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Jonnie Irwin and Jasmine Harman help property owners find the ideal new homes they've always wanted - but will they stay on British soil or settle on some distant sunny shore?

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Jonnie Irwin and Jasmine Harman help property owners find the ideal new homes they've always wanted - but will they stay on British soil or settle on some distant sunny shore?

Series 5 Summary

Property experts Jonnie Irwin and Jasmine Harman present house hunters with different homeowning options in the UK, Europe and the USA.

  • Episode 1

    After 40 years of renting, artist Fiona Green has decided to buy her first home. Trouble is she can't decide between Paris or London.

  • Episode 2

    Jonnie and Jasmine help dress designer Sharon decide between launching her new evening-wear business in Derbyshire or in Marbella.

  • Episode 3

    Manchester couple David and Lindy are leaving the North behind for good. Can Jonnie and Jasmine find them the perfect home in Conwy County, north Wales? Or will it be Alicante in Spain?

  • Episode 4

    Caroline and Lorraine want to set up new business but can't decide between doing it at home in south Wales or taking a big risk and moving to Spain.

  • Johnnie Irwin

    Episode 5

    It's lovely Lancashire versus sunny Spain for Jonnie Irwin and Jasmine Harman. They're on a mission to help the McKechnie family decide on the perfect location to raise their children.

  • Episode 6

    It's Edinburgh versus Valencia as Jonnie and Jasmine help newlyweds Kay and Mark decide on the perfect location to start their new life together.

  • Episode 7

    Jonnie Irwin and Jasmine Harman help Paul and Sylvia Northam make their choice between a new property in the New Forest, or the Costa Blanca.

  • Episode 8

    Beryl Wright is leaving Northern Ireland behind and heading south. But will she choose to relocate to North Devon or the Costa Del Azahar region of Spain?

  • Episode 9

    Jason and Inge want different things, she wants a new home in Nottingham, but he wants to relocate and start a new life in funky Barcelona. Will they choose home or away?

  • Episode 10

    Jonnie Irwin and Jasmine Harman help Spencer and Paul decide between moving to Sitges in Spain, or staying in Lancashire and keeping an eye on Spencer's decorating business.

  • Episode 11

    Chris and Jackie are after the perfect holiday retreat, and the only thing standing in their way is deciding where, South Hams, near Dartmouth, or the Cote Vermeille on the south coast of France?

  • Episode 12

    Photographers Chris and Sue Perret have decided that life in the country is the way for them. But will it be Cornwall or the French countryside?

  • Episode 13

    Jo and Adrian are looking for the right holiday home to invest their inheritance. Will they plump for pricey Dorset, or the cheaper French Pyrenees where the budget stretches a lot further?

  • Episode 14

    Sharon and Iain have £350k to spend, but are torn between buying their dream home in Cornwall or in the Languedoc region of France.

  • Episode 15

    Can Jonnie Irwin or Jasmine Harman help Jim and Susan decide between relocating to live in the Cotswolds, or further afield to Aveyron in France?

  • Episode 16

    Neil and Tina want to quit their expat life in Italy. But will they move back to the UK and South Devon, or will Jasmine find them a dream house they both agree on in the South of France?

  • Episode 17

    Steve and Lisa have been married for eight years but have only spent four years together. Now they're looking for their first new home together, but the couple are torn between Wales and France.

  • Episode 18

    Keith and Angela want to leave Lancashire. But can Jonnie find them a house big enough in west Wales, or will the value for money on offer in rural France win them over?

  • Episode 19

    Ron and Brenda have different dreams. He wants to move to Carcassonne in France and open a spiritual retreat, but Brenda just wants a new home in Cornwall. Will they choose to move home, or away?

  • Episode 20

    Bethan and Jason want to buy a family holiday home. Will they buy on the Devon/ Cornwall border or in the Angouleme region of France?

  • Episode 21

    Retired couple Pete and Dot plan to start a new life together, but Pete wants to move to Cornwall while Dot is in love with the dream of living in Auvergne, France.

  • Episode 22

    Property experts Jonnie Irwin and Jasmine Harman help Geoff and Rosie decide between moving to the Lincolnshire Fens or Bergerac in the south of France.

  • Episode 23

    Jonnie and Jasmine help Penny and Mark with a dilemma. They've been trying to decide to move to France, but with a slow housing market and low exchange rate they have seen their budget reduced.

  • Episode 24

    Jenny Allan dreams of retiring to Provence. But her head says she should move to Wiltshire to be near her daughter. Jonnie and Jasmine are on hand to make sure she makes the right choice.

  • Episode 25

    Couple Jeremy and Rosemary are looking for the ideal holiday property with rental options. Will they plump for the Kent Coast, or will they take the plunge and settle in Turin in Italy?

  • Episode 26

    Paul and Diane hope to open a boutique hotel as a retirement project. But will it be in the rugged hills of North Yorkshire, or in the romantic countryside of Emilia Romagna in Italy?

  • Episode 27

    Property experts Jonnie Irwin and Jasmine Harman help Mary and Iain find the perfect holiday home, but will they plump for the Yorkshire Dales or northern Tuscany, Italy?

