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The show that helps house hunters find dream holiday homes all over Europe with advice from international property experts

About the Show

The show that helps house hunters find dream holiday homes all over Europe with advice from international property experts

  • A Place in the Sun

    A Place in the Sun

    Amanda Lamb is in the beautiful, expensive and dramatic region of Tuscany in northern Italy to help singer-songwriter Pushaun find A Place in the Sun.

  • A Place in the Sun

    A Place in the Sun

    Amanda Lamb hot foots it to Austria to help a young couple from Nottingham find a dream holiday home for all seasons in the Austrian Alps.

  • A Place in the Sun

    A Place in the Sun

    Amanda Lamb heads to the emerging market of Eastern Europe and the fascinating city of Tallinn to search for Simon Laver and Archana Sirur's dream property.

  • A Place in the Sun

    A Place in the Sun

    These househunters want a holiday home in a busy resort in the Algarve, but will their indecisiveness stop them from achieving their long held dream? Not if Amanda Lamb has her way.

  • A Place in the Sun

    A Place in the Sun

    London couple Harry and Selina Bansal love their urban life with shopping and bars on their doorstep, but have decided they want a tranquil retreat in the Champagne region of France.

  • A Place in the Sun

    A Place in the Sun

    Amanda Lamb searches for a place for a couple of friends who want to get their feet on the foreign property ladder in beautiful Puglia, the heel of Italy's boot.

  • A Place in the Sun

    A Place in the Sun

    Lora and John Wilcox want to swap weekends on the Isle of Wight for Andalusia in southern Spain and Amanda Lamb is going to help them find the perfect property.

  • A Place in the Sun

    A Place in the Sun

    Amanda Lamb takes the Hoburn family from Whitley Bay to the Greek island of Crete. They're planning a permanent move, but will they find their dream home?

  • Algarve Revisit

    Algarve Revisit

    After 35 years driving a taxi, Bill Gilroy and his wife Linda were desperate to retire to Spain's unspoilt Costa de la Luz, just across the border from the Portuguese Algarve.

  • Amalfi Coast

    Amalfi Coast

    Italy's gorgeous Amalfi Coast is one of the most stylish destinations in the Mediterranean, but even with a big budget, can Amanda find a dream property in this popular spot?

  • A Place in the Sun

    Free spirit Sarah Lawson has decided to leave Britain and settle for a simpler life in Portugal. Amanda Lamb helps her search for a place in the stunning Alentejo region.

  • A Place in the Sun

    Amanda Lamb helps two sisters search for a beachside villa in super-chic Corsica

  • A Place in the Sun

    Amanda Lamb helps Stephanie Hooff and Luke Smith find a place to satisfy their extensive wish list in the Kvarner area of Croatia

  • Bay Islands Revisit

    Bay Islands Revisit

    Back-packers Shaun and Fiona asked for Amanda Lamb's help to find a Caribbean dream home in the Bay Islands. But when she returns, things have changed.

  • Costa del Sol Revisit

    Costa del Sol Revisit

    Amanda Lamb returns to visit George and Francis, who bought their Place in the Sun in 2000 and have made a small fortune in Spanish equity despite a cooling property market

  • Turkey Revisit

    Turkey Revisit

    Amanda Lamb helped Joan and Rick find a holiday home in Turkey. In this edition, she returns to find out whether they made the right choice.

  • Barcelona Revisit

    Barcelona Revisit

    Amanda Lamb revisits Sue and Peter Moulds and their twin sons six months after she helped them move to Barcelona

  • Slovenia Revisit

    Slovenia Revisit

    Amanda Lamb returns to see how adventurous young Londoner Rupert Emson is faring in his new home in Slovenia a year after she helped him with his search

  • New Zealand

    New Zealand

    Amanda Lamb takes Alison Woolley, who wants to start a new life on the other side of the world, to view a variety of properties in New Zealand

  • Marseilles


    Peter and Suzanne Lloyd have taken early retirement and want to move to the south of France, but can they afford the Riviera? Amanda thinks the answer may be the new hotspot, Marseilles.

