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Five-year-old Natan Machado Palombini is the product of a love affair between an Italian woman, Roberta Palombini, and a Yucatán tour guide, Jorge Machado. But their relationship has foundered and Roberta is returning to her native Rome, possibly for good.

Before he is also whisked off to the Italian capital, Natan is given a chance to spend a little more time with his father in Jorge's Mexican fishing community.

Living in a shack on stilts above the sea, the youngster deepens his ties with his father through everyday tasks such as painting the house and preparing food, as well as learning to fish and exploring the region's rich variety of wildlife...

González-Rubio made much of the film with a minimal crew to avoid getting in the way of documenting the interactions between father and son, though he did suggest some of the scenarios for them to investigate.

Alamar synopsis

In director Pedro González-Rubio's beautifully shot semi-documentary, a Mexican father and his son spend time together on the coast before the child returns to Italy with his mother

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