24 Hours in A&E

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    Series 13 Episode 12

    This episode explores the power of love when a man is involved in a serious bicycle collision and an elderly lady becomes unwell at home

    Strong language and scenes of surgeryThis episode is subtitled47 mins
  • Series 13 Episode 11

    Ron has a dangerously low heart rate of less than 40 beats per minute. John has been thrown from his bicycle. Florian has injured his foot. He explains how his family fled Kosovo when he was a child.

  • Series 13 Episode 10

    This episode explores the importance of family. Mike, who's 79, has collapsed in the street. Chartered surveyor Andrew has tripped on a paving slab and has a suspected dislocated shoulder.

  • Series 13 Episode 9

    Head teacher Emma needs a CT scan following a cycling collision with a bus, Josh has severe back pain and Pamela is worried she has a blood clot in her leg

  • Series 13 Episode 8

    Roofer Mark has fallen 10 feet off a ladder. Joan has severe pain in her chest, arm and jaw. And Josie fell and hit her head while performing a Dirty Dancing routine on a hen do.

  • Series 13 Episode 7

    Lee has been in a high-speed crash. Jeroen has been knocked off his bike. The accident was caught on his camera on his helmet. Vlogger Chris has dislocated his finger playing basketball.

  • Series 13 Episode 6

    This episode explores how loss and grief can test even the strongest marriages and how finding love for a second time can save you. Kim has been hit by a lorry. Patrick has fallen from a loft ladder.

  • Series 13 Episode 5

    This episode explores notions of luck and chance, when a young man is involved in a high-speed car crash, an 18-year-old breaks his leg playing football, and a great grandmother falls down the stairs

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    Series 13 Episode 4