  • Fiji


    Amanda Lamb takes househunters Deborah Maxwell and Peter Wall on A Place in the Sun's first-ever trip to the South Pacific paradise of Fiji

  • Teruel


    Amanda Lamb takes the Bishop family to the remote Spanish rural region of Teruel, where farmhouse renovation projects can be found at low prices

  • Switzerland


    Amanda Lamb visits Switzerland with Karen Hook and John Dickens, two thirty-something executives who are set on selling their UK home to finance a new life abroad running a B&B

  • Cape Verde

    Cape Verde

    Ben Tassone and his girlfriend Debbie Westell go house hunting on the Cape Verde islands off the west coast of Africa

  • Barcelona


    Newcastle couple Sue and Peter Moulds are looking to buy in Barcelona. But with recently-born twins to consider, the couple are torn between city centre and beachside homes.

  • Limousin


    Amanda Lamb is in the little-known area of Limousin, a beautiful region of southwest France where she hopes to find the perfect home for Michael Irvine and Chris Van Putten

  • Caribbean


    Friends Mike Paul and Royston Dawkins have built a successful British property empire, but now St Kitts-born Mike wants to try his hand back home in the Caribbean

  • Slovenia


    Amanda Lamb is in the eastern European destination of Slovenia where she hopes to find Rupert Enson the perfect property

  • Compilation

    Another chance to see some of the best places in the sun from favourite episodes

  • Compilation

    Another chance to see some of the best places in the sun from favourite episodes

  • A Place in the Sun Hotspots

    Amanda concludes her tour when she heads east, visiting Bulgaria to hunt out the bargains. Plus, she's on a house-hunt with a young couple in Croatia.

  • A Place in the Sun Hotspots

    Amanda Lamb gives tips on how to be a Euro commuter, living in France but working in the UK. Plus, she's house-hunting for two sisters on the super chic French island of Corsica.

  • A Place in the Sun Hotspots

    Amanda Lamb reveals hidden gems in Spain and Portugal, and goes on a house-hunt for Sarah Lawson from Yorkshire

  • A 100 Grand Place in the Sun

    Amanda Lamb heads to Sardinia to help Michael and Mari Cuschieri find their perfect Italian hideaway on a budget of £100,000

  • A 100 Grand Place in the Sun

    Amanda Lamb loves a challenge and heads for the city of Zaragoza to see what she can find for Mike Shaw and Kate Hincks, who have £100,000 to spend on a buy to let apartment

  • A 100 Grand Place in the Sun

    Amanda Lamb heads to Krakow in Poland to find mother and daughter team Joan and Melissa Moore a holiday home for £100,000 amid the beautiful apartments overlooking town squares

  • A 100 Grand Place in the Sun

    Amanda Lamb is in rural France searching for the perfect hideaway for Mike and Fiona O'Hara. Lorraine is the perfect region as it allows them to investigate France and Germany.

  • A 100 Grand Place in the Sun

    Amanda Lamb attempts to find homes for £100,000 or less, starting with Sue and Neil Elford from Essex, who dream of owning a holiday home in Calabria, Southern Italy

  • The Winelands, South Africa

    Helen and Geoff Molyneaux from Suffolk dream of a retreat among the breathtaking beauty of South Africa's wine region

  • Calabria

    Italian-speaking couple Barbara and Tony Cornett from Oxford are in search of la dolce vita in the sunny villages of Calabria

  • La Touraine

    Dawn De Leon wants a better life for herself and her five-year-old daughter. She's got £120,000 to spend and wants to trade the busy streets of London for a more relaxed life by the Loire.

  • Brittany

    Victoria Hollingsworth helps father and daughter John and Emma Williams from Shropshire find a maison française in the wooded river valleys of Morbihan in Brittany

  • Girona

    Victoria Hollingsworth takes Hampstead couple Chris Ely and Fiona Geary to the mountainous slopes of Girona, 60 miles north of Barcelona

  • Murcia

    Property mogul Nigel Morgan and his interior designer wife Melissa are an active couple from Southampton looking for a new home in south-eastern Spain

  • Western Crete

    Vicar and rock musician Andrew Harding and his wife Leanne are looking for a heavenly retreat in Western Crete with a budget of £136,000

  • Wild Coast, South Africa

    South Africa's Wild Coast is just 80 miles from Cape Town. Can Victoria Hollingsworth help Zac Greening escape the grey London skies?

  • Var, Provence

    Victoria Hollingsworth helps the Hawkins family find their dream home in France and they discover that a budget of £375,000 goes a long way in Var in Provence

  • Garden Route, South Africa

    Globetrotting and glamorous; there's only one place for today's house hunter Alma Scholes, and that's South Africa's garden route

  • Granada

    Stephen and Trudy Nurse from Norfolk are determined to relocate their young family permanently to Granada in southern Spain

  • Eastern Crete

    Ken and Cheryl Chapman from Buckinghamshire love everything about Crete, but will their budget stretch far enough to find them the perfect home?

