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Flesh for Frankenstein

As part of Channel 4's week of 3D programmes, the 3D version of Paul Morrissey's macabre, wacky 70s take on the Frankenstein story, starring Udo Kier and Joe Dallesandro.

This is the story of Baron Frankenstein's desire to create a super-race of humans by making the perfect man and woman from bits of other corpses. Their sole purpose will be to procreate and literally give birth to his dream. He needs a brain to make them function and soon finds what appear to be the perfect victims.

Credits: Joe Dallesandro, Monique Van Vooren, Udo Keir In Flesh for Frankenstein, Produced by Andrew Braunsberg, A Film Written and Directed by Paul Morrissey

3D Week synopsis

Channel 4 celebrates 3D with previously unseen footage of the Queen during her Coronation year, Derren Brown's 3D Magic Spectacular with some shocking magic performances, and a whole heap of 3D films

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