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Property experts help househunters find their dream properties in the sun

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Property experts help househunters find their dream properties in the sun

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Property experts help househunters find their dream properties in the sun

  • Episode 1 - Winter Sun: Costa Blanca

    Laura Hamilton helps the Framptons from Hampshire look for a holiday home around Torrevieja, on Spain's southern Costa Blanca, on a budget of £150,000.

    With the Spanish property boom well and truly over, their money will go further than ever. But will Laura be able to find them their dream place in the sun?

  • Episode 2 - Winter Sun: Barbados

    Jasmine Harman travels to Barbados, helping Christine Vaughan look for a holiday home and rental investment for £150,000.

  • Episode 3 - Winter Sun: St Vincent

    Jasmine Harman's Caribbean search takes her to the island of St Vincent, where she embarks on one of her toughest property searches yet.

  • Episode 4 - Winter Sun: Marbella

    Golf-mad Terry Hannaford and his eldest daughter Sarah are looking to cash in on the Costa Crash in Marbella.

  • Episode 5 - Winter Sun: St Lucia

    Clive and Carol Stephens hope to swap their family home in Romford for a piece of paradise by relocating to property hotspot St Lucia in the Caribbean.

  • Episode 6 - Winter Sun: Antigua

    Jasmine Harman travels to Antigua in the hope of finding Kathy Hector a picture perfect property for use as a rental investment or holiday home for her and her family to enjoy.

  • Episode 7 - Winter Sun: South Tenerife

    Laura Hamilton hopes to find sailing fanatics Berto and Angie Janssen the perfect holiday home in South Tenerife for a healthy budget of £250,000.

  • Episode 8 - Winter Sun: Barbados

    Jasmine Harman jets off to Barbados to help Preston couple David and Kim France find a house big enough to house their two children as well as their two sheepdogs.

  • Episode 9 - Winter Sun: Northern Costa Blanca

    A couple from Exeter hope to take advantage of Spain's falling house prices by holiday home-hunting in and around Denia on the Costa Blanca.

  • Episode 10 - Winter Sun: North Tenerife

    Laura Hamilton goes off the beaten track in the hope of finding a Yorkshire couple their perfect family holiday home in northern Tenerife in the Canary Islands.

  • Episode 11 - Winter Sun: Daytona

    Jonnie Irwin shows Essex couple Shelley and David Warner just how far their £230,000 budget can go since property prices crashed in Florida's Sunshine state.

  • Episode 12 - Winter Sun: Gandia

    Retired couple Paul and Lindy from the Midlands enlist the help of Jasmine Harman to find them a holiday home on Spain's Costa del Azahar.

  • Episode 13 - Winter Sun: Orlando

    With property prices in Florida the lowest they've been in years, Jonnie Irwin helps Alan and Michele Raine from Sunderland bag themselves a bargain holiday home in sunny Orlando.

  • Episode 14 - Winter Sun: Murcia

    Jasmine Harman has a tricky task in trying to find Gordon Sandilands and his partner Louisa Hunter a second home for under £100,000 in Murcia, Spain.

  • Episode 15 - Winter Sun: Gran Canaria

    Laura Hamilton is in Gran Canaria with Susan Mitchell and best friend Sara Minton in the hope of finding the perfect holiday home.

  • Episode 16 - Winter Sun: Vero Beach

    Jonnie Irwin helps Cardiff couple Deborah and Stephen Price find their dream holiday home on Florida's Treasure Coast for a budget of £80,000.

  • Episode 17 - Winter Sun: Fuerteventura

    Laura Hamilton is in the Canary Islands in the hope of finding Fuerteventura fanatics Nicholas and Pauline Patch the perfect home from home for £125,000.

  • Episode 18 - Winter Sun: Tampa

    Chris James and Susan Spencer from Norfolk enlist the help of Jonnie Irwin to find them their dream waterfront home in Tampa, Florida, for the whole family to enjoy.

  • Episode 19 - Winter Sun: Lanzarote

    Laura Hamilton heads back to the Canary Islands in the hope of finding house-hunters Leslie and Helen Hodgkins from Halifax a permanent winter sun base for £150,000.

  • Episode 20 - Winter Sun: Cape Coral

    Jonnie Irwin has one of his biggest ever budgets to find Tim Morris and partner Elaine a holiday retreat in the exclusive boat-lovers paradise of Cape Coral in Florida. Will £300,000 be enough to bag them their perfect waterfront property?

  • Episode 21 - A Place in the Sun: Home or Away: Buxton vs Valencia

    While Susan dreams of a retirement spent relaxing by a pool in the Spanish sun, her husband Michael would rather stay closer to home.

