• Episode 1 - Til Death Do Us Part

      Naomi and Max's big romantic plans go badly awry when they both get arrested after a mishap with their car. Liam puts The Offshore up for sale, and Silver's baby request overwhelms Teddy.

    • Episode 2 - The Sea Change

      Naomi and Max's honeymoon is delayed when Alec tells Max that the bad publicity from his whirlwind wedding has affected the value of their company

    • Episode 3 - It's All Fun and Games

      Adrianna encourages Silver to treat herself to an irresponsible day of fun and self-indulgence before she schedules her IVF appointment

    • Episode 4 - Into the Wild

      Naomi plans a romantic getaway with Max, and Silver discovers nude pictures from her photo shoot have been posted on the internet. Ryan Lochte guest stars.

    • Episode 5 - Hate 2 Love

      Dixon's recovery continues, but Adrianna confides in Annie that they are having intimacy issues

    • Episode 6 - The Con

      Liam and Lindsey attempt to keep their relationship under wraps, but things go wrong when Navid's jealousy gets the better of him

    • Episode 7 - 99 Problems

      Dixon buys Adrianna a gift to celebrate when she gets the opportunity to support Ne-Yo (guest starring as himself) at the Hollywood Bowl

    • Episode 8 - 902-100

      In the 100th episode, Naomi hosts an elaborate charity event in an attempt to gain membership of an elite club for the most powerful women in Beverly Hills

    • Episode 9 - The Things We Do for Love

      When Alec approaches Max with a business proposition, Naomi persuades Navid to take Bryce out for drinks and find out why Max was fired

    • Episode 10 - Misery Loves Company

      When Annie and Vanessa realise that Ashley is an impostor, they turn detective to find Liam, who is struggling to escape his captivity

    • Episode 11 - We're Not Not in Kansas Anymore

      Annie experiences an alternative reality about what it would've been like if she'd stayed in Kansas instead of coming to Beverly Hills

    • Episode 12 - Here Comes Honey Bye Bye

      Naomi and Max seek the advice of a marriage guidance counsellor to help them decide whether they can remain together

    • Episode 13 - #realness

      Naomi and Max find their old feelings are rekindled when they host a charity event together

    • Episode 14 - Brother from Another Mother

      While getting ready to testify against Ashley, Liam experiences the symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder and has flashbacks to the occasion when he was kidnapped

    • Episode 15 - Strange Brew

      Naomi's plans to open a restaurant with her half-brother Mark make great progress, but the two of them don't seem to have much in common

    • Episode 16 - Life's a Beach

      Liam's plans to start a business creating custom-made surfboards for women are complicated by romance when he grows attached to his first potential investor

    • Episode 17 - Dude, Where's My Husband?

      Naomi meets up-and-coming mogul Jordan, who hires her to plan events for his media empire. Dixon develops romantic feelings for Michaela.

    • Episode 18 - A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Call Girl

      When Jordan asks Naomi to arrange a glamorous party for a fashionable new writer known as Author X, Annie is forced to confess that she is actually the rising literary star, working under a pseudonym

    • Episode 19 - The Empire State Strikes Back

      When Liam and Navid hear about teenage pro-surfer Cassie, they try to persuade her to become their company's first sponsored athlete

    • Episode 20 - You Can't Win 'Em All

      Jordan does his best to help an incarcerated Mark, but when he calls in a favour from his mother, there are strings attached

    • Episode 21 - Scandal Royale

      An out of control royal causes trouble at an event and Naomi takes the heat for it to protect Elizabeth's reputation

    • Episode 22 - We All Fall Down

      The friends come together again after a traumatic event that makes them appreciate the importance of their relationships