Series 1 Episode 3
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Ten days before the reunion, Ralph decides to tell Anita that he has found their adopted child, who is living in Bristol.

Jess feels estranged from her husband, Ken - something is eating at her and threatens to destroy their marriage. On the night of the party, Kristina escapes from the camp in order to meet Rob. As they make love, events get out of control, with horrific consequences.

Ralph forms a strange co-dependent relationship with Rob's daughter, Amy, at the party. Anita bumps into Gregory's former lover in London. She is very surprised by what she finds. And Ralph's life and career fall apart, but he has discovered that there is more to life than money and power. For him the path of love doesn't run straight, but it will run true.

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Provocative three-part drama focusing on seven former school friends whose lives are undergoing seismic change as they hit that landmark age