  • Episode 28

    Celia and David want to buy a holiday home for the whole family to enjoy together. But will it be in the Cotswolds, or Celia's dream of a house near Lake Garda in Italy?

  • Episode 29

    Nikki and Alfredo are fed up of life in Devon and looking for a home to raise their family. Will they choose to buy close to Nikki's family in Bath or close to Alfredo's family in Lucca, Italy?

  • Episode 30

    Royal Naval couple Sarah and Steve want to buy a holiday home to escape to. But should it be the Cornish coast or the mountains of northern Italy? Jonnie and Jasmine help them to decide.

  • Episode 31

    After being made redundant Paula and Graham have decided to use their cash and follow their dream of running a B&B, but should it be in the Lake District or the Dolomites in Italy?

  • Episode 32

    Frank and Fiona have decided now is the time to make a move. The issue is where, East Sussex or Ferrara in Italy?

  • Episode 33

    Jonnie and Jasmine help James and Wendy Leiter decide whether to raise their family in Somerset, where Wendy has a new job, or Italy, where James fancies a new start.

  • Episode 34

    Jayne and Hendrik are desperate to get out of their rented house and buy their own property. With £380k to spend, the couple are torn between Hertfordshire and Le Marche in Italy.

  • Episode 35

    Will Angela choose Abruzzo in Italy or a home in north Wales as the place to move with her six cats, three dogs and three donkeys?

  • Episode 36

    Gerard Levy and Neisha Attillia desperately want to escape the rat race of London and are looking to buy a family home in Buckinghamshire, but also a place in Italy for holidays

  • Episode 37

    Keith and Heather want to spend up to £1million on two homes, one at home, and one away. Jonnie and Jasmine must find a place in the West Country with a lake, and a house with sea views in Croatia

  • Episode 38

    Jonnie and Jasmine help Nicky and Tony to find their first home together, with the choice being between Lewes, near Brighton, or Zadar in Croatia.

  • Episode 39

    Rosaleen and David have a dream to own a holiday home with sea views - the trouble is they can't decide between the coasts of East Sussex or Istria in Croatia.

  • Episode 40

    Down-to-earth Jonnie favours life in the rolling hills of Herefordshire, while glamorous Jasmine fancies the sparkling seas of the Green Coast, Portugal. Where will the couple buy a home?

  • Episode 41

    Can Jonnie and Jasmine help Tony and Annette decide between settling for Wakefield, West Yorks, or relocating to the sun and sea of Portugal's silver Coast?

  • Episode 42

    Michael and Jackie are looking for a retirement property. But will it be the Lake District, or the sun, sea and sand of Portugal?

  • Episode 43

    With a million pounds to spend on their first home together, Amanda and Barry can't decide between a manor house in Sussex, or risking it all on a new life in sunny California.

  • Episode 44

    Former Watford FC footballer Damien Francis, and his fiancee, Rachel Ritfeld, hunt for a new home. Rachel favours LA but Damien prefers London.

  • Episode 45

    Jonnie Irwin and Jasmine Harman help the Houghton family decide where best to raise their kids, Norfolk or America

  • Episode 46

    Jonnie Irwin and Jasmine Harman help celebrity DJ John '00' Fleming find the perfect holiday home and he's torn between a ranch home in Texas and a seaside retreat in Scotland.

  • Episode 47

    Jonnie Irwin and Jasmine Harman help Peter and Meredith Moss decide between homes in London and Texas. Will it be £300k spent on a two-bed flat in London, or £150k for a four-bedroom home in the USA?

  • Episode 48

    Paula and Julian Carter have sold their business and their house is on the market. It's the perfect time to move to the USA with their family; but they want to keep a little place in Poole.

  • Episode 49

    Tom and Colette can't agree where to start their new life, Birmingham or Florida? With £320k to spend on their first home, Tom wants to stay in Birmingham, but Colette doesn't.

  • Episode 50

    Jonnie and Jasmine help retired couple David and Diane invest in a holiday home. But will they choose Lyme Bay or Tampa Bay?

  • Episode 51

    Newcastle or Florida? For the Watson family it's the biggest decision they'll ever make. With a job offer and a new life up for grabs in Florida, Keith wants a home near Cape Canaveral.

  • Episode 52

    Troy and Sally Leacock have rented in the UK since their American house was destroyed in hurricane Ivan - so will they choose serene Salisbury or fantastic Florida?

  • Episode 53

    After years of preparation David and Adrian are ready to take the plunge with their dream of an early retirement, but will they plump for Brighton or Gran Canaria?

  • Episode 54

    Surfers Simon and Angela are torn between choosing a place with great waves in sunny Fuerteventura, or something similar in Tynemouth on the north east coast of England.

  • Episode 55

    Steven and Danielle want a new getaway pad for long weekends away. So, should they buy in the sunshine of Lanzarote, or the beautiful but damp Yorkshire Dales?

A Place in the Sun: Home or Away synopsis

Jonnie Irwin and Jasmine Harman help property owners find the ideal new homes they've always wanted - but will they stay on British soil or settle on some distant sunny shore?

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