Series 6 Episode 19
First Broadcast: 1AM Mon 9 August 2010

Myleene meets jaded granny Janine Fairfax and busy working mum Eileen Flaherty, both of whom hope to roll back the years.

Young-at-heart grandmother Janine Fairfax has had fun over the years. But all the sun beds and cigarettes have finally caught up with Janine, and now it's not surprising her bubbly outlook doesn't match her face. But the team are on hand to transform jaded Janine into the gorgeous granny she truly is.

Specialist Nurse Eileen Flaherty is a busy working mum. She does