  • Aude

    Victoria Hollingsworth helps Judy and Barry Burdette from Dorset who are determined to find their dream home in the sun

  • South Burgundy

    The Brotherhood family from Ayrshire have fallen in love with all things French, so Victoria Hollingsworth helps them realise their dream to relocate to the South Burgundy area

  • Andalusia

    Globetrotting Geordies Brian and Jill Sharpe want to invest a substantial budget in Axarquia, just 70 miles from the Costa del Sol

  • La Creuse

    Phil Rayner and his daughter Charlie try to make their house-hunting dream come true in France's 'green heart', La Creuse, with a budget of £55,000

  • Corfu

    Sisters Helen Kavari and Diane Parry from South Ruislip have different visions in mind for their ideal property, but can they find something to capture both their hearts?

  • Poitiers

    Francophile ex-seafaring Brits Jackie and Dave Collins from Hampshire want to spend their well-earned retirement in the French countryside around Poitiers

  • Majorca

    Sun seekers Bob and Joanne Pollard from Newcastle boast the biggest budget of the series, with £450,000 to splash on their ideal Majorcan property

  • Cape Town

    Andrew Hazley is taking the property plunge to invest in one of the world's most vibrant property markets, in South Africa's Cape Town

  • Ebro Valley

    With their passion for flamenco and Spanish guitars, George and Carolynn Jones from Brighton have always dreamt of buying in the rural Spanish countryside of the Ebro Valley

  • Aveyron

    Victor and Rosemary Chopin are passionate about Aveyron, one of the most beautiful regions of southern France. And it appears their budget can embrace a dream home.

  • East Algarve

    Hannah Sheldon from West London is dreaming of a new life for herself and her five-year-old daughter Jessica May on Portugal's eastern Algarve

  • La Rochelle

    Jacky and Roland Attridge from Oxford have £280,000 to spend on their place in the sun in super-stylish La Rochelle

  • Bulgaria

    Adventurous Cumbria couple Adrian and Liz Shepherd have set their house-hunting eyes on the Bulgarian property market. What will £40,000 get them in the Rila mountains?

  • Seville

    Jon and Tracy Fleming have a budget of £150,000 and their hearts set on a home in the Andalusian city of Seville

  • Puglia

    Bal and Urvashi Dhirajlal Patel are eager to start from scratch in the Salentine peninsula of Puglia

  • Costa de la Luz

    Tony and Trudi Allerton have decided to relocate from West Yorkshire to sunny southern Spain

  • A Place in the Sun

    A Place in the Sun

    Amanda Lamb meets John Hayes and Beth Millard from Surrey, who want to relocate to the largely undiscovered inland province of Jaen in Andalusia.

  • A Place in the Sun

    A Place in the Sun

    Amanda Lamb's challenge in this episode is to help a trendy but fussy London couple find their perfect family bolthole on the Italian Riviera.

  • A Place in the Sun

    A Place in the Sun

    Nikki Moore, who lives in a bijou property in Chigwell, Essex, has a budget of £175,000 to invest in a farmhouse in the Garonne region of southern France.

  • A Place in the Sun

    A Place in the Sun

    Amanda Lamb helps to find the perfect property for a couple who want to buy in Figueira da Foz, Portugal.

  • Montenegro


    Amanda Lamb tries to find the perfect property for a couple who want to buy in Montenegro

  • Chamonix

    Amanda Lamb revisits Londoner Bob Camping who first appeared on the show with £300,000 to spend on a ski chalet in Chamonix, France

  • Extremadura

    Amanda Lamb revisits Will and Linda Hammond from Chesterfield who had £50,000 to spend on a property in Extremadura, in rural southwest Spain. Have they managed to achieve their dream?