    He fancies Derbyshire, where he could indulge his passions for walking and the British countryside. Their house is sold so they have to move.

    With a budget of £180,000, the pressure is on for Laura and Jasmine to find the couple a place to retire to, but will they choose home or away?

  • Episode 22 - A Place in the Sun: Home or Away: Wirral vs Alicante

    Tony and Karin face retirement with quite different ideas of where they'd like to spend it. Tony wants to return to the Wirral, but Karin's got her eye on a villa in southern Spain where her sister has already settled.

  • Episode 23 - Home or Away: Rhyl, Wales vs Almeria, France

    Hilary has recently inherited a tidy sum and wants to invest it in a holiday rental property that she and her family can also use. But should it be on the north Wales coast, not far from their Cheshire home, or should they spread their wings and buy in Spain where rental income will be higher and the sunshine more reliable?

  • Episode 24 - Home or Away: West Country vs Malaga

    Nick and Sarah want to relocate but they can't decide between the West Country or the Lake Vinuela area, north of Malaga in Spain.

  • Episode 25 - Home or Away: Dorset vs Seville, Spain

    Graziella Clarke spent a year in Seville as a student and dreams of moving back to live there permanently. But husband Robert thinks relocating to Dorset might be a safer bet.

  • Episode 26 - Home or Away: Brighton vs Cadiz

    Cheryl and Andy must decide between buying a place in Brighton or Cadiz in Spain.

  • Episode 27 - Home or Away: Yorkshire vs Portugal

    Tina and Colin are torn between investing £200K in a house in Yorkshire or taking the plunge and moving to Portugal. Tina is worried about moving far from her children and grandchildren, but Colin is convinced their future lies in the Alentejo area of Portugal and that the best way to convince Tina is to go house hunting with Jasmine Harman.

  • Episode 28 - A Place in the Sun: Home or Away: Yorkshire Dales vs Algarve

    Property experts Laura Hamilton and Jasmine Harman help Omar and Yvonne decide where to buy their dream B&B. Yvonne feels drawn to Yorkshire while Omar wants to enjoy a warmer climate in Portugal.

  • Episode 29 - Home or Away: Torquay vs Albufeira, Portugal

    Steve and Jackie Parkes are in the fortunate position of being able to shop for a new property both home and away.

    With a total budget of over a million pounds to spend, their main stipulation to Laura Hamilton is that the home property must be able to house Jackie's elderly parents.

    The holiday home they're looking for on the Algarve with Jasmine Harman is to be a bolt-hole to get away from it all.

  • Episode 30 - Home or Away: Lake District vs Sitges, Spain

    With £250k in the bank, Stephen and Stuart want to buy a second home which they can rent out when they're not using it. The only problem is where?

    Will property expert Luke Doonan convince them to buy in the Lake District, or will Laura Hamilton find them their dream holiday apartment in Sitges on Spain's Costa Dorada?

  • Episode 31 - Home or Away: Lake District vs Pyrenees

    Andrew and Lesley Breeze want a complete lifestyle change, but they can't decide whether to start their new business in the Lake District or move to the eastern Pyrenees in France.

  • Episode 32 - A Place in the Sun: Home or Away: Cornwall vs Languedoc

    French teacher Carol has been dreaming of retiring to France for years, but her husband Stephen thinks they should play it safe and move to Cornwall.

    Wherever they buy, they need room to park their beloved motorhome, Harry.

  • Episode 33 - Home or Away: Surrey vs St Cyprien, France

    Andy is looking for a new adventure in France, and being a bit of a DIY man, fancies a project. But his other half Jo wants a brand new house in Surrey, close to her friends and family.

  • Episode 34 - A Place in the Sun: Home or Away: Romsey vs Collioure

    Eric and Maria have lived in the same Hampshire town all their married life. Eric, who's half French, has been dreaming of retiring to France and living a life filled with golf, fishing and red wine.

    But Maria's roots run deep in Romsey and she is struggling with the thought of tearing herself away from friends and family. She wants to move house, but not move town, let alone country.

  • Episode 35 - Home or Away: Northumberland vs South West France

    Having raised most of their six children in Scotland, Geordie Phil wants to move back to his roots in Northumberland. But Liz is dreaming of a warmer lifestyle in south west France with their two youngest children. Wherever they buy, the property must have plenty of land and enough room for Phil's parents to move in with them. Luke Doonan and Jasmine Harman present.

  • Episode 36 - Home or Away: Colne Estuary vs Canal du Midi

    Lisa and Michael want to downsize so they can live a more a stress-free lifestyle somewhere close to a waterway and continue to indulge their love of barges and canals.

