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Five Amish teenagers leave their closed communities in the American mid-West for the very first time, to travel to Britain on an extraordinary cultural exchange

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Five Amish teenagers leave their closed communities in the American mid-West for the very first time, to travel to Britain on an extraordinary cultural exchange

Series 1 Summary

With rare access to the notoriously private Amish community, this series follows five Amish teenagers traveling to Britain on an extraordinary cultural exchange.

The Amish live strictly sheltered lives based on their belief that living simply brings them closer to God. They have their own language and rules and are rarely educated past primary level. They often don't use electricity or cars, they don't wear zips or sleeveless clothes, nor do they drink or smoke.

Despite this strict lifestyle, Amish parents often allow their teenage children to experience the outside world, through a rite of passage called 'Rumspringa'.

During their stay in Britain, the Amish youngsters hope to share their values with their British counterparts as well as learning and understanding what British teenage life is all about.

The series highlights the ways and whims of British teenage tribes through the eyes of the Amish.

  • Amish: World's Squarest Teenagers

    Episode 1

    The five Amish teenagers - Jerry, Andrew, Leah, Becky and Leon - bid an emotional farewell to their loved ones, as leaving their closed community for the very first time hits home.

    Their first challenge is getting to the UK: how will they cope with their first experience on an aeroplane?

    Over four weeks they will stay with four very different British families and it's a baptism of fire as first up they find themselves in the concrete jungle of London.

    Their London teenage hosts are street dancers, an art form that's completely alien to them. The Amish come from spacious homes in safe communities; how will they cope with the noisy, bustling streets of London?

    It's a massive eye-opener for the five innocent travellers, who are shown the seedy streets of Soho, discover the grim reality of knife crime and begin to realise just how different the lives and morals of their hosts are.

  • Amish: World's Squarest Teenagers

    Episode 2

    The Amish teenagers stay with a family in the Kent countryside. The teenagers have not encountered creative pursuits - which are actively discouraged in Amish communities - before, so how do they react when they discover the teenage children are into music and art and when they're introduced to the son's indie band?

    What do they think when they hear this 'ungodly' music and learn about the hedonistic lifestyle of the band? At the end of the week, the band are playing at a summer music festival and the Amish are invited to camp and get a taste of British teenage life in the summer.

    The two cultures are clearly worlds apart but do all the new experiences make any of them start to question their own upbringing?

    The Amish also visit the sea for the first time and there's further insight into the conservative Amish way of life.

  • Amish World's Squarest Teenagers

    Episode 3

    The Amish teenagers' simple lifestyle clashes with that of the British upper classes when they stay as guests in a castle on one of Scotland's finest hunting estates.

    They are introduced to a taste of the high life that they've only read about in books, with formal dinner parties and country sports. The Amish philosophy is one of simple living, and they are not used to such extravagant splendour.

    The second half of the week is spent at the family's residence in Northamptonshire, where the teenage sons are keen to show the Amish their favourite hobby: polo.

    The Amish are also introduced to the exclusive Stowe School, where fees are in excess of £25,000 a year. This shocks the Amish, who typically use one-room schools and often leave at the age of 14.

  • Amish

    Episode 4

    Surf's up as the Amish teenagers move in with a clan of surfers in Cornwall for their final week in Britain. Marriage and relationships are hot topics as, in Amish eyes, their unmarried hosts are living in sin.

    The Amish youngsters experience a nightclub for the first time - which the girls find very difficult - and they are concerned about joining in with a local pagan festival.

    It's the last chance for them to let their hair down away from their parents back home. But will they want to?

    Close bonds are formed in Cornwall but the time comes for them to return home. There are mixed feelings and emotional farewells but elation at being reunited with families back in Amish country.

    It's time to evaluate their lives and reflect on their adventure on UK soil. How does the trip mould their futures and the life-changing decisions that they have to make?

Amish: World's Squarest Teenagers synopsis

Five Amish teenagers leave their closed communities in the American mid-West for the very first time, to travel to Britain on an extraordinary cultural exchange

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