  • Series Compilation

    Amanda Lamb visits past contributors in their new homes abroad to find out how their lives have been changed by their investment

  • Lot

    Amanda Lamb revisits Norfolk builder Paul Bennett and his wife Deena who moved to France with their daughter to renovate a rundown property in the Lot region

  • Caribbean Bay Islands

    Bored of their predictable lives in North London, police officer Shaun O'Gorman and his partner Fiona plan to move to the Caribbean Bay Islands, off the coast of Honduras

  • Languedoc, France

    Amanda Lamb takes Richard and his mum Suzanne to the Languedoc region in the South of France where Richard hopes to buy his mother a home with a garden close to the coast

  • Cape Town

    Amanda Lamb takes a South London couple house hunting in Cape Town, South Africa to find a cool holiday living space that they can just lock up and leave

  • Perth

    Sean Clarke and his Danish girlfriend Mette Wendler are moving from Birmingham to Perth, Western Australia and Amanda Lamb shows them properties within their budget

  • Granada

    Amanda Lamb helps Lee and Rachel Miles from Bournemouth search for a home and a new life for their family near Granada in Spain

  • Venice

    Amanda Lamb takes Paul Murphy and Carol Sudlow from Taunton, Somerset to Venice to find a holiday home on a budget of £410,000

  • Marbella

    Amanda Lamb gives Londoners Lalit and Sangita Saili guidance around the Marbella property market, where they have £250,000 to spend on a family holiday home with a pool

  • Dalmatian Coast, Croatia

    Amanda Lamb helps a couple of City whiz kids with a budget of £45,000 to find a holiday cottage on Croatia's Dalmatian Coast

  • Gran Canaria

    Amanda Lamb takes Michael and Lesley Swift from Dorset to Gran Canaria to find a holiday home with a pool

  • Turquoise Coast, Turkey

    Amanda Lamb helps a couple from Doncaster buy a house on Turkey's beautiful Turquoise Coast

  • Costa del Azahar, Spain

    Matt Lewis and Nicky Bates are looking to spend £70,000 on a holiday home in Spain's Costa del Azahar

  • Poitou Charente, France

    Househunters Margaret Duxbury and Stuart Grant-Allen plan to relocate to France with Margaret's four children and they are shown properties in Poitou Charente

  • Southern Italy

    The househunters in this episode are being shown an assortment of properties in one of Europe's hottest, wildest and most undiscovered regions - the Tyrrhenian coast of Southern Italy

  • Madeira

    In this show we go househunting on the glamorous sub-tropical island of Madeira for a couple who are getting married. Their budget of £175,000 affords them a good choice of properties.

  • Almeria, Spain

    Almeria offers some of the best value property in Spain together with deserted beaches and reliably sunny dry weather. The househunters in this programme get to view a variety of superb properties.

  • Dordogne, France

    The househunters in this episode are Ann and Bobby Shannon from Tyrone in Northern Ireland, who want to spend their retirement in the Dordogne in France

  • Romanian Riviera

    Retired school teachers Dick and Kathleen Wilson are impressed with the selection on The Romanian Riviera

  • Malaga, Costa del Sol

    Flights to Malaga in the Costa del Sol can cost as little as £30, making it a great place for a holiday home. Here, retired pub landlords Ann and Bob Wall are searching for their ideal property.

  • Provence

    Househunters Pat Hutchings and Sonia Baker are cousins and best friends who want to live near each other in Provence. Amanda Lamb shows them an array of impressive properties within their budget.

  • Corfu

    Presenter Amanda Lamb goes househunting in one of Britain's most popular holiday destinations - Corfu

  • Andalucian Lakes, Spain

    The beautiful and unspoilt Andalucian lakes are just half an hour's drive from Malaga airport. Househunter Jean Bentley has £50,000 and Amanda Lamb shows her some available property.

  • Florida Gulf Coast

    In this show Amanda Lamb shows golf-mad friends Mark Pagden and Mike Connelly luxury houses on Florida's Gulf Coast

  • French Pyrenees

    Amanda Lamb travels to the French Pyrenees. In search of plenty of space, the househunters discover they can also ski in the morning and lie on the beach in the afternoon.

  • Turks and Caicos

    Chris and Alison Wright discover you don't have to be a millionaire to live in a tax haven as property expert Amanda Lamb takes them to the Turks and Caicos Islands in the Caribbean

  • Costa de la Luz, Spain

    Londoner Bill Gilroy and his wife Linda want to escape the smoke and move south to the undiscovered Spanish Costa de la Luz where their £90,000 budget can buy them a large apartment on a golf course

  • Brisbane

    Kevin and Jackie Arkell want to retire to Australia. They discover that their £100,000 budget can buy them quite a bit out there.

