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US sitcom about four aliens who arrive on Earth and assume human identities to pose as an average family living in Ohio in order to observe life on the planet

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US sitcom about four aliens who arrive on Earth and assume human identities to pose as an average family living in Ohio in order to observe life on the planet

Series 4 Summary

The fourth season of the US sitcom finds the aliens studying yet more human traits, and Dick grappling with negative feelings when Mary is promoted at the university and has less time to devote to him.

  • 3rd Rock from the Sun

    Episode 1 - Dr. Solomon's Traveling Alien Show

    Harry's kidnapper has sold him to a carnival show where he is billed as Hargo the Alien.

    Dick's failure to give in his status reports leads the Big Giant Head to punish him by impairing his brain functions.

    Consequently he becomes confused and his eccentric behaviour hampers Tommy, Sally and Vicki's attempts to locate Harry.

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    Episode 2 - Power Mad Dick

    When Mary is promoted to dean, she moves into a much nicer office and takes Nina with her, but Dick wrongly assumes he has acquired some of her power by association.

    The time arrives for Sally to lose her virginity to Officer Don, but afterwards she's annoyed when the other aliens try to pry the juicy details out of her.

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    Episode 3 - Feelin' Albright

    Dick notices a change in his own social status relative to Mary after her promotion to dean. Tommy and Harry open a lemonade stand, but it's not very successful.

    Consumed with curiosity, Sally does her best to track down all of Officer Don's former girlfriends. Dick tries to raise money to fund the restoration of a campus statue.

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    Episode 4 - Collect Call for Dick

    The basketball coach punishes Tommy for a lack of sporting spirit by making him dress up in an owl costume as the team's mascot.

    The Solomons find out about the strange human obsession with collecting when they get caught up in a craze for furry animal soft toys, but Dick takes his new enthusiasm too far.

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    Episode 5 - What's Love Got to Do, Got to Do with Dick?

    Dick feels that Mary is neglecting him because her new job as dean takes up too much of her time, but he cheers up when he gets a new office-mate, Harvard literature professor Dr Jennifer Ravelli.

    Sally insists on playing matchmaker for Officer Don's new partner Eric, while Tommy unearths an old bar game.

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    Episode 6 - I Am Dick Pentameter!

    Dick is madly in love with Jennifer and enchanted by her eccentric ways, such as when she speaks to him in rhyme, so he tells Mary that the two of them should start dating other people.

    Sally, Harry and Tommy rearrange the furniture in the flat so they can lounge in the kitchen and make toast in the living room.

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    Episode 7 - D3: Judgment Day

    Dick tries to tell Jennifer that their relationship is over when he starts to find her eccentric ways irritating.

    But when he realises that his romantic unavailability is making him more attractive to Mary, he plays both women off against each other.

    Don tries to teach Sally to bowl but finds her unorthodox approach to the sport somewhat alarming.

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    Episode 8 - Indecent Dick

    Dick has no problem with Sally posing nude for Playpen Magazine, but when he learns that Mary did the same thing 20 years previously he can't handle it.

    While Dick tries to learn the difference between art and smut, Harry is smitten with Alissa, his science lab partner.

  • 3rd Rock from the Sun

    Episode 9 - Happy New Dick!

    Dick struggles to understand the significance of New Year's, and then becomes depressed when he realises that everyone he knows has had a productive year, while he's accomplished almost nothing.

    Harry plans a huge New Year's bash at the bar, and Tommy volunteers his services as party coordinator.

  • 3rd Rock from the Sun

    Episode 10 - Two-Faced Dick

    Chaos ensues when the Big Giant Head, responding to a three-year-old request, switches Sally's body with Dick's. The duo quickly alienate both Mary and Don, and Dick's physics class end up discussing shopping.

    Harry and Tommy are intimidated by a couple of tough-looking guys who spend a lot of time at the bar.

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    Episode 11 - Dick Solomon of the Indiana Solomons

    Dick accepts an invitation to a Solomon family reunion in Indiana, even though they are not really family.

    Sally finds a kindred spirit, and Tommy falls for his cousin, while Mary unearths the reason the real Richard Solomon's father was disowned by the family.

  • 3rd Rock from the Sun

    Episode 12 - Dick and Taxes

    The aliens learn all about the complex issue of tax when they attempt to file their first tax returns.

    Mary discovers that Dick owes nearly $10,000, and Sally opens a hair salon in the apartment when she finds out there are numerous tax deductions for home businesses.

