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The Queen in 3D

The incredible story of young film makers Bob Angell and Arthur Wooster, as they experimented with the technology of the future, using a pioneering 3D camera rig to film a remarkable 3D colour newsreel they named 'Royal Review'.

Their incredible footage includes the Queen attending a variety of Royal engagements in the weeks leading up to and after the Coronation in 1953: a very Royal Epson Derby in which the Queen's own horse competed; a trip down the Thames on the Royal Barge; a visit to Edinburgh; and the glittering Coronation Procession itself, with the Queen in her golden coach making her way to and from Westminster Abbey.

While Bob and Arthur reveal the story behind their film, historians, royal biographers and eye-witnesses give a sense of what it was like be there as they recall their poignant and often humorous accounts of the events.

And Bob and Arthur shoot new 3D footage of the Queen today using state-of-the-art video 3D cameras. Bob is invited to Buckingham Palace to film Her Majesty at a Royal Garden party and it turns out to be just as rainy as Coronation Day itself. And Arthur does some bird-watching, following the Queen to the historic swan-upping ceremony on the Thames, more than 50 years after he first filmed her in 3D on the river for 'Royal Review'.

3D Week synopsis

Channel 4 celebrates 3D with previously unseen footage of the Queen during her Coronation year, Derren Brown's 3D Magic Spectacular with some shocking magic performances, and a whole heap of 3D films

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