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The show that helps house hunters find dream holiday homes all over Europe with advice from international property experts

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The show that helps house hunters find dream holiday homes all over Europe with advice from international property experts

Series 7 Summary

The property programme that travels the globe.

  • Episode 1

    Hannah Sheldon from west London is dreaming of a new life for herself and her five-year-old daughter Jessica May on Portugal's eastern Algarve.

  • Episode 2

    Tony and Trudi Allerton have decided to relocate from West Yorkshire to sunny southern Spain.

  • Episode 3

    Jon and Tracy Fleming have a budget of 150,000 pounds and their heart set on a home in the Andalusian city of Seville.

  • Episode 4

    Stephen and Trudy Nurse from Norfolk are determined to take their young family and relocate permanently to Granada. Tired of the English weather and competitive life, will this couple's dreams of sun and Spanish fiestas come true?

  • Episode 5

    Globetrotting Geordies Brian and Jill Sharpe are looking to invest a substantial budget in Axarquia, just 70 miles from the Costa del Sol.

  • Episode 6

    Property mogul Nigel Morgan and his interior designer wife Melissa are an active couple from Southampton looking for a new home in south-eastern Spain.

  • Episode 7

    With their passion for flamenco and Spanish guitars, George and Carolynn Jones from Brighton have always dreamt of buying in the rural Spanish countryside of the Ebro Valley.

  • Episode 8

    Sun seekers Bob and Joanne Pollard from Newcastle boast the biggest budget of the series, with 450,000 pounds to splash on their ideal Majorcan property.

  • Episode 9

    Victoria Hollingsworth takes Hampstead couple Chris Ely and Fiona Geary to the mountainous slopes of Girona, 60 miles north of Barcelona.

  • Episode 10

    Adventurous Cumbria couple Adrian and Liz Shepherd have set their house-hunting eyes on the Bulgarian property market. But what will 40,000 pounds get them in the Rila mountains?

  • Episode 11

    Victoria Hollingsworth helps father and daughter John and Emma Williams from Shropshire find a maison française in the wooded river valleys of Morbihan in Brittany.

  • Episode 12

    Francophile ex-seafaring Brits Jackie and Dave Collins from Hampshire are looking to spend their well-earned retirement in the French countryside around Poitiers.

  • Episode 13

    Jacky and Roland Attridge from Oxford have 280,000 pounds to spend on their place in the sun in super-stylish La Rochelle.

  • Episode 14

    Dawn De Leon wants a better life for herself and her five-year-old daughter. She's got 120,000 pounds to spend and wants to trade the busy streets of London for a more relaxed life by the Loire.

  • Episode 15

    Phil Rayner and his daughter Charlie try to make their house-hunting dream come true in France's 'green heart', La Creuse, with a budget of 55,000 pounds.

  • Episode 16

    The Brotherhood family from Ayrshire have fallen in love with all things French, so Victoria Hollingsworth helps them realise their dream to relocate to the South Burgundy area.

  • Episode 17

    Victor and Rosemary Chopin are passionate about Aveyron, one of the most beautiful regions of southern France. And it appears their budget can embrace a dream home.

  • Episode 18

    Victoria Hollingsworth helps Judy and Barry Burdette from Dorset who are determined to find their dream home in the sun.

  • Episode 19

    Victoria Hollingsworth helps the Hawkins family find their dream home in France and they discover that a budget of £375,000 goes a long way in Var in Provence.

  • Episode 20

    Italian-speaking couple Barbara and Tony Cornett from Oxford are in search of la dolce vita in the sunny villages of Calabria.

  • Episode 21

    Bal and Urvashi Dhirajlal Patel are eager to start from scratch in the Salentine peninsula of Puglia.

  • Episode 22

    Sisters Helen Kavari and Diane Parry from South Ruislip have different visions in mind for their ideal property, but can they find something to capture both their hearts?

  • Episode 23

    Ken and Cheryl Chapman from Buckinghamshire love everything about Crete, but will their budget stretch far enough to find them the perfect home.

  • Episode 24

    Vicar and rock musician Andrew Harding and his wife Leanne are looking for a heavenly retreat in Western Crete with a budget of 136,000 pounds.

  • Episode 25

    South Africa's Wild Coast is just 80 miles from Cape Town. Can Victoria Hollingsworth help Zac Greening escape the grey London skies?

  • Episode 26

    Andrew Hazley is taking the property plunge to invest in one of the world's most vibrant property markets in South Africa's Cape Town.

  • Episode 27

    Helen and Geoff Molyneaux from Suffolk dream of a retreat among the breathtaking beauty of South Africa's wine region.

  • Episode 28

    Globetrotting and glamorous, there's only one place for today's house hunter Alma Scholes, and that's South Africa's garden route.

  • Episode 29

    Another chance to see some of the best places in the sun from recent episodes.

  • Episode 30

    Another chance to see some of the best places in the sun from recent episodes.

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The show that helps house hunters find dream holiday homes all over Europe with advice from international property experts

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