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Prepare to revisit the hottest postcode in the USA. The kids from West Beverly High might be rich and privileged, but they've always got some drama going on...

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Prepare to revisit the hottest postcode in the USA. The kids from West Beverly High might be rich and privileged, but they've always got some drama going on...

Series 2 Summary

Series two opens with the fallout of prom night. Big changes have happened to the Beverly Hills group over the summer; blossoming to not-so-blossoming romances, broken friendships, those still struggling to be understood and those that try to conceal who they really are and the awful things that they have done.

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    Episode 1 - To New Beginnings!

    The friends are forced into going to summer school after Annie called the police on Naomi's after-prom party. Annie feels isolated from the group after the hit and run accident while Naomi, Siver and Adrianna have formed a close bond. Meanwhile, Naomi and Silver meet Teddy, a tennis player and the son of a famous actor; Navid tries to lose his virginity and Dixon and Silver try to make their relationship work.

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    Episode 2 - To Sext or Not to Sext

    Naomi is still furious with Annie after prom night and contemplates sending out a damaging text message as payback. Silver is determined to sort out her relationship with Dixon but her friends think she should give him some space. Liam tries to apologise to Naomi for what happened on prom night and denies sleeping with Annie but refuses to reveal who he was with.

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    Episode 3 - Sit Down You're Rocking the Boat

    Annie is mortified to discover that everyone at the school received her saucy text message and is on a mission to prove that Naomi was the perpetrator. Dixon falls in love but lies about his age. The gang spend an afternoon on Teddy's father's yacht.

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    Episode 4 - The Porn King

    Dixon and Sasha go on a romantic trip to Napa but find themselves in trouble when their car tyre bursts; Adrianna and Navid spend the night together and Liam gets his revenge on Jen.

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    Episode 5 - Environmental Hazards

    Naomi is devastated to discover that she may not be offered a place at her dream university and hires a tutor to help boost her marks. Dixon's girlfriend finds out his true age and Silver is surprised to bump into her mum at an Alcoholic Anonymous meeting that Adrianna is attending.

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    Episode 6 - Wild Alaskan Salmon

    Kelly and Silver try to deal with the fact that their mum Jackie is dying of breast cancer but feel very differently about how to handle Jackie's erratic behaviour. Meanwhile, Naomi is manipulated into loaning Jen some money and Adrianna has some time away from Navid.

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    Episode 7 - Unmasked

    Silver and Kelly have different views on what's best for their mum Jackie and are both finding it difficult to balance school and caring for Jackie. Elsewhere, Naomi's plans to schmooze the dean are scuppered; Dixon and Sasha's relationship is on the rocks; Jasper convinces Annie to steal a car for his student film and Liam headbutts a member of the surf team.

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    Episode 8 - Women's Intuition

    Navid and Gia investigate drug use at West Beverly and Annie's boyfriend Jasper is in the frame. Navid gets love advice from Samantha Ronson (playing herself). Naomi and Silver are worried that Adrianna will relapse and Jen and Ryan meet up with Pharrell from N.E.R.D (playing himself).

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    Episode 9 - A Trip to the Moon

    Jackie surprises Silver by throwing her a party which harks back to the parties she used to have as a child. Navid sees Adrianna buying drugs from Jasper and confronts him about being a drug dealer. Dixon, meanwhile, discovers some upsetting truth about Sasha's pregnancy.

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    Episode 10 - To Thine Own Self Be True

    Kelly supports Silver as she struggles to cope with Jackie's declining health. Elsewhere, Navid asks Adrianna about her drug use; Harry and Debbie are surprised when Annie tells them she's inviting Jasper over for dinner and Jen and Ryan go on a camping trip.

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    Episode 11 - And Away They Go!

    Navid wakes up in hospital but has no recollection of who pushed him down the stairs. Adrianna visits him and upon leaving, has an epiphany about her addiction to pills. Meanwhile, Silver and Teddy bond over the loss of their mothers and Ivy and Dixon plan to tell Naomi about her sister.

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    Episode 12 - Winter Wonderland

    Navid is convinced that Jasper pushed him down the stairs and asks for Adrianna's help to prove his theory. Annie's friends tell her about Jasper's drug dealing but when she confronts him, he raises his suspicions about her involvement in the hit and run. Meanwhile, Naomi and Silver plan to spend Christmas in St Barts and Teddy reveals his true feelings to Silver.

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    Episode 13 - Rats and Heroes

    Naomi returns from her holiday and is eager to spend time with Liam on his newly-built boat. Gia (Rumer Willis) and Adrianna bond at the Beach Club. Meanwhile, Silver hides her true feelings for Teddy and Debbie confronts Kelly about her crush on Harry.

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    Episode 14 - Girl Fight

    Naomi, Ivy and Liam go on a hike in a bid to ease any awkwardness between Naomi and Liam but Naomi soon flips out when she learns of Ivy's real motives. Meanwhile, Jasper tries to blackmail Annie about the hit and run and Ryan meets a free-spirited girl at a bar.

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    Episode 15 - What's Past is Prologue

    Gia encourages Adrianna to audition for a band, Dixon has a surprise visit from his biological mother, Dana, Navid falls out with Naomi and Annie discovers that Jasper has been following her.

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    Episode 16 - Clark Raving Mad

    Naomi gets off on the wrong foot with Mr Cannon, who is helping the students put together Blaze News and gives her a dressing down in front of her peers.

    Naomi retaliates with a small lie that soon gets out of control. Meanwhile, Adrianna and Gia go on their first date and Dixon bonds with his birth mother.

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    Episode 17 - Sweaty Palms and Weak Knees

    Annie learns to cope with Jasper's decision. Silver and Teddy go on a double date with Liam and Naomi. Meanwhile, Liam convinces Naomi to report the sexual harrassment charge, leaving Naomi to lie further to cover her tracks.

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    Episode 18 - Another Another Chance

    Naomi's lie spreads even further. Will she come undone? Meanwhile, Annie is distressed when she drives past the scene of the accident.

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    Episode 19 - Multiple Choices

    Silver disapproves of Teddy's priorities and Liam bonds with his dad. Meanwhile, will Naomi be punished for lying about her harassment claims?

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    Episode 20 - Meet the Parent

    Naomi and Jen are still at war with each other. Teddy asks a nervous Silver to meet his dad again. But will it go to plan?

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    Episode 21 - Javianna

    Adrianna's romance with pop star Javiar blossoms and Navid tries to gee himself up to tell her how he feels. Jen puts Naomi on a tight budget but will Naomi be able to cope without her credit cards?

    Elsewhere, Liam turns to Annie for support when his dad leaves, Teddy and Silver get closer and Ivy invites Dixon to spend the summer in Australia much to his parents' distress. Will he go?

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    Episode 22 - Confessions

    Liam tells Annie some home truths about their relationship. Will they stay together? Meanwhile, Adrianna is offered a once in a lifetime opportunity but her decision wavers when Navid tells her how he feels about her.

    Teddy exacts revenge on Spence when he finds out that he tried to bribe Silver. Ryan is forced to confess his past with Jen when an unexpected package arrives on his doorstep and Dixon and Ivy's holiday turns sour when she finds out he kissed Silver.

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Prepare to revisit the hottest postcode in the USA. The kids from West Beverly High might be rich and privileged, but they've always got some drama going on...

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