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US comedy about two girls from different ends of the social spectrum who join forces in an attempt to set up their own business

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US comedy about two girls from different ends of the social spectrum who join forces in an attempt to set up their own business

Series 1 Summary

Two girls from opposite ends of the social spectrum both wind up as waitresses in the same colourful Brooklyn diner.

On paper they are poles apart, but the two strike up an unlikely friendship that could lead to a successful business venture.

All they need to do is come up with $250,000 in start-up expenses, in this comedy from award-winning Sex and the City writer Michael Patrick King.

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    Episode 1 - Pilot

    Meet Max and Caroline, two girls from completely different backgrounds.

    Sassy, streetwise Max Black works two jobs just to get by, one of them waiting tables during the night shift at the retro-hip Williamsburg Diner.

    Sophisticated Caroline Channing is an uptown trust fund princess having a run of bad luck that forces her reluctantly to give waitressing a shot.

    Despite her initial reservations about Caroline, Max eventually softens and the two women strike up an unlikely friendship.

    Although they can barely afford their rent, they soon begin to plan an exciting business venture together. All they need to do to open their successful cupcake company is find $250,000 in start-up expenses.

    As the girls take on one expensive city, New York (or Brooklyn, to be exact), they prove that life can be fun, even if you are flat broke.

  • Caroline, Max and Oleg

    Episode 2 - And the Break-Up Scene

    Caroline and Max struggle to keep proper boundaries now that they are living and working together.

    Caroline thinks she's doing Max a favour by facilitating the end of her relationship with Robbie, but Max is very upset that Caroline has stolen her thunder and denied her the long-awaited break-up scene.

    The cupcake business also hits a snag when Max refuses to put her name to the product while promoting sales, leading Caroline to accuse her of having a fear of success.

    Will the girls find themselves parting company before their business has even got off the ground?

  • 2 Broke Girls: Caroline Channing

    Episode 3 - And Strokes of Goodwill

    Max introduces Caroline to the art of thrift store shopping and she's quick to appreciate the allure of bargain hunting. However, events take a dangerous turn when a battle erupts over a T-shirt.

    Later, Caroline questions the strength of their friendship when Max turns out to be a poor shoulder to cry on, but she soon comes to appreciate that Max shows her affection and loyalty in unusual ways.

  • 2 Broke Girls: Max and Johnny

    Episode 4 - And the Rich People Problems

    Max agrees to help Caroline break into the luxury townhouse where she used to live in order to retrieve her dental night guard, which she left behind in her old bedroom.

    With Johnny's help, they manage to get inside the building and Max is exposed to the extravagance of Caroline's former lifestyle for the first time.

    Max gains new respect for her friend, because now she knows just how much Caroline has been forced to give up.

    Meanwhile, Han attempts to bring karaoke-style entertainment to the restaurant, much to Max's annoyance.

  • 2 Broke Girls: Caroline

    Episode 5 - And the 90s Horse Party

    Caroline and Max throw a 1990s-themed party at the restaurant to attract the rich, fashionable crowd.

    They also hope that the entrance fee will help to settle Max's many debts and raise some money for their cupcake business.

    However, Caroline is horrified when her rich ex-boyfriend William, who left her when her father went to jail, visits the diner to attend the event.

  • 2 Broke Girls: Caroline

    Episode 6 - And the Disappearing Bed

    Sick of sleeping on the sofa in Max's flat, Caroline buys a kit for a Murphy bed, the type that folds into the wall, and attempts to build it herself.

    However, after failing to make any headway, she calls Johnny up and asks him to come over and help her, much to Max's annoyance.

    Meanwhile, in an effort to promote the cupcake business, Max asks Peach if they can do the catering for her upcoming party.

  • 2 Broke Girls: Caroline and Max

    Episode 7 - And the Pretty Problem

    Encouraged by their customers at the diner, Max and Caroline try to sell their cupcakes to a fashionable Brooklyn coffee shop, but are rejected because the cakes aren't pretty enough.

    Undeterred, Caroline drags Max to a cake-decorating class at an Italian bakery so they can get the skills to make their stock more attractive.

