100 Greatest Toys with Jonathan Ross

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Jonathan Ross
Jonathan Ross

Jonathan Ross

A stalwart of British television and radio for well over 20 years with a shelf full of BAFTA and RTS awards to show for it - less widely known is that Jonathan Ross is also a huge toy enthusiast with a private collection that would rival any museum's.

Favourite toy: Major Matt Mason action figure

Steve Berry

Steve Berry is author of TV Cream Toys, a book celebrating fondly remembered toys and games from the 1960s to the 1990s. He is also founder of the award-winning nostalgia destination website, TV Cream.

Susan Brewer

Susan Brew is the author of nine books about dolls, toys and other collectable item. She is currently writing her tenth, a book about famous dolls. She is a regular contributor to Collect It magazine.

Favourite toy: Sylvanian Families

Tim Walsh

Tim Walsh is the author of The Playmakers: Amazing Origins of Timeless Toys, the story of the toymakers behind all the timeless classics from Barbie to Trivial Pursuit. He is also a successful toymaker in his own right and has been inducted into the Games Magazine Hall of Fame

Favourite toy: Play-Doh

LaToya Giocattola

LaToya Giocattola is the collective name for a group of web professionals who have been collecting classic toys since they were old enough to generate the cash to buy them. Their website also includes ToyPedia, a wiki-based encyclopaedia that aims to contain information about every toy ever made.

Favourite toy: 007 Aston Martin DB5

John Baulch

John Baulch is the publisher of leading UK toy industry publication Toys n Playthings. He has been associated with the toy trade for nearly 30 years, and has seen a lot of toys - great ones and occasionally not so great ones - in his time.

Favourite toy: Thunderbirds toys

Paul Reader

Paul is representing the Toy and Hobby Association and has been involved in the toy industry for 30 years. As product selector for the Toymaster buying group he analyses toys for 184 independent retailers with over 380 stores, liaising with suppliers on product selections for catalogues, window features and in-store promotions.

Favourite toy: Star Wars toys

Ronnie Dungan – ToyNews Magazine

Ronnie has been managing editor of ToyNews and Licensing.biz, the market-leading print and online titles respectively for the last seven years, before that he was editor of a video games trade magazine for ten years. In both those roles he has been interviewed many times on toys and games on radio, TV, in print and online.

Favourite toy: Subbuteo

Stephen Franklin

Stephen has been making programmes about popular culture for the BBC and Channel 4 for over 15 years. Among his credits are James Bond's Greatest Hits, Star Wars: Feel the Force and nostalgia series I Love the 70s.

Favourite toy: Zelda Ocarina of Time (Nintendo 64)