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Becky Shrock Interview

Becky Shrock

How did your family react to you taking part in the show?

Since my family is no longer Amish, they didn't have a lot of objections. I think all of them were excited for me to go. My dad especially was happy for me to go see "the old country" as he expressed it.

What did you think of the UK?

I thought the country was beautiful and the people interesting. I was very aware though that most of the people lacked a knowledge of the Lord Jesus Christ, the God of the universe, and the Savior of the world and also how the decisions they make in this life will effect them for all of eternity afterward.

Who was the most interesting person you met? Have you kept in contact with anyone?

I thought Lizzy Watson was a very interesting person to spend time with. I did meet a lot of interesting people though, and I have kept in contact with some of them, although not as often as I would like. Writing was never my favorite thing to do, but I'm learning!

Has Rumspringa made you question the Amish way of life?

In the circles I was in we didn't have Rumspringa - but there were a lot of things that made us, as a family, question it, which eventually let to us leaving the Amish several years ago.

What are you doing now - still on Rumspringa, getting married,working?

Well since I'm not Amish, or on Rumspringa, I guess I'm working! There are many things I desire to do, improve my education, learn new traits, and so on. I feel an urgency to prepare myself to be a good helper to the man I'm to marry (if that is what God has for me). As of now I don't have any plans of getting married soon!

Have you been baptised into the Amish church? If not do you think you will be?

I was never baptised into the Amish church, and never will be.

Having seen the UK - do you now want to visit other parts of the world?

Yes I would very much like to see other parts of the world, and even go back to the UK sometime!

Did you have a favourite British eccentricity? What did you find the strangest custom/peculiarity in the UK? Have you adopted any?

Well one thing I had never heard of before was having Godparents. I did think some of the expressions and terms (in the language) were a bit strange, but I liked them all! I even jotted some down intending on using them, but I sadly became very Americanized again after being home a while! I still like to use the word "brilliant" and to imitate the British accent.

Did you find it hard to settle back into life in America?

It was a little bit of a challenge to settle back to normal life. It was good to be with my family again though, and circle of church friends.

Do you think the experience shook your faith, or strengthened it?

I think it both shook and strengthened it.