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Almost Royal

  • Episode 1 - Los Angeles

    The very unconventional 'royal' tour of America commences in Los Angeles. The aristocratic siblings meet with some Hollywood movers and shakers in an attempt to launch Poppy's acting career.

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  • Episode 2 - Boston

    Georgie and Poppy travel to Boston, Massachusetts, to discover a bit of American history. They learn about the British role in the Revolutionary War and come away parched from a Tea Party meeting.

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  • Episode 3 - Texas

    Georgie and Poppy explore the Texan way of life. When they're not saddling up on a ranch or embracing the culture, they're hitting the studio to record their own Tejano music.

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  • Episode 4 - New York

    True Brits Georgie and Poppy arrive in a very chilled New York, where a local hipster in Brooklyn's Williamsburg neighbourhood introduces them to the art of proper coffee making

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  • Episode 5 - Detroit

    Georgie and Poppy work as mechanics, help demolish a derelict house, get caught up in a rap battle, brush up on their ballet twirls, and step into a wrestling ring in front of a hostile audience

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  • Episode 6 - Washington, D.C.

    The aristocratic pair continue their stateside tour in Washington, D.C. as they reach into the very heart of American politics

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  • Episode 7 - Nashville

    The regal Carlton siblings are in Nashville, Tennessee, where Poppy seizes the opportunity to launch herself as a country-pop fusion music star

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