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US sitcom about four aliens who arrive on Earth and assume human identities to pose as an average family living in Ohio in order to observe life on the planet

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US sitcom about four aliens who arrive on Earth and assume human identities to pose as an average family living in Ohio in order to observe life on the planet

Series 5 Summary

The fifth season of the American sitcom finds the Solomons worried that their cover is about to be blown and their true identity as extraterrestrials revealed.

  • 3rd Rock from the Sun

    Episode 1 - Episode I: the Baby Menace

    The Solomons rejoice when Vicki's baby is born and appears to be entirely human, but they are thrown into disarray when they realise that Vicki intends to sell the story of her baby's alien conception to the tabloids.

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    Episode 2 - Dick for Tat

    Dick is seething with jealousy when he discovers that his academic rival Professor Strudwick once had an affair with Mary back before they met.

    To settle the score, Dick tries to have an affair with Strudwick's wife Dottie, but his plan misfires badly.

    Sally suddenly finds her ex-boyfriend Officer Don irresistible when he is assigned to motorcycle duty.

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    Episode 3 - The Fifth Solomon

    Dick crashes his car into a tree, and pretends he uses the same insurance company as Mary rather than admit he is uninsured.

    When Gary the insurance agent drops by, he realises immediately that Harry would make an excellent potential client.

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    Episode 4 - Dial M for Dick

    Mary invites the Solomons to accompany her on a murder mystery weekend held at a mansion.

    But when she takes to her bed with food poisoning halfway through the event, she is unaware that Dick and his family have no idea that the whole scenario is being staged by actors.

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    Episode 5 - Dick and Tuck

    Dick considers having plastic surgery when he sees Mary and Nina admiring handsome Hollywood stars in magazines.

    Dick's doctor proclaims Harry to be cosmetically perfect, and tells Sally he could make her look 'less tired', which makes her worry that she's not pretty enough to be dating Officer Don.

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    Episode 6 - Dick, Who's Coming to Dinner

    Dick is interested when he hears that Nina is going to a meeting of the Black Student Union, but his curiosity about the subject leads to the Solomons inadvertently attending a white power rally.

    Sally, Tommy and Harry take part in a poetry contest sponsored by the library with the theme 'If I could change the world'.

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    Episode 7 - Sex and the Sally

    Sally goes on the pill without telling Officer Don, but the medication gives her terrible mood swings. Tommy and Harry are mistaken for beggars in the street by passers-by.

    Mary is shocked to discover that Dick has been pocketing all the tips she's been leaving in restaurants since they began dating.

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    Episode 8 - Charitable Dick

    When Dick and Mary attend a charity auction, Dick is caught up in the excitement of the event and gets into a bidding war with Professor Strudwick over a painting.

    Sally finds out that her snoring is interrupting Officer Don's rest, so she resolves not to fall asleep when she's with him. Harry and Tommy get the task of revamping the aliens' mission statement.

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    Episode 9 - The Loud Solomon Family: a Dickumentary

    When Mary asks Dick if the Solomons would consider becoming the subjects of her documentary about the typical American family, he agrees immediately, despite Sally's reservations.

    Shooting begins and it's not long before the aliens are in danger of revealing their true identities, so they have to invent a series of fantastic cover stories to avoid exposure.

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    Episode 10 - Gwen, Larry, Dick and Mary

    Mary arranges for her and Dick to spend time socialising with another couple, but when their new friends Gwen and Larry mysteriously stop calling, Dick assumes he has offended them.

    When the aliens' washing machine breaks down, Sally, Harry and Tommy immerse themselves in a fascinating new world at the launderette.

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    Episode 11 - Dick Puts the 'Id' in Cupid

    When Dick discovers that Mary is seeing a therapist, he immediately starts to worry that she may be talking about him during her sessions.

    Tommy is intimidated about having sex with Alissa for the first time when he finds out that she is more experienced than he is.

    Sally gets the wrong end of the stick when Don gives her a mysterious Valentine's Day card.

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    Episode 12 - The Big Giant Head Returns

    Sally's out-of-control addiction to shoes begins to cause problems in the Solomon household, and Vicki Dubcek returns to town for a visit, bringing her baby son with her.

