3rd Rock from the Sun

    • Episode 1 - Fun with Dick and Janet Part 1

      Harry, Sally and Tommy return to Earth with Janet, a wife for Dick sent by the Big Giant Head to prevent Dick being distracted by Mary Albright

    • Episode 2 - Fun with Dick and Janet Part 2

      Dick tries to keep his wife Janet a secret from Mary, and Tommy admits to vandalising a field which Officer Don believes is the site of an alien landing

    • Episode 3 - Tricky Dick

      Dick and Mary play practical jokes on each other, Tommy joins a garage band to improve his chances with August, and Sally sets her sights on a yoga instructor

    • Episode 4 - Dick-in-Law

      Dick accepts an invitation to spend the weekend with Mary's parents, who aren't aware that Dick and Mary have broken up. The other aliens help Nina move to a new apartment.

    • Episode 5 - Scaredy Dick

      Dick runs away from the doctor's surgery as he's terrified of having a routine physical examination. On Halloween night, frightening noises in the flat scare Dick and Harry.

    • Episode 6 - Moby Dick

      Dick puts on weight from comfort eating after falling out with Mary, but he struggles with his new diet and exercise regime. Tommy asks Harry to do some detective work.

    • Episode 7 - Eleven Angry Men and One Dick

      Dick is called for jury service but finds the whole experience baffling. Sally is intrigued by a moody artist called Seth, making Officer Don jealous.

    • Episode 8 - A Friend in Dick

      The aliens are irked by artist Seth's negative effect on Sally. Dick tries to adopt Officer Don as his new best friend, but grows clingy when Don has other social plans.

    • Episode 9 - Seven Deadly Clips

      When Tommy studies the Seven Deadly Sins at school, it leads the Solomons to have a discussion around the dinner table about their adventures on Earth so far

    • Episode 10 - Tom, Dick and Mary

      When Tommy forms an attachment to Mary, Dick immediately becomes jealous. Dick thinks that Harry is watching too much television and orders him to stop for a week.

    • Episode 11 - Jailhouse Dick

      Dick bets Officer Don that he can rehabilitate a petty criminal more effectively than the justice system. Tommy suggests short cuts when Harry tries to write a book report.

    • Episode 12 - Dick on a Roll

      Dick breaks his foot while playing around with a wheelchair and launches a campaign for more wheelchair ramps at the university. Mrs Dubcek's daughter Vicki visits.

    • Episode 13 - The Great Dickdater

      Dick wants to start dating again but has no luck attracting women, so he places a personal ad in the newspaper. Harry and Tommy return a lost wallet to its owner.

    • Episode 14 - 36! 24! 36! Dick! Part 1

      Sally suspects something is badly amiss when hordes of beautiful women invade the town and start dating average guys like Dick, Harry, Tommy and Officer Don

    • Episode 15 - 36! 24! 36! Dick! Part 2

      Dick, Harry and Tommy's search for Sally leads them to the Venusians' lair where they discover the invaders' evil plan to enslave mankind through brainwashing

    • Episode 16 - Pickles and Ice Cream

      Fascinated by the concept of pregnancy, Sally pretends to be expecting a baby. Pickles, Harry's pet from the aliens' home planet, turns up on Earth in human form.

    • Episode 17 - Auto EuroDicka

      When the aliens shop for a new car, Sally falls in love with an expensive vehicle that is out of her price range. Dick has casual sex with a woman he meets at the cinema.

    • Episode 18 - Stuck with Dick

      In an attempt to win Mary back, Dick surprises her at the library with a picnic. But his plan backfires when the two of them are locked into the building for the weekend.

    • Episode 19 - Portrait of Tommy as an Old Man

      Tommy grows tired of having to handle all the youth-related duties when he's the oldest member of the crew, so he decides to retire from the mission

    • Episode 20 - My Daddy's Little Girl

      Mary's father George comes to stay with her when his marriage hits a rough patch. Sally is charmed by his old-school manners and soon starts to fall for him.

    • Episode 21 - The Physics of Being Dick

      Dick realises that his students are only studying physics because they have to, not because it inspires them. Mary gives Sally a job as her research assistant.

    • Episode 22 - Just Your Average Dick

      The Solomons think they are failing to blend into Earth society, so they try to be as average as possible, moving into a bland flat and abandoning all their quirks

    • Episode 23 - Dick and the Other Guy

      Dick is frustrated when Professor Neesam proves to be his superior at sports, cooking, academic life and romancing Mary. Could this new rival be an alien too?

    • Episode 24 - Sally and Don's First Kiss

      Sally is not excited by the idea of her first kiss with Officer Don and turns to romantic novels for inspiration. Harry and his class graduate from night school.

    • Episode 25 - When Aliens Camp

      Dick decides that the aliens are not spending enough time together as a family, so he proposes a camping trip for just the four of them, but Mary wants to come along too

    • Episode 26 - The Tooth Harry

      Dick's nose is put out of joint when Mary is asked to appear in a promotional video for the university. Harry takes Nina to the dentist to have her wisdom teeth removed.

    • Episode 27 - Eat, Drink, Dick, Mary

      The aliens are shocked to discover that Tommy has been hiding the fact that he's an accomplished chef, but his skills come in useful when Dick plans a dinner party