  • Spain - compilation

    A Place in the Sun revisits some of the most memorable Spanish properties from bargain apartments to luxury villas

  • Algarve


    In this special programme, Amanda Lamb helps Countdown's Richard Whiteley find his own Place in the Sun, a dream holiday home in the Algarve

  • Eastern Mediterranean and Black Sea

    Amanda Lamb views some outstanding properties on the eastern Mediterranean and Black Sea coasts

  • Costa de la Luz

    Amanda Lamb takes Lesley Hansford and Bob Foad from London to the beautiful and undeveloped Costa de la Luz on the south west coast of Spain to find their perfect holiday home

  • Emilia-Romagna

    Amanda Lamb takes house hunters John Chadwick and his partner Jacqueline Rutherford, from Coventry, to Bologna

  • Costa del Sol

    Amanda Lamb and sisters Cherry Carter and Jacki Rogers from Kent head to the Costa del Sol in search of a holiday home

  • Greece

    Amanda Lamb helps house hunters Dana Blane and Garth Bottomley from Oxford who are searching for a second home in Greece

  • Costa Tropical

    Amanda Lamb helps Terry and Freda Burton from Essex search for a home in the Costa Tropical, in the south east of Spain

  • Costa Calida

    Amanda Lamb guides Laurie and Susan Engeham from the Isle of Wight around some properties along Spain's Costa Calida

  • France Compilation

    Amanda Lamb revisits some of the best French properties, travelling to Normandy, Brittany, the Loire, Burgundy, Aude, Lot, the Auvergne and the Cote d'Azur

  • North Portugal

    Amanda Lamb travels to little-known Minho in northern Portugal, on the hunt for a holiday home for Londoners Jim and Pat Mott

  • Costa Blanca

    Amanda Lamb helps Bolton couple Jim and Angela Murphy find a holiday home on Spain's Costa Blanca

  • Southern Peloponnese

    Amanda Lamb is in the southern Peloponnese in Greece, where Rose Kelly and her daughter Liz, from Bristol, are searching for a holiday home

  • Menorca

    Amanda Lamb helps Cambridgeshire couple Peter and Pam Gregson find a new home on the Spanish island of Menorca

  • Kefalonia

    Amanda Lamb travels to the Greek island of Kefalonia in search of a retirement home for Dorset couple Jack and Sue Bedoyan

  • Burgundy

    Amanda Lamb helps Alan and Min Hogg from Gloucestershire find a new home in Burgundy

  • Patra, Greece

    Amanda Lamb helps Peterborough couple Chris and Michelle Rhodes find a new home in historic Patra in mainland Greece

  • Galicia

    Amanda Lamb joins Bedfordshire couple Bob Toon and Kay Parr as they search for a new home in Galicia in north-west Spain

  • Costa del Garraf

    Amanda Lamb helps London couple Ben and Amita Butler find a new home on the Costa del Garraf, just south of Barcelona

  • Auvergne

    Amanda Lamb shows newly-weds Peter and Sharon Casley from Derbyshire around properties in the sleepy Auvergne area in central France

  • Transylvania

    Amanda Lamb travels to Transylvania in Romania, where Liverpudlian Andrew McCarthy is looking for a bargain holiday home

  • Costa Brava

    Amanda Lamb travels to Spain's Costa Brava to show London couple Barry and Donna Evan four dream holiday homes

  • Loire Valley

    Amanda Lamb helps John and Brenda Maddock find a home in the magnificent Loire Valley. She shows them a manor house with its own private network of prehistoric caves.

  • Puglia

    Amanda Lamb visits Puglia in south-eastern Italy, where Dessa Gilchrist is hoping to buy a holiday home

  • Normandy

    Amanda Lamb visits Normandy in France to help Emma and Geoff Sallows from Sussex find a holiday home

  • Dalmatian Coast

    Amanda Lamb visits Croatia's Dalmatian Coast to help former Nato peacekeepers Monika Stedul and James Fergusson find a holiday home

  • Aude, France

    Amanda Lamb shows Paul Bennett and Deena Harris around Aude in France, including a historic 14th-century presbytery and a traditional wine-grower's house

  • Paros and Naxos, Greece

    Amanda Lamb travels to the Greek islands of Paros and Naxos in search of a holiday home for Surrey couple Jeff and Mary Simmons

  • Mount Olympus

    Amanda Lamb travels to Mount Olympus, home of the Greek gods, to help Jenny and Chris find a place of their own

  • Brittany

    Lesley and Peter are looking for a home in Brittany. Amanda Lamb finds them a country cottage, a seaside bungalow, a farmhouse, and a traditional Breton long-house.

