3 Minute Wonder

    • Episode 1 - Serios/ Seers

      Writer M. Anthony Penwill, an occult photography expert, recalls how his meeting with psychic photographer Ted Serios led him to encounter the artist Lindsay Seers

    • Episode 2 - The Necromancers

      Theatre director Steve Pearl talks about his chance meetings with Seers' Auntie Barbara, a female ventriloquist, and her Uncle Patrick, a stage performer

    • Episode 3 - The Paramnesiac

      The instability of memory comes to the fore when Seers' step-sister Christine, while filming in Rome, is involved in a moped accident

    • Episode 4 - The Projectionist

      Lindsay Seers didn't speak until she was eight. In an act clearly linked to this troubled relationship to language, she later becomes a human camera.