    Lisa imagines relocating to the familiar Colne Estuary, and wants Jasmine to help them find their perfect pad close to the water. But her partner Michael is drawn to the more exotic Canal du Midi.

  • Episode 37 - Home or Away: Folkestone vs Agde, France

    Paul and Ann Cruxton dream of a fresh start for their retirement. Ann is drawn to the Folkestone area of Kent where presenter Luke Doonan shows them three suitable properties. But Paul wants to settle in southern France.

  • Episode 38 - Home or Away: Cornwall vs France

    Mother of two Ruth loves all things French and thinks she'd like to put her money into a French property, which she might eventually retire to. Laura Hamilton is tasked with finding Ruth's dream home in the south of France. However, Ruth's younger daughter Anni, with the help of property expert Luke Doonan, wants to persuade her to buy in Cornwall.

  • Episode 39 - Home or Away: Dorset vs Croatia

    With a maximum budget of £200K, Chris and Milton are torn between relocating to Croatia or settling closer to home in Dorset.

  • Episode 40 - Home or Away: Falmouth, Cornwall vs Koto, Montenegro

    Lisa and Tony were married in Montenegro three years ago, and Lisa now wants to buy a place there. But Tony thinks they'd make more use of a holiday home in Cornwall.

  • Episode 41 - Home or Away: Kent vs Abruzzo, Italy

    Recently-widowed Jan wants a fresh start. But will it be in Kent or Abruzzo in Italy?

  • Episode 42 - Home or Away: Bournemouth vs Sicily

    The contrasting locations of Bournemouth and Sicily provide food for thought for Paul and Chris who are looking for a slower pace of life somewhere new.

  • Episode 43 - Home or Away: Kent vs Florence

    High flying creative couple Victor and Penny have finished renovating their London home and are ready to invest in a holiday home for somewhere to relax and get away from it all. Victor would like an easy commute to a weekend retreat in Kent, but Penny has fallen in love with Florence. Can Laura Hamilton or Jonnie Irwin find the perfect property?

  • Episode 44 - Home or Away: Sevenoaks vs Lunigiana, Italy

    Newly married Ed and Clare are planning to start a family soon and will need a larger home. Ed wants to raise his family in Italy where he grew up, but Clare wants to be close to her family and support network as motherhood beckons.

  • A Place in the Sun: Winter Sun

    Episode 45 - Devon vs Languedoc, France

    New grandparents Geoff and Barbara are looking for a second home to enjoy with their growing family. But should it be home or away?

  • Episode 46 - Home or Away: Tunbridge Wells vs Nice

    Chris and Sue are torn between downsizing locally in Tunbridge Wells, or starting a completely new life in the south of France. Jasmine Harman shows them what their money could buy on the Cote D'Azur.

  • Episode 47 - Home or Away: Dorset vs Graz

    Workaholics David and Karen want to buy a place to escape to on a budget of £130,000. Karen feels they'd make more use of a place in Dorset. But Jasmine Harman shows them what their money could buy in or around the Alpine city of Graz.

  • Episode 48 - Home or Away: Brighton vs France

    It's Brighton versus Montpellier, with Sue and Cliff torn between which of these vibrant cities to move to. Jonnie Irwin tries to tempt them with what's on offer in the Brighton area favoured by Cliff, while Laura Hamilton shows them what their £300K budget would buy them in southern France, where Sue dreams of running a small B&B.

  • Episode 49 - Home or Away: Chichester vs Carcassonne, France

    Retirement offers a new adventure for Laura and Malcolm. But should they up sticks and relocate to France or simply move a bit further south from their current Berkshire home and buy somewhere near Chichester?

  • Episode 50 - Home or Away: Keswick vs Provence

    Enid has been dreaming of life in the south of France ever since she can remember, but husband Dennis is more interested in a move to the Lakes, where he adores the scenery.

  • A Place in the Sun: Winter Sun

    Episode 51 - Home or Away: London vs Chamonix, France

    Businesswoman Karen wants to invest, so Jonnie Irwin shows her trendy east London. But Karen's heart is pulling her towards Chamonix in the French Alps where Jasmine Harman finds her some tempting options.

  • A Place in the Sun: Winter Sun

    Episode 52 - A Place In The Sun: Home or Away: Kent vs Les Gets, France

    Triathletes Ron and Mel have no intention of slowing down in their retirement, but they would like to change where they live. They plan to sell the family home and buy two new properties with the proceeds. They're looking for a smaller house in the area of Kent where they currently live, and a ski chalet in the French Alps where they can enjoy winter and summer sports with friends and family.

