999: On the Frontline

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    Episode 10

    The paramedics must lift a man with a seriously damaged neck. One false move could mean he will never walk again. And a man has chest pains after being involved in a hit and run.

    This programme contains scenes from medical emergencies which some viewers may find upsettingThis episode is subtitled47 mins
  • Episode 9

    An 89-year-old woman refuses to go to hospital despite her vomiting. And a 93-year-old war veteran desperately needs medical attention for a sepsis that could kill him.

  • Episode 8

    In Warwickshire, a 19-year-old man has fallen from a horse and the horse has fallen on top of him. In Birmingham, a man wants to do a poo in the back of the ambulance.

  • Episode 7

    The paramedics treat an aggressive patient. A pregnant mum is worried about the impact of a car crash. And a man with dementia gets a lift to the hospital.

  • Episode 6

    Paramedic Rob and student paramedic Ally are called to a custody suite in Birmingham to deal with a prisoner who is aggressive and abusive but may have overdosed on heroin

  • Episode 5

    A 71-year-old man is left with a broken ankle when he is knocked off his bike by a dog. And the paramedics help a man who's been trapped for over 20 hours with a broken leg.

  • Episode 4

    Paramedics fight to save a man whose heart has stopped for 50 minutes. And a 15-year-old boy is found unconscious in a park after drinking two litres of whisky.

  • Episode 3

    The paramedics are called out to a cyclist crushed by a lorry. They also help a man who's fallen from a barge and rush to find a baby in cardiac arrest.

  • Episode 2

    The ambulance crews treat a 17-year-old rugby player with a suspected bleed on the brain, an eight-month-old baby who's choking, and a man who's trapped in his car

  • Episode 1

    Paramedic Chelsie and technician Simon rush to save a baby born not breathing. In Birmingham, paramedics Jo and Peter treat a five-year-old having an asthma attack.