24 Hours in A&E

  • Series 12 Episode 20

    Stafford's cardiac defibrillator keeps shocking him. Chris has been shot in the abdomen while playing a game. Lennon has injured his head by jumping into a door frame while kicking a balloon.

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    Series 12 Episode 19

    Wendy has a severe open ankle fracture. Ben has dislocated his shoulder in a cycling accident. A CT scan reveals some unexpected news for lorry driver Neil, who's fallen off a ramp.

    With scenes of surgeryThis episode is subtitled47 mins
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    Series 12 Episode 18

    This episode explores unexpected events that make us value people we love. Karen's horse has trampled on her. Hayley and her wife Emma discuss Hayley's leukaemia. Antonio's had a motorcycle accident.

    Scenes of surgeryThis episode is subtitled47 mins
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    Series 12 Episode 17

    Adrian has crashed his bike and consultant Melissa is concerned that he may have a serious chest injury. Unfortunately, Adrian's wife and daughter are 1400 miles away, in Montenegro.

    Strong language and scenes of surgeryThis episode is subtitled47 mins
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    Series 12 Episode 16

    Gary has fallen from a ladder; Dr Rob is concerned about fractures in his back, pelvis and coccyx. Five-year-old Beatriz has a rare kidney condition that makes her vulnerable to infection.

    Scenes of surgeryThis episode is subtitled47 mins
  • Series 12 Episode 15

    Pam, who's 53, is rushed to A&E after suffering a suspected heart attack. Cora, who's 10, has been thrown from a horse. Doctors work quickly to check her neck, spine and brain for damage.

  • Series 12 Episode 14

    Natasha has damaged her leg while trampolining at her son's birthday party. Valerie has fallen off a horse. Lisa may need emergency surgery on her prosthetic hip.

  • Series 12 Episode 13

    Peter, who's 90 and served in the RAF during World War II, has severe blood poisoning. Niki is airlifted to St George's after crashing in a charity bike ride. His wife is almost 300 miles away.

  • Series 12 Episode 12

    Danny, who's 25 and the dad of a 10-month-old baby, has been knocked off his motorbike. Neil, who's 84, has fallen down stairs; doctors are worried about his shoulder and heart.

  • Series 12 Episode 11

    Fiona has badly cut her knee at her friend Evelyn's 70th birthday party. Evelyn discusses meeting Fiona 40 years ago when they were air hostesses and how they're enjoying a new lease of life together.

    Clips & Extras

  • Series 12 Episode 10

    Mohammed has been hit by a motorbike. John and Iris have been married for 65 years, and now Iris has dementia. Clementina, who's eight, has fallen off her scooter and hurt her knee.

  • Series 12 Episode 9