    The Big Giant Head appears at Dick's office and announces that he's back in Rutherford to claim his son from Vicki so he can prepare the infant for his future throne.

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    Episode 13 - Rutherford Beauty

    Dick gets into trouble when he foolishly confesses to Mary that he is having erotic fantasies about Nina, so he finds an unusual way to reassure her that she is still the most exciting woman in his life.

    Sally becomes an enthusiastic follower of a lifestyle guru, and Mary is so impressed with her new cooking and decorating skills that she hires Sally to do the catering for a fund-raiser she is throwing.

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    Episode 14 - This Little Dick Went to Market

    Sally is distressed when she encounters Janice, a woman who is stronger and more athletic than she is, at the police gym, and worries that she is no longer the toughest woman in Rutherford.

    Dick and Tommy dabble in the stock market, but while Tommy wants to diversify, Dick insists that they put all their money into one company.

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    Episode 15 - Youth Is Wasted on the Dick

    Officer Don uses the Solomons' flat for a stake-out when the police suspect that the man who lives across the street is a video pirate.

    In an attempt to find out what it's like to be young, Dick tries to help Mary recapture her happy childhood experiences at a peaceful lakeside inn, but ends up partying with his students during spring break.

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    Episode 16 - Dick Strikes Out

    When the new chancellor shakes up the university by announcing huge spending cuts, Dick decides to organise his colleagues to take industrial action in protest.

    Tommy gets a job at the pretzel stand in the shopping centre with Alissa, but finds that working with his girlfriend isn't nearly as much fun as he thought it would be.

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    Episode 17 - Shall We Dick?

    Tommy and Officer Don are baffled when Alissa and Sally bond and start going clothes shopping together.

    Strudwick and Judith team up for the Badger Day dance contest, Mary agrees to be Dick's partner, although she has two left feet, and Nina reluctantly pairs up with Harry.

    But it doesn't take long for Dick to realise that, in order to win the competition, he'll need to dance with Nina.

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    Episode 18 - Dick and Harry Fall Down a Hole

    On their way to pick up a pizza, Dick and Harry run out of petrol and, while crossing a field to find a petrol station, fall into a giant hole that's much too deep to climb out of.

    As emergency search-and-rescue efforts kick off, followed closely by the local media, Dick is gripped by panic, Harry remains cool and calm, and Tommy sees an opportunity to make a fast buck.

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    Episode 19 - Frankie Goes to Rutherford

    Dick is jealous when one of Mary's former students, a handsome man called Frank, returns to town and greets her with great affection. But when Frank tries to reassure Dick, a misunderstanding occurs.

    Sally enlists Harry and Tommy when she makes elaborate plans to rob a bank, but before long the three 'criminals' fall prey to mutual suspicion.

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    Episode 20 - Dick Solomon's Day Off

    When Nina announces she's unwell and won't be in the office the next day, Mary has to explain the concept of sick days to Dick, who soon decides to take advantage of the idea, even though he isn't ill.

    Officer Don accidentally leaves his police scanner at the Solomons' flat, and they start using it to snoop on the mobile phone conversations of a local woman.

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    Episode 21 - The Big Giant Head Returns Again Part 1

    Harry plucks up the courage to visit the gym and ask attractive police recruit Janice out on a date.

    When the Big Giant Head and Vicki arrive back on Earth unexpectedly, it's clear that the honeymoon period is over.

    Sally assumes that Alissa is planning to dump Tommy after overhearing a conversation between them, so she takes matters into her own hands.

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    Episode 22 - The Big Giant Head Returns Again Part 2

    Sally tells Tommy that she ended his relationship with Alissa for him. Dick struggles to deal with the news that the Big Giant Head is his father.

    Vicki pretends to be friendly to Janice although she is really furious that Harry has a new girlfriend.

    The Big Giant Head tells Dick he must break up with Mary, so Dick decides he has no option but to run away from home.

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US sitcom about four aliens who arrive on Earth and assume human identities to pose as an average family living in Ohio in order to observe life on the planet

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