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US sitcom about four aliens who arrive on Earth and assume human identities to pose as an average family living in Ohio in order to observe life on the planet

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US sitcom about four aliens who arrive on Earth and assume human identities to pose as an average family living in Ohio in order to observe life on the planet

Series 6 Summary

The sixth season of the US aliens-on-Earth comedy finds the Solomons causing more chaos in Rutherford as they try to complete their mission to find out about the human race.

  • 3rd Rock from the Sun

    Episode 1 - Les Liaisons Dickgereuses

    Mary's rich, beautiful and high-flying sister Renata makes a generous donation to the university to humiliate her less successful sibling.

    So Dick plots to play a trick on Renata in order to get revenge for all the times she has been mean to Mary.

    Sally and Harry create a centre for teenagers at their flat and gradually turn a group of clean-cut, well-behaved adolescents into a bunch of unruly gang members.

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    Episode 2 - Fear and Loathing in Rutherford

    Tommy does his best to reconcile with Alissa by asking her to watch a scary film with him so that she will be frightened and want a big, strong man around to protect her.

    But Dick, Mary and Strudwick give chase when they mistakenly assume that the young couple have eloped because they are expecting a baby.

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    Episode 3 - Indickscretion

    Now that high school is finished, Tommy decides it's time for him to have an adventure, so he hits the road with Harry tagging along, but they don't get far due to a lack of funds.

    When Dick and Mary go on a double date with Sally and Don, a discussion about a movie's love scenes leads to romantic discontent.

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    Episode 4 - Dick'll Take Manhattan Part 1

    The aliens step through the time-space portal in the bathroom to another dimension and find themselves in the heart of New York City.

    In this world, Dick is a high-powered lawyer, Sally writes a racy newspaper column, Tommy is the star of a TV comedy show and Harry is the president of a television network.

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    Episode 5 - Dick'll Take Manhattan Part 2

    Still in their parallel universe, Dick does his best to woo Mary, who is a world-weary lounge singer using the stage name Kiki.

    Sally is sleeping with Don, who has been elected as the mayor of New York City but won't leave his wife for her, and TV star Tommy is mean to his fellow cast members.

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    Episode 6 - Why Dickie Can't Teach

    Tommy can't decide where to go to college so Dick encourages him to enrol at Pendleton, the local university where he teaches, and gives Tommy a personal tour of the campus.

    Sally feels upset when Don is not included in a local newspaper article about Rutherford's 10 most powerful men, so she decides to find a way to make him a success.

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    Episode 7 - B.D.O.C.

    The aliens give Tommy a big send-off when he leaves for college but Sally and Harry are soon ready to interview his replacement.

    Dick struggles to adjust to Tommy's absence and decides to bring him back to Rutherford, but when Tommy refuses to return, Dick convinces him to stage an outrageous freshman prank.

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    Episode 8 - Red, White and Dick

    After attending a football game and seeing how enthusiastically the crowd sing The Star Spangled Banner, Dick observes that humans have a deep love for their country of origin.

    He decides that the aliens had better learn more about what it means to be American, but their attempts to implement genuine equality go awry.

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    Episode 9 - Dick Digs

    Mary invites Dick to accompany her on an archaeological dig, but he's disappointed that the quiet, meticulous work involved is nothing like the exciting and dangerous scenes in Raiders of the Lost Ark.

    With the Rutherford Garlic Festival in full swing, and hotel rooms at a premium, the aliens decide to rent out Dick's bedroom while he is away.

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    Episode 10 - There's No Business Like Dick Business

    When the aliens see a magician entertaining children at a party in the park, Dick volunteers to act as his assistant, is swept away by the attention and applause, and decides to become a magician himself.

    Distracted by the show, Mary is mugged and has her handbag stolen, so she signs up to Officer Don's self-defence classes.

    Harry wants to join in too, but as the class is for women only, he gets the job of wearing a padded suit and being attacked by the participants.

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    Episode 11 - A Dick Replacement

    When Dick and Mary visit a psychic together, she says that the couple are from two different worlds and one day Dick will leave Mary and go back to where he came from.

    Dick decides he should devote himself to finding his romantic successor, someone worthy of Mary who will take care of her when he is gone.

    Sally and Harry are worried that the psychic has realised they are aliens and set about hatching wildly unrealistic plots to silence her for good.