  • A Place in the Sun: Winter Sun

    Episode 53 - Home or Away: Bodmin vs Limousin, France

    Sheila and Fred have lived together for more than 40 years in the house Sheila grew up in. So this is the first time they have house hunted. Sheila is drawn to Bodmin where she spent happy childhood holidays. But Fred is up for an even bigger adventure involving a move to France.

  • A Place in the Sun: Winter Sun

    Episode 54 - Home or Away: Cirencester vs France

    Brian and Chantal are selling the family home and want to buy two new houses for the price of one.

    Jonnie Irwin helps to find a smaller home in the Cirencester area where they already live, so Chantal can remain close to her eagerly awaited first grandchild.

    Laura Hamilton looks for a second home in western France, where Brian would happily spend most of his retirement.

  • A Place in the Sun: Winter Sun

    Episode 55 - Home or Away: Shropshire vs Dordogne

    A peaceful retirement is beckoning for Kimm and Tony, but from two different directions. Kimm is drawn to the French way of life she could enjoy in the Dordogne, whereas Tony has his eye on Shropshire, an area that's familiar and beautiful. House hunting with Jonnie Irwin at home and Laura Hamilton away should help them decide which destination would be right for them.

  • A Place in the Sun: Winter Sun

    Episode 56 - A Place In The Sun: Home or Away: Guernsey vs Vendee, France

    Nicki Burridge is a first-time buyer from Guernsey. She has savings in the bank for a deposit and a mortgage already lined up. But she can't decide whether to buy in her home town of St Peter Port or further afield in the Vendee region of western France where she hopes to eventually settle. Luke Doonan and Laura Hamilton show her some options to help her make up her mind.

  • A Place in the Sun: Winter Sun

    Episode 57 - Home or Away: Wales vs Alpujarras, Spain

    Lucy and Chris are contemplating a fresh start, but are torn between setting up an equine B&B in mid-Wales or a mountain biking business in southern Spain.

  • A Place in the Sun: Winter Sun

    Episode 58 - Home or Away: Cornwall vs Spain

    Bob and Jeanette have already sold up and are renting in Cornwall to see if they want to settle there. Jeanette's pretty sure she does, but Bob's got itchy feet and wants to move to southern Spain. With cash in the bank, they're desperate to resolve their dilemma. Jonnie Irwin shows them the merits of Cornwall, while Jasmine Harman finds some amazing properties to tempt them to Spain.

  • A Place in the Sun: Winter Sun

    Episode 59 - Home or Away: Argyll vs Spain

    Gail and Clive married three years ago and want to buy a new home together to enjoy their retirement.

    Gail wants to go back to her roots and move to the west coast of Scotland, where Jonnie Irwin is on hand to help find her perfect new home. But Clive is craving some sun and heat, and has his eye on southern Spain where Jasmine Harman shows them what's on offer.

  • A Place in the Sun: Winter Sun

    Episode 60 - A Place In The Sun: Home or Away: Chelmsford vs Mallorca

    Lynn and Kerry are serial renovators and are ready for their next move. Lynn would like to take on a new project in the Chelmsford area where they currently live. But Kerry would prefer to do something completely different and wants to start a snorkeling business in Mallorca. They house hunt with the help of Sara Damergi in rural Essex, and Jasmine Harman in Mallorca.

  • A Place in the Sun: Winter Sun

    Episode 61 - Home or Away: Oxford vs Javea, Spain

    Steve and his French wife Caroline have spent many years living abroad, and Steve's quite happy to settle back in the UK. He's hoping, with the help of Sara Damergi, to tempt Caroline to a more settled future in the Oxford area where she could indulge her love of culture. But Caroline's got itchy feet and wants to move permanently abroad, and hopes Jasmine Harman might find them their perfect new home in Spain.

  • A Place in the Sun: Winter Sun

    Episode 62 - Home or Away: Tiverton vs Cartegna, Spain

    Richard wants a place in the sun somewhere in Devon where he can stay close to family, friends and football. Jackie's ideal, however, is in southern Spain and with a garden she could get her green fingers into.

  • A Place in the Sun: Winter Sun

    Episode 63 - Home or Away: Colchester vs Algarve, Portugal

    Three generations of the same family are on the move together. Dad John holds the purse strings but he can't decide whether to buy a suitable property for their unusual requirements in the Colchester area of Essex.

    His daughter Lucy is pushing for the Algarve where her partner comes from. But wherever they go, there must be room to house Grandad as well.

  • A Place in the Sun: Winter Sun

    Episode 64 - A Place In The Sun: Home or Away: Cornwall vs Madeira

    North Cornwall has always had a big appeal for Graham who wants to buy a holiday home there. But his wife Pat wants to be able to enjoy winters in the mild climate of Madeira. Sara Damergi shows them some tempting options at home while Laura Hamilton opens their eyes to the possibilities in Madeira.

