60 Days in Jail

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      Episode 12 - Bed and Baggage

      The three remaining participants gather their last bits of evidence and try to avoid further conflicts before their names are called for 'bed and baggage' and they are released

      Very strong language, violence, drug use and language that some viewers may find upsettingThis episode is subtitled62 mins
    • Episode 11 - Blood, Debt and Tears

      Tension is running high in the inmate pods as the six remaining participants in the sheriff's programme enter their final days in the Clark County Jail... and three of them are released at last

    • Episode 10 - Trouble in Store

      Once the sewerage system at the jail is repaired, the participants return to their pods, only to encounter some new challenges and dangerous threats

    • Episode 9 - Sewer Gate

      Raw sewage flows up through the floor into the inmate pods, causing chaos throughout Clark County Jail and making it necessary to turn off the water supply and move the prisoners

    • Episode 8 - Institutional Knowledge

      Fresh challenges emerge at Clark County Jail after Dion and Ryan are moved to new pods, and the women suspect an informer when the officers receive a tip-off about drug use in their pod

    • Episode 7 - Dangerous Loyalty

      Sheri, Ryan and Quintin find themselves going deeper undercover, Dion and Ashleigh grapple with their respective pasts, and Monalisa has a major revelation about her daughter's situation

    • Episode 6 - Criminal Justice

      The participants are trying to survive constant harassment, violence and the stress of incarceration, but everything is about to change for two of them, who are reaching a tipping point

    • Episode 5 - Pod Wars

      All hell breaks loose in the Clark County Jail when two pod bosses threaten the safety of three of the participants in the sheriff's programme

    • Episode 4 - Hazed and Confused

      Hazing, drug use and violence envelop Clark County Jail as two of the eight participants find themselves on the brink of dropping out of the sheriff's programme

    • Episode 3 - All Pain, No Gain

      The last of the new participants - Dion, a criminal justice student - enters the jail and all eight of the undercover inmates must now face up to the harsh realities of life behind bars

    • Episode 2 - Friend or Foe

      Another three new participants - Chris, whose brother was incarcerated, Brian, an attorney for the Department of Corrections, and new mother Ashleigh, who is a recovering addict - enter the programme

    • Episode 1 - Re-Entry

      Former corrections officer Sheri, ex-army reserve medic Ryan, retired police officer Quintin and Monalisa, whose own daughter is incarcerated, are the first four participants to enter the jail