999: What's Your Emergency?

    • Series 1 Episode 10

      With more and more social problems falling to them, emergency workers frequently question how much of their work is made up of actual emergencies

    • Series 1 Episode 9

      This episode follows how the emergency services of Britain's most popular seaside resort, Blackpool, deal with incidents involving people from outside the town

    • Series 1 Episode 8

      This episode focuses on life savers and time wasters, featuring calls to the emergency services about a range of non-emergencies, from culinary injuries to broken light bulbs, both bizarre and diverse

    • Series 1 Episode 7

      This programme looks at problems associated with excessive drinking, including anti-social behaviour and the fallout from alcohol dependency

    • Series 1 Episode 6

      This programme focuses on how women in our society are changing. Female emergency service workers reveal their motivations for doing the work that they do and the challenges they face.

    • Series 1 Episode 5

      The police are called out to a Halloween party that's turned into a street fight, and when a body is found outside a block of flats all three emergency services are called

    • Series 1 Episode 4

      There is one night when everyone's up for a party: payday. For the call operators at Blackpool's emergency control centres hearing about our payday excesses is a weekly occurrence

    • Series 1 Episode 3

      This programme focuses on relationships. When things go wrong, more of us than ever are dialling 999, asking the emergency services to pick up the pieces and protect us from those we used to trust.

    • Series 1 Episode 2

      This episode focuses on kids, who are taking up more and more of the emergency services' time, whether it's prank calls, bad behaviour or poor parenting

    • Series 1 Episode 1

      Blackpool's emergency services are tackling the fallout from the dizzying array of 'party drugs' that are on the rise in towns across the UK.