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    Episode 12 - Dick's Ark

    When Mary tells Dick that she wants some time apart from him, he thinks it's all over between them until Nina explains that spending time separately can be a healthy thing for a relationship.

    Sally's expensive suede coat is ruined when Harry wears it outdoors during a rain shower because the local TV station's weather forecaster predicted a sunny day.

    Determined to get compensation, Sally pays a visit to Channel 10, where she is offered a job as the new weather girl.

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    Episode 13 - You Don't Know Dick

    When Nina quizzes Dick about Mary's likes and dislikes, it becomes clear Nina knows everything about her, while Dick knows next to nothing.

    Sally's doing a great job as weather girl at Channel 10, but confides to Chaz the news reader that she would like to move across to the news desk. Chaz agrees to show her the ropes, but is his interest more romantic than professional?

    Marty, Sally's boss, hires Harry as the station's 'gofer', but Harry seems confused about his new role.

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    Episode 14 - My Mother, My Dick

    When Harry and Sally mess about with the time-space portal in the flat they accidentally bring an alien from the home planet back to Earth.

    Dick tells them that this new member of the household, who needs all the care of a newborn as he tries to get used to his new body, is to be entirely their responsibility.

    Dick tries to find a way to help Mary tell her mother Martha how she feels about the many shortcomings in their relationship.

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    Episode 15 - Glengarry Glen Dick

    When Dick hears a pitch for a timeshare he immediately falls in love with the idea and, to help raise the money, persuades Officer Don to go halves on the scheme.

    Once Dick, Mary, Don and Sally arrive at their holiday paradise, they find it's a tiny, bug-infested place in a dull town with no tourist attractions.

    Tommy is now taller than Harry and constantly gives him a hard time about it. Convinced that he's shrinking due to the ageing process, Harry seeks medical intervention.

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    Episode 16 - Dick Soup for the Soul

    Dick, Nina and Mary attend a book-signing for a volume that claims to help its readers find true happiness. Dick is rapidly converted and decides to dedicate his life to the book's philosophy.

    Tommy wants to join a college fraternity and is going through the ritual of Hell Week. When Sally hears about it, she thinks his life may be in danger and rushes off to save him.

    Harry makes a fuss when he is assigned to paint the kitchen ceiling.

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    Episode 17 - Mary Loves Scoochie Part 1

    The Solomons are annoyed when they receive no recognition for their mission from the Alien Awards Show, which instead honours the mysterious Team X as the winners, so they set out to discover the identity of their rivals.

    While poking around in Mary's dresser, Dick discovers some love letters signed by somebody called Scoochie, but when he confronts Mary about them she confesses she doesn't know who Scoochie is, as her secret admirer has never revealed his identity.

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    Episode 18 - Mary Loves Scoochie Part 2

    Dick's rival Dr Liam Neesam declares himself to be Scoochie, author of the love letters received by Mary.

    When Liam takes Mary out to a restaurant and offers her a well-paid job doing ground-breaking anthropological work, Dick reports to the other aliens that Liam is scheming to win Mary over.

    But could Liam be using his relationship with Mary as cover for a much more sinister master plan?

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    Episode 19 - The Thing That Wouldn't Die Part 1

    When Dick tells the other aliens that Mary saw him turn Neesam into a chimpanzee, they agree denial is the best method of damage control.

    When Sally and Harry enter a grocery shop that has just been robbed, they are surprised to find Don hiding in the freezer, and he is forced to confess that he's a coward and not cut out to be a police officer.

    Mary tells Nina and Judith that she thinks something's wrong with Dick, and when they both agree his life story doesn't add up, Mary becomes determined to uncover the truth.

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    Episode 20 - The Thing That Wouldn't Die Part 2

    The aliens struggle to come to terms with the fact that their mission has been cancelled. How can they say goodbye to all their friends on Earth?

    Before they leave for the home planet, Harry suggests they throw a lavish, outer-space-themed farewell party with musical entertainment from pop star Elvis Costello.

    Sally does her best to rebuild Don's confidence so that he will be a great cop once more, and Dick begs Mary to come away with him, but can she bring herself to travel so far from home?

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US sitcom about four aliens who arrive on Earth and assume human identities to pose as an average family living in Ohio in order to observe life on the planet

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