• A Very British Ramadan

    Rashid Khan - former professional rugby league player and star of Make Bradford British - explores British Muslims' physical, logistical and spiritual preparations for Ramadan

  • Ramadan Diaries - Day 1 - Pre-Ramadan

    For a month, Muslims across Britain keep video Diaries. In this episode they get ready for 30 days of fasting.

  • Ramadan Diaries - Day 2 - Usama

    Astronomer Usama Hasan heads for high ground with his sons to see the new moon. Will Ramadan start tonight?

  • Ramadan Diaries - Day 3 - Shubnam

    Just hours before Ramadan starts, it's a busy time for mother-of-three Shubnam as she prepares everything at home.

  • Ramadan Diaries - Day 4 - School Girls

    Twelve-year-old Syfah is fasting for Ramadan for the first time. How will she cope at school on her first day?

  • Ramadan Diaries - Day 5 - First Day of Ramadan

    Ramadan Diaries follows Muslims across the country as they wake at dawn for Sehri: the last meal before they start their 18-hour fast.

  • Ramadan Diaries - Day 6 - Aleemah

    Aleemah converted to Islam three and half years ago. How will she cope as she starts her first Ramadan?

  • Ramadan Diaries - Day 7 - Funeral Parlour

    Ramadan is a busy time for funeral director Moona Green at the East London Mosque.

  • Ramadan Diaries - Day 8 - Dr Nadeem

    During Ramadan Dr Nadeem Bhatti monitors the health of his patients, but how are his own blood sugar levels?

  • Ramadan Diaries - Day 9 - Hottest Day

    On the hottest day of the year so far, Ramadan Diaries follows everyone's progress to see how they cope as temperatures soar.

  • Ramadan Diaries - Day 10 - Homeless

    Recent graduates Hussain and Mohammed serve food for the homeless in Lincoln's Inn Fields.

  • Ramadan Diaries - Day 11 - Tiverton

    How does Ali Shaholom cope with not being able to eat while working in the family restaurant during Ramadan?

  • Ramadan Diaries - Day 12 - Iftar

    Ramadan Diaries follows Muslims across the country on the countdown to Iftar, the breaking of the fast.

  • Ramadan Diaries - Day 13 - Salim Family

    Mohammed Salim and his wife Noreen have 11 children. Mohammed hopes all the children will behave during Ramadan and come together for tonight's Iftar meal.

  • Ramadan Diaries - Day 14 - Sufi

    Alex Barber practices a spiritual branch of Islam called Sufism.

  • Ramadan Diaries - Day 15 - Reverend Poobalan

    In Aberdeen Reverend Isaac Poobalan opens the doors of his church to accommodate the overflowing congregatuion from the mosque next door.

  • Ramadan Diaries - Day 16 - Iftar to Sehri

    Ramadan Diaries follows Muslims across the country to find out what they do between Iftar and Sehri: the only time Muslims can eat during Ramadan.

  • Ramadan Diaries - Day 17 - Holly

    Can teenage golfer Holly win her tournament while fasting during Ramadan?

  • Ramadan Diaries - Day 18 - Great Ormond Street

    How does Great Ormond Street neurosurgeon Owase perform brain surgery while fasting during Ramadan?

  • Ramadan Diaries - Day 19 - Ann Coxon

    Harley Street physician Ann Coxon takes Ramadan Diaries to the African mosque she calls home in Peckham.

  • Ramadan Diaries - Day 20 - Rewards

    Muslims reveal what they do during Ramadan to earn religious rewards.

  • Ramadan Diaries - Day 21 - Afghanistan

    Ramadan Diaries finds out how a soldier on active duty in Afghanistan copes with Ramadan.

  • Ramadan Diaries - Day 22 - Shisha Lounge

    Hassan runs his Arabian Shisha Bar while himself abstaining from smoking during Ramadan.

  • Ramadan Diaries - Day 23 - Deen Riders

    Can the UK's first all-Muslim biker gang raise £10,000 on a one-day road trip for charity?

  • Ramadan Diaries - Day 24 - Ahmad

    Jamaican dub poet and Muslim Ahmad has a surprise in store for his guests at his Ramadan-themed birthday party.

  • Ramadan Diaries - Day 25 - Pop-up Mosque

    Ramadan Diaries reveals why a group of Arab women break their fast in an old Italian restaurant in Bristol.

  • Ramadan Diaries - Day 26 - Amena

    Can shop owner Amena cash in on the rush to buy the perfect Eid outfit?

  • Ramadan Diaries - Day 27 - Seclusion

    Maths teacher Mohammed shares his I'tikaf experience as he spends the last 10 days of Ramadan in seclusion on a spiritual retreat.

  • Ramadan Diaries - Day 28 - Baby

    A family celebrate the birth of Ramadan baby Nadin, born on the same day as the Prince George.

  • Ramadan Diaries - Day 29 - Night of Power

    This episode observes the 27th night of Ramadan, the night of power.

  • Ramadan Diaries - Day 30 - Police

    Can a policeman still keep the public safe while he's fasting?

  • Ramadan Diaries - Day 31 - Eid

    Ramadan comes to an end, as Ramadan Diaries celebrates Eid after 30 days of fasting.

  • Ramadan Diaries

    Ramadan Diaries follows a wide range of British Muslims as they observe Ramadan, going beyond the physical trial of fasting to understand how the fast impacts at a deeper, spiritual level.