3rd Rock from the Sun

    • Episode 1 - See Dick Continue to Run

      While Dick remains trapped in the basement, his doppelgänger Evil Dick embarks on a plan to impregnate all the women in Ohio, and makes the other aliens miserable with his unreasonable demands.

    • Episode 2 - See Dick Continue to Run, Continued

      As Evil Dick attempts to seduce Mary Albright, the other aliens help the real Dick to escape from his prison and challenge the interloper, who is given a special escort back to his planet.

    • Episode 3 - Hotel Dick

      Appalled by the treatment of aliens in a hit sci-fi movie, the Solomons attend a science-fiction convention to set the record straight. Sally gets hooked on room service.

    • Episode 4 - Big Angry Virgin from Outer Space

      Sally and Mr Randell's relationship comes under pressure, but Dick's idea that sex will solve all their problems is no help. Harry tries video dating.

    • Episode 5 - Much Ado About Dick

      When Mary Albright is afraid to be seen with Dick in public as a couple, the Solomons find out all about the human obsession with what other people think

    • Episode 6 - Dick the Vote

      Harry runs for a seat on the city council after he is mistaken for a political activist by the media. Dick discovers the complexity of the democratic system and struggles to make the right vote.

    • Episode 7 - Fourth and Dick

      Dick learns about the importance humans place on competition in the run-up to the homecoming weekend sports match. Tommy gets a crush on his Glee Club teacher.

    • Episode 8 - World's Greatest Dick

      Motivated by his own vanity, Dick forces a reluctant Tommy to attend a special school for gifted students. Sally is mistaken for a drag queen. Harry learns how to do magic tricks.

    • Episode 9 - My Mother the Alien

      Dick discovers he lacks nurturing skills when he tries to look after Mary Albright's pet fish while she's away at a conference and accidentally kills them

    • Episode 10 - Gobble, Gobble, Dick, Dick

      The aliens are puzzled by the Thanksgiving holiday, but they invite Mrs Dubcek and her daughter to their first celebration. Tommy visits the local pool hall.

    • Episode 11 - Dick Jokes

      Dick is jealous when Mary Albright asks another professor to host a college fund-raiser she's organising because he is more witty, leading the Solomons to explore humour

    • Episode 12 - Jolly Old St. Dick

      As the Solomons prepare to experience their first Christmas, Sally gets a job wrapping presents at the shopping centre, while Harry is employed as Santa's assistant

    • Episode 13 - Proud Dick

      When Dick's pride gets the better of him over a parking space problem at work, he quits his university job and gets a position at a fast food restaurant. Harry loses his memory.

    • Episode 14 - Romeo & Juliet & Dick

      When Tommy asks Dick to direct his high school production of Romeo and Juliet, Dick takes the job too seriously. Officer Don tries to sort out Mary's parking tickets.

    • Episode 15 - Guilty as Dick

      While doing a favour for Mary Albright, Dick sprains his ankle and discovers the power of guilt when she feels bad about him being in pain. Harry moves into a tree house.

    • Episode 16 - Dick on One Knee

      Sally's French friend Michel asks her to marry him so he can stay in the United States. As the wedding plans take shape, Tommy finds he has a talent for flower arranging.

    • Episode 17 - Same Old Song and Dick

      Dick tries to bring the magic back into his relationship, but soon learns the difference between being in a rut and being comfortable. Sally and Harry switch jobs.

    • Episode 18 - I Brake for Dick

      Dick feels guilty after running over a chipmunk in his car, so he becomes an animal rights activist to make amends. Harry tries to learn the skills taught to Boy Scouts.

    • Episode 19 - Dick Behaving Badly

      When the family tell Dick that he is henpecked by Mary Albright, he asks Harry to help him become his own man. Sally and Tommy have a showdown over a game of Monopoly.

    • Episode 20 - Dickmalion

      Mary Albright is irked when she's spurned the cream of Rutherford society, but when Dick makes the cut he discovers the high life is not all it's cracked up to be

    • Episode 21 - Sensitive Dick

      Dick is forced to take special training after he comes down too hard on his students and they complain about him. Harry escorts Vicki to her high school reunion.

    • Episode 22 - Will Work for Dick

      When Nina has had enough of being insulted and quits, Harry becomes secretary to Dick and Mary Albright. Meanwhile, Sally decides she wants to experience childhood.

    • Episode 23 - Fifteen Minutes of Dick

      Sally becomes a celeb when she beats up Mark Hamill in a restaurant. Dick is jealous, while, as Sally's assistant, Harry becomes obsessed with keeping her on top.

    • Episode 24 - Dick and the Single Girl

      A shy librarian is attracted to Dick, while Sally realises she's attracted to Officer Don because of his uniform. Tommy and Harry write an episode of The X-Files.

    • Episode 25 - A Nightmare on Dick Street Part 1

      Dick decides to ask Mary Albright to marry him after she announces she is going to Borneo, but his anxiety causes nightmares for the whole family

    • Episode 26 - A Nightmare on Dick Street Part 2

      Harry contacts the Big Giant Head so the aliens can return for maintenance. Dick decides to stay behind and face dying as a human rather than lose Mary.