    However, the girls soon discover that another approach - cupcakes with insulting phrases on them - could be much more lucrative.

  • 2 Broke Girls: Max and Caroline

    Episode 8 - And Hoarder Culture

    Caroline decides to make some extra money by getting a second job as a personal organiser.

    She ropes Max into the scheme, and the duo soon find themselves waist-deep in clutter when they agree to sort out a hoarder's flat.

    Meanwhile, Max enjoys a romantic moment with Johnny, but then finds out that he has been keeping a significant secret from her.

  • 2 Broke Girls: Max and Johnny

    Episode 9 - And the Really Petty Cash

    Caroline and Max think their cupcake business is really taking off when they get a job catering for an art show at a local gallery featuring Johnny's work.

    However, their happiness is short lived when Max breaks her promise to get over Johnny for good, gives in to temptation and kisses him.

    The girls end up feeling guilty as they serve cupcakes to Johnny and his guests (including his girlfriend) at the event.

  • 2 Broke Girls: Max and Caroline

    Episode 10 - And the Very Christmas Thanksgiving

    In order to boost their Christmas spending power, and replace their broken food mixer, Max and Caroline get seasonal work as elves in the local department store's Santaland.

    But a distressed Caroline's holiday spirit is sorely tested when her father instructs her not to visit him in prison during Thanksgiving.

  • 2 Broke Girls: Caroline

    Episode 11 - And the Reality Check

    As the winter weather grows colder, Max becomes convinced that it's time to find a more suitable home for Chestnut. Unwilling to part with her horse, Caroline tries to build a shelter for him in the garden, without success.

    With Chestnut temporarily installed in Max's room and time running out, the girls turn to Peach for help, although she is distracted by her upcoming audition for a new TV reality show.

  • 2 Broke Girls: Caroline and Max

    Episode 12 - And the Pop-Up Sale

    Max and Caroline need to raise some money in a hurry when Max's oven breaks down, so Caroline attempts to return some expensive jewellery to a smart department store.

    However, since her fall from high society, she no longer gets special treatment at the store, which refuses to refund her money.

    The girls are forced to hold an impromptu 'pop-up sale' in the ladies' room instead, but the jewellery auction is halted when some of Caroline's old friends turn up.

  • 2 Broke Girls: Chestnut and Max

    Episode 13 - And the Secret Ingredient

    Inspired by Max's cost-cutting techniques, Caroline develops an obsession with couponing, which leads to her inadvertently discovering the secret ingredient Max uses in her cupcakes.

    Caroline's coupon habit spirals out of control and she forsakes a promised trip to visit Chestnut to go head-to-head with the ultimate Coupon Queen.

    Meanwhile, Max campaigns against the unjust trebling of the price of sanitary products.

  • 2 Broke Girls: Caroline, Sophie and Max

    Episode 14 - And the Upstairs Neighbor

    When the neighbour in the flat upstairs dies, Caroline is shocked to discover Max has never made friends with any of the other people in the building.

    Her plan to get acquainted with them by giving out cupcakes is interrupted when new tenant Sophie (guest star Jennifer Coolidge) moves in.

    Hostilities begin almost at once, as Max responds to Sophie's increasing noise levels by writing her a furious letter.

    However, when Sophie threatens to call the landlord, the girls realise that they could face eviction if they don't manage to make peace.

  • 2 Broke Girls: Max

    Episode 15 - And the Blind Spot

    Max and Caroline jump at the chance to make some extra money for their cupcake business when Sophie (guest star Jennifer Coolidge) asks them to join her cleaning company on a part-time basis.

    However, before they are allowed to work for one of Sophie's real clients, she tests their abilities by making them clean her flat.

    Problems arise when Sophie is impressed by Max's cleaning skills, but then tells Max that Caroline is holding her back and stopping her from reaching her full potential.

  • 2 Broke Girls: Caroline and Max

    Episode 16 - And the Broken Hearts

    Earl has a minor heart attack on Valentine's Day after seeing Sophie dressed up to the nines, so Max and Caroline rush him to hospital in Sophie's car.

    Because Earl needs to stay in for a couple of days for observation, the girls try to get him a private room.

