Series 1 Episode 3
First Broadcast: 1AM Mon 2 April 2007

Episode 3 down on Animal Farm looks at how genetic technologies already impact on our day-to-day lives.

Charmayne James, one of the US's most successful female rodeo riders, talks about how she has cloned her champion steed, Scamper.

He was unable to breed naturally because he was gelded at a young age. Charmayne introduces us to Scamper and his newly cloned twin, Clayton, to show us just how similar they are.

A project involving goats that have been implanted with a gene to make them produce spider silk proteins in their milk is also discussed.

Spider silk is amongst the strongest and most flexible material known. It is used for the production of everything from bullet-proof jackets to parachutes and airbags.

Finally, Giles and Olivia look at pigs that have been engineered to help solve the global pollution crisis.

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Presented by Olivia Judson and Giles Coren, this series looks at advancements in GM, cloning and tissue engineering in animals