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12 Rounds

John Cena stars in this action-adventure from the director of Die Hard 2, Renny Harlin.

New Orleans cop Danny Fisher (Cena) is given plenty of time to rue ever crossing paths with Miles Jackson (Aiden Gillen), who makes his living supplying weapons to terrorists.

A year earlier, a sting operation to capture Jackson resulted in the death of the arms dealer's girlfriend, and a vow of revenge from the criminal.

Now, Jackson has escaped prison and is intent on making good his threat.

He starts by blowing up Fisher's house and car, before explaining that he has kidnapped the detective's girlfriend, Molly (Ashley Scott).

If Fisher wants to see Molly again, he must first complete a dozen fiendish tasks, most of which are designed to see him blown to bits.

And so begins a frantic, destructive rush around The Big Easy...

12 Rounds synopsis

A cop has to complete 12 tasks to save his girlfriend from being killed by an international terrorist

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