open the movie mugging Sam (Jodie Whittaker), a nurse on her way home after a long day caring for others, and their dreams are limited to getting rich from drug dealing.

However, just as they have robbed the terrified Sam of her valuables, an alien invader drops from the sky - and is perfunctorily dispatched by Moses. But that was just the first of the creatures and, unlike the rest, it was relatively benign and easy to kill.

Now, using the cover of Guy Fawkes' Night, its vicious, blue-fanged compatriots rain down upon the south London council estate, with vengeance on their minds.

And so, Moses' gang, Sam and the other residents have little choice but to band together to defend their block...

In addition to creating a sublimely crafted genre piece, Cornish also delivers social commentary and satire, and coaxes engaging, convincing performances from the cast's relatively inexperienced actors.

Attack the Block was nominated for a Bafta, and won numerous awards on the festival circuit.

Also starring Nick Frost.

(2011) Cert: 15

Attack the Block synopsis

Fast-paced sci-fi action-comedy about a group of teenage kids who defend their council estate against invading aliens

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