Allen Gregory

  • Allen Gregory

    Since his family has fallen on hard times, pretentious seven-year-old Allen Gregory De Longpre is forced to face his greatest challenge: to attend public school

  • Night in Gottlieb

    After discovering that his rival Joel Zadak has a girlfriend, Allen Gregory sparks a sex-tape scandal

  • Gay School Dance

    Allen Gregory and his comically malevolent dad Richard are furious when popular Joel Zadak invites Allen's trusty friend Patrick to a dance but not Allen

  • Interracial McAdams

    When Joel Zadak is off school sick, Allen steps in to help his popular 'friend' by keeping tabs on the clique. But as Allen gains ground with the exclusive group, Zadak loses more than his friends.

  • Full Blown Maids

    Allen Gregory's teacher Gina seeks to teach him a lesson on racism after he mistakes his Hispanic schoolmate Guillermo for a janitor.

  • Mom Sizemore

    Allen discovers that the story he had always been told about his conception and birth is not true, so he decides to find his biological mother.

  • Van Moon Rising

    Allen steps up his pursuit of Principal Gottlieb and blackmails her into sharing a romantic dinner with him, hoping this will bring them closer together.