    But they don't have the money to pay for it, so Caroline tries to convince a former boyfriend who is now a doctor at the hospital to pull some strings...

  • 2 Broke Girls: Max and Caroline

    Episode 17 - And the Kosher Cupcakes

    Caroline is terrified of getting flu after Han sneezes on her, so the girls visit a chemist in an orthodox Jewish neighbourhood to get some medicine.

    There, they meet a woman who hires them to bake 80 kosher cupcakes for her son's Bar Mitzvah party the following day.

    However, despite Caroline's instructions, Max is not as careful as she should be about the preparation of the cakes...

  • 2 Broke Girls: Earl

    Episode 18 - And the One-Night Stands

    The arrival of Caroline's birthday reminds her that she hasn't had sex for a year, so she decides to have a one-night stand with the guy she hired to design the website for the cupcake business.

    Han convinces Max to throw a surprise party for Caroline, but Earl gives the game away, and Max's limited budget means that the event is a subdued affair. So the girls decide to visit Caroline's father in prison instead.

  • 2 Broke Girls: Caroline

    Episode 19 - And the Spring Break

    A couple who are regular customers at the restaurant ask Caroline and Max to look after their dogs at their luxury flat for a couple of days while they are out of town.

    The girls decide to take a two-day holiday from their usual employment and accept the assignment.

    While attending a party on their first night away, Caroline persuades a food blogger to take an interest in the cupcake business.

    Max is then forced to choose between getting some attention for their company and finishing the only holiday she's ever had.

  • 2 Broke Girls: Han, Max and Caroline

    Episode 20 - And the Drug Money

    Caroline discovers that she must hire an expensive lawyer to represent her in connection with her father's criminal case.

    So that she can pay his fees, she agrees to take part in a clinical trial for an experimental new drug. But when unfortunate side effects start to affect her during the legal proceedings, Max has to step in.

  • 2 Broke Girls: Caroline

    Episode 21 - And the Messy Purse Smackdown

    Caroline helps Earl file his tax return and, when the girls receive their first payment by cheque for the cupcake business, Max is inspired to file her tax return too - for the first time ever.

    Trying to help her friend with the tax forms, Caroline is shocked by how disorganised Max is about her personal and financial affairs, and even the state of her handbag.

    Meanwhile, Oleg has fallen in love with Sophie (guest star Jennifer Coolidge), who only regards him as a casual fling.

  • 2 Broke Girls: Max and Caroline

    Episode 22 - And the Big Buttercream Breakthrough

    Caroline thinks that she and Max should spend less time on paid work such as their housecleaning jobs and put more effort into advertising their cupcake business.

    Max disagrees, and things come to a head when Caroline commits to making an order of buttercream cupcakes for a socialite friend of Peach's without asking Max first.

    The cupcakes' recipe is a complicated one, and if they aren't perfect, Max's job babysitting for Peach's children could be in jeopardy.

  • 2 Broke Girls: Max, Caroline and Chestnut

    Episode 23 - And Martha Stewart Have a Ball - Part One

    When Caroline's father makes the headlines due to his transfer to a minimum security prison, the girls lose a valuable business opportunity with one of New York's elite party planners.

    To cheer Caroline up, Max arranges to get her horse, Chestnut, back from Peach, but when Johnny visits the diner later with some shocking news, Max is also left reeling.

    In an effort to reverse their fortunes, the duo plan to attend a spectacular Manhattan gala event, where they can show their cupcakes to Martha Stewart herself.

  • 2 Broke Girls: Max and Sophie

    Episode 24 - And Martha Stewart Have a Ball - Part Two

    Sophie buys dresses for the girls to wear to the gala and Oleg agrees to take them into Manhattan in his town car. However, when the vehicle breaks down, the girls are forced to ride Caroline's horse, Chestnut, into the city.

    Once they get there, they learn that their names have been removed from the guest list due to the infamy of Caroline's father. Can they sneak into the event to show Martha Stewart (guest starring as herself) their cupcakes?

2 Broke Girls synopsis

US comedy about two girls from different ends of the social spectrum who join forces in an attempt to set up their own business

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