What does your job involve?

My job is to respond to 999 calls and assist the public with acute medical conditions, injuries and social problems. It’s about working as part of a team and meeting different people in different situations.

What’s the most rewarding part of your job?

It’s very rewarding to be able to assist people in their hour of need and aid their recovery and knowing that what I’ve done has helped someone in some way.

What are the most challenging aspects of your job?

Dealing with distressed families/friends following a bereavement is very challenging. It’s also hard to hold my tongue on inappropriate calls.

Plus getting up at 4.30am for work!

What makes a good paramedic?

A good paramedic needs to be caring. You need patience, compassion, humour and good communication skills - the ability to talk to anyone at any level.

And keeping a calm appearance however you feel inside.

What do you hope the series shows to viewers?

I hope people will see the wide variety of jobs we do and that we work hard and we should be appreciated as valued members of the emergency services.

And I hope that the series educates the public when it is appropriate to call 999.