  • 3rd Rock from the Sun

    Episode 13 - Sally Forth

    The aliens and Mrs Dubcek start feuding because she won't get their plumbing fixed and they won't pay their rent.

    Don mistakenly thinks Sally wants him to propose to her, and Mary and Nina encourage him.

    Vicki Dubcek returns and resumes her relationship with Harry, and Tommy attempts to ask out Alissa.

  • 3rd Rock from the Sun

    Episode 14 - Paranoid Dick

    Mary becomes concerned when Chancellor Stevens appears to be avoiding her in favour of Judith, and confiding in Dick only makes her more worried.

    Vicki takes Harry, Sally and Tommy to a riverboat casino, where recently-single Sally becomes strongly attracted to a Neil Diamond impersonator.

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    Episode 15 - The House That Dick Built

    Vicki asks Harry to be the father of her child, which may be a problem given that they're not part of the same species.

    Sally decides she wants to move out and get her own apartment so she can live as an independent woman, but Dick's dead set against the idea of splitting up the family.

    Tommy babysits with Alissa, determined to get her to acknowledge that he's her boyfriend.

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    Episode 16 - Superstitious Dick

    Dick and Mary receive chain letters, and when Mary has an accident after throwing hers away, Dick believes she's brought bad luck on herself.

    Sally takes a shine to a guy who works in the new hardware store, and Tommy's girlfriend Alissa shows a new side to her personality at an ice hockey game.

  • 3rd Rock from the Sun

    Episode 17 - Y2Dick

    Dick becomes a laughing stock when it emerges he has no idea how to use a computer, but when he finally figures it out and goes online, he retreats from the real world.

    Harry and Vicki go to a clinic to find out why Vicki hasn't fallen pregnant yet, while Tommy and Sally buy more and more expensive televisions in their quest for the ultimate in 'home theatre'.

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    Episode 18 - Dick 'the Mouth' Solomon

    Mary tells Dick that they should improve their communication skills, so they go to a New Age couples' retreat, accompanied by Harry and Vicki.

    When Sally meets a tough-looking guy in an Italian restaurant, she and Tommy mistakenly assume he is a member of an organised crime family.

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    Episode 19 - Citizen Solomon

    Dick, Harry and Tommy realise their flat has become a wreck since Sally moved out, so they hire Cathy, Mary's cleaning woman, to tidy it up.

    Tommy joins the staff of the school newspaper, but faces an editorial dilemma when he assigns his ex-girlfriend August to review new love Alissa's performance in My Fair Lady.

  • 3rd Rock from the Sun

    Episode 20 - Alien Hunter

    Dick orders the other aliens to throw him a 'surprise' birthday party and invites his university students along to the celebration.

    He is approached by a mysterious woman who claims to be auditing his class, then reporting for a local paper, and then hanging around with exceptionally gifted people, but could she really be an alien hunter?

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    Episode 21 - Dick vs Strudwick

    Dick is green with envy when his colleague, Professor Strudwick, becomes the centre of attention after publishing a new book on physics.

    He plots to write a volume that will catapult science ahead by 400 years, until Harry reminds him that the resulting publicity would blow his cover and reveal him to be an alien.

    Sally and Don are missing each other after breaking up.

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    Episode 22 - Near Dick Experience

    When Sally, Harry and Tommy just miss being hit by a falling chandelier at a local restaurant, they believe their near-death experience has made them view the world in a fresh and enlightened way.

    Much to Dick's irritation, Sally volunteers at a soup kitchen, Harry urges homeless people to live their dreams and Tommy asks Alissa to marry him. But can their new attitude last?

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    Episode 23 - Dick's Big Giant Headache Part 1

    The Big Giant Head warns the aliens that their mission has received a sub-standard evaluation and he's on his way to Earth to find out what's gone wrong.

    The aliens go into panic mode and blame each other for the situation. When the Big Giant Head turns up, the Solomons pass him off as Stone, an old college friend of Dick's.

  • 3rd Rock from the Sun

    Episode 24 - Dick's Big Giant Headache Part 2

    Dick is resentful that he's lost his command and has to take orders from the other aliens.

    Stone makes a pass at Mary, tells Sally that her attractiveness is the sole reason for her promotion, and invites himself to the prom with Tommy and Alissa, where he causes chaos and has a close encounter with Vicki.

3rd Rock from the Sun synopsis

US sitcom about four aliens who arrive on Earth and assume human identities to pose as an average family living in Ohio in order to observe life on the planet

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