Adopt Me - I'm a Teenager

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Justine, Lakeisha, and Ninoshka are three 14-year-old girls looking for someone to adopt them. They all live in Massachusetts, a New England state on the east coast of America.

Adopt Me - I'm a Teenager explores the importance of 'a permanent family' to the teenagers. Why do they still feel the need for roots within a family at a time when most teenagers want to leave the family nest? What are the emotional needs that are fulfilled by someone they can call Mom and Dad? What are the disciplines of life that come from having a stable permanent family?

An underlying theme of the film is the 'marketing of children' for adoption purposes. Although handled with sensitivity, US adoption agencies don't shrink from advertising. Be it on products, on buses, on the internet, or on television. The idea is 'to sell' the child to parents who are looking to adopt. The packaging, the pitches and the campaigns are not dissimilar to those used to market a brand.

Adopt Me - I'm a Teenager synopsis

An observational film looking at adoption stories in the USA. The programme features teenagers between the ages of 15-17 who are on an epic emotional journey in search of a permanent family.

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