  • Lot, France

    Amanda Lamb takes Pat and Jill Bellinger to the unspoilt region of Lot in south-west France

  • Bulgaria

    Amanda Lamb travels to Bulgaria to help Tony Haywood and Linda Lancaster from Yorkshire find a dream retirement home

  • Cote d'Azur

    Amanda Lamb takes a couple around the Cote d'Azur, including to two stylish village houses and a luxury duplex apartment near the sea

  • Le Marche, France

    Amanda Lamb helps Suzanne and Justin Croft find a place in Le Marche, with the choice of a restored village home, a deconsecrated church and a farm house with over two acres of land

  • Skiathos and Skopelos, Greece

    More stunning and affordable property as Amanda Lamb attempts to find a holiday home on the Greek islands of Skiathos and Skopelos

  • Crete

    Amanda Lamb travels to Crete to show Linda Norris and her friend Alice Kettley a traditional Greek home, a modern village house and an old Venetian-style farm

  • Turquoise Coast, Turkey

    Amanda Lamb shows Brenda Nolan and her daughter properties on Turkey's Turquoise Coast, including a huge mountain house with garden and sea views

  • Cyprus

    Amanda Lamb helps Pam and Derek Hardy to find a holiday home on Cyprus, taking them to see a mountain lodge, a 200-year-old village house and a luxury villa

  • Florida and the Caribban

    Amanda Lamb presents the best properties she has found in her real-estate tour of Florida and the Caribbean

  • Orlando

    Amanda Lamb is on the hunt for a property for a couple who want to make a permanent move to Orlando

  • Tobago

    Deborah Robertson wants to find a holiday home in unspoilt Tobago where Amanda Lamb shows her a hillside retreat and a traditional Caribbean home

  • Sian and the Canary Islands

    Amanda Lamb reveals her best property finds in Spain and the Canary Islands

  • Tenerife

    Nick and Jill Felsing are looking for a luxurious new home in Tenerife. Amanda Lamb finds them a nine-bedroom cliff-side palace with a pool, and a villa in a banana plantation.

  • Orlando

    Amanda Lamb takes Geoff and Jennifer Gerrard to Orlando to find a holiday home

  • St Lucia

    Amanda Lamb helps a couple to find a new home in stunning St Lucia

  • Fuerteventura

    Michael Grant is looking for a holiday home in Fuerteventura. Amanda Lamb shows him a bargain flat, a traditional farmhouse, and a finca in the desert.

  • Lanzarote

    Amanda Lamb looks for the perfect holiday home in Lanzarote

  • Florida's Sun Coast

    Amanda Lamb helps Dave and Sue Lewinton find a new home on Florida's Sun Coast

  • The Costa del Sol

    Amanda Lamb helps a couple search for a new home on Spain's Costa del Sol

  • Barbados

    Amanda Lamb helps a couple find an affordable holiday home on Barbados

  • Miami

    Amanda Lamb hunts down a suitable home for a couple who want to move to Miami

  • Tenerife

    Amanda Lamb helps a couple who are looking for a bargain holiday home in Tenerife

  • Florida's Gulf Coast

    Amanda Lamb helps a mother and daughter who are searching Florida's Gulf Coast for their ideal home

  • Gran Canaria

    Amanda Lamb helps a couple find their dream holiday home in Gran Canaria

  • Grenada

    Amanda Lamb takes Adrian Wilkes to the spice island of Grenada to help him find the ideal holiday home

  • A Place in the Sun

    A Place in the Sun

    Pau in the southwest of France is fast becoming the next big place to buy across the Channel. Can Amanda Lamb find Mark and Helen Bowden the ideal refuge from their hectic lives?

  • A Place in the Sun

    A Place in the Sun

    Amanda Lamb tries to find the perfect property for a Northamptonshire couple in Slovakia amid the great opportunities that exist there.

  • A Place in the Sun

    A Place in the Sun

    Amanda Lamb attempts to find the perfect home for a couple in Valencia, which is described as the new Barcelona, but with property half the price.

  • A Place in the Sun

    A Place in the Sun

    Amanda Lamb attempts to find the perfect property for Jason Wynne in Hungary's beautiful capital city of Budapest.

  • A Place in the Sun

    A Place in the Sun

    Eastern Sicily combines stunning coastal towns and barren landscapes. Property developer Lalit Pabila and his wife Jenny are looking for a holiday home that has to be a good investment.

  • Limousin Revisit

    Limousin Revisit

    Amanda Lamb returns to the Limousin, France where she helped Chris and Michael find and buy an artist's studio and a quirky townhouse