  • A Place in the Sun: Winter Sun

    Episode 65 - A Place In The Sun: Home or Away: Yorkshire vs Madeira

    Flo has been inspired by a holiday to Madeira in Portugal and wants to make a permanent move there, but husband Andrew, who's already retired, sees himself living in Yorkshire. Sara Damergi and Laura Hamilton help this divided couple decide which location would be right for them.

  • A Place in the Sun: Winter Sun

    Episode 66 - Summer Sun: Western Algarve

    Sara Damergi helps Teresa Lynch pursue her lifelong dream of living by the sea in the western Algarve, Portugal. With dramatic house price drops, will Teresa's budget of £120,000 be enough to buy her a place with a view of the sea? Teresa's brought along sister Becky to help.

  • A Place in the Sun: Winter Sun

    Episode 67 - Summer Sun: Huelva

    Niel and Jean Soley are seeking a holiday home that can double up as a retirement property around Huelva in southern Spain.

  • A Place in the Sun: Winter Sun

    Episode 68 - Summer Sun: Andalucia

    Sara Damergi help Nottinghamshire couple Claire Streets and Jon Jevons search for a new home with enough land for them to set up a luxury camping business.

  • A Place in the Sun: Winter Sun

    Episode 69 - Summer Sun: Almeria

    Sara Damergi kicks off the summer sun series with an £80,000 budget to find a new home for Richard and Janie Wood in Almeria, Spain. Janie's desperate to relocate to warmer climes, to help alleviate the pain of a medical condition. Will Sara be able to find them their dream home in the sunshine?

  • A Place in the Sun: Winter Sun

    Episode 70 - Summer Sun: Costa Blanca

    Sara Damergi helps Chris and Lynn Simmerson from Sheffield search for a dream retirement home on the ever popular Costa Blanca.

    With prices the cheapest they've been in a decade, they're surprised at what their £80,000 budget can buy them.

  • A Place in the Sun: Winter Sun

    Episode 71 - Summer Sun: Valencia

    Sara helps London couple Mark Shaw and Wlan Amorim search for a home in Spain on a budget of £100,000.

    They're keen to find somewhere in Valencia's historical city centre but Chef Wlan can't compromise on the size of his kitchen.

  • A Place in the Sun: Winter Sun

    Episode 72 - Summer Sun: Murcia

    Paul Gardner and Paula McKee have new teaching jobs at the international school near Murcia in Spain. Sara Damergi shows the soon-to-be-wed couple potential new homes for £200,000.

  • A Place in the Sun: Winter Sun

    Episode 73 - Summer Sun: Tarragona

    Sara helps Northampton father and son Richard and Rich Gansbuehler search for a holiday home in Tarragona, Spain.

  • A Place in the Sun: Winter Sun

    Episode 74 - Summer Sun: Costa Brava

    Retired teacher Theresa Robinson and her GP husband Alan from Norfolk are looking for a holiday home on Spain's stunning Costa Brava. Sara Damergi shows them five potential places for their budget of £250,000.

  • A Place in the Sun: Winter Sun

    Episode 75 - Summer Sun: Aude

    Steve Cross has had a lifelong dream of living abroad, and - with help from presenter Sara - he's determined to relocate to Aude in the south of France.

  • A Place in the Sun: Winter Sun

    Episode 76 - Summer Sun: Languedoc

    Mother and daughter Retini and Jess Dunleavy from Berkshire are looking for a holiday/ retirement home in the Languedoc region of south west France.

  • A Place in the Sun: Winter Sun

    Episode 77 - Summer Sun: Aude Valley

    Sara looks for a renovation project for Lucie and Noel Benn from Cambridgeshire in south-west France.

  • A Place in the Sun: Winter Sun

    Episode 78 - Summer Sun: Poitou Charentes

    Karen and Keith Wilding from Shropshire want to find a holiday pad in south west France.

  • A Place in the Sun: Winter Sun

    Episode 79 - Summer Sun: Limousin

    With a budget of £65,000, Rob Morris and his girlfriend Gaynor Carman from Swansea want a slice of the tranquil French countryside in the Limousin. Can Sara Damergi find Rob the bargain he's after?

  • A Place in the Sun: Winter Sun

    Episode 80 - Summer Sun: Costa Almeria

    House hunters Jonathan Joyce and Julia Hobson are looking for a holiday home on the popular Costa Almeria. They're looking for a place with good rental potential and - most important of all - sea views. They have a budget of around £150,000.

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Property experts help househunters find their dream properties in the sun

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