3rd Rock from the Sun

    • Episode 1 - Les Liaisons Dickgereuses

      Mary's rich and beautiful sister Renata makes a generous donation to the university to humiliate her less successful sibling

    • Episode 2 - Fear and Loathing in Rutherford

      Tommy tries to reconcile with Alissa by asking her to watch a scary film with him so that she will be frightened and want a man around to protect her

    • Episode 3 - Indickscretion

      When Dick and Mary go on a double date with Sally and Don, a discussion about a movie's love scenes leads to romantic discontent

    • Episode 4 - Dick'll Take Manhattan Part 1

      The aliens step through the time-space portal in the bathroom to another dimension and find themselves in the heart of New York City

    • Episode 5 - Dick'll Take Manhattan Part 2

      Still in their parallel universe, Dick does his best to woo world-weary lounge singer Mary, and TV star Tommy is mean to his fellow cast members

    • Episode 6 - Why Dickie Can't Teach

      Dick encourages Tommy to enrol at the local university where he teaches. Sally is upset when Don is not included in a list of Rutherford's 10 most powerful men.

    • Episode 7 - B.D.O.C.

      The aliens give Tommy a big send-off when he leaves for college, but while Dick struggles to adjust to Tommy's absence Sally and Harry are soon ready to interview his replacement

    • Episode 8 - Red, White and Dick

      After observing how enthusiastically the crowd sing The Star Spangled Banner at a football game, Dick realises that humans have a deep love for their country of origin

    • Episode 9 - Dick Digs

      Mary invites Dick along to an archaeological dig, but he's disappointed that the quiet, meticulous work involved is nothing like the exciting scenes in Raiders of the Lost Ark

    • Episode 10 - There's No Business Like Dick Business

      When the aliens see a magician entertaining children at a party in the park, Dick volunteers to act as his assistant. Mary has her handbag stolen.

    • Episode 11 - A Dick Replacement

      When Dick and Mary visit a psychic together, she says that the couple are from two different worlds and one day Dick will leave Mary and go back to where he came from

    • Episode 12 - Dick's Ark

      When Mary tells Dick that she wants some time apart from him, he thinks it's all over between them. Sally visits a TV station where she is offered a job as the new weather girl.

    • Episode 13 - You Don't Know Dick

      When Nina quizzes Dick about Mary's likes and dislikes, it becomes clear that Nina knows virtually everything about her, while Dick knows next to nothing

    • Episode 14 - My Mother, My Dick

      When Harry and Sally mess about with the time-space portal in the apartment they accidentally bring an alien from the home planet back to Earth

    • Episode 15 - Glengarry Glen Dick

      When Dick hears a pitch for a timeshare he immediately falls in love with the idea and, to help raise the money, persuades Officer Don to go halves on the scheme

    • Episode 16 - Dick Soup for the Soul

      Dick, Nina and Mary attend a book-signing for a volume claiming to help its readers find true happiness. Tommy goes through Hell Week to join a college fraternity.

    • Episode 17 - Mary Loves Scoochie Part 1

      While poking around in Mary's dresser, Dick finds love letters signed by a secret admirer named Scoochie, but Mary insists she doesn't know who Scoochie is

    • Episode 18 - Mary Loves Scoochie Part 2

      Dr Neesam declares himself to be Scoochie, author of the love letters received by Mary, but is he using his pursuit of her as cover for a more sinister plan?

    • Episode 19 - The Thing That Wouldn't Die Part 1

      When Dick tells the other aliens that Mary saw him turn Neesam into a chimpanzee, they all agree that denial is the best method of damage control

    • Episode 20 - The Thing That Wouldn't Die Part 2

      The aliens come to terms with the fact that their mission has been cancelled and say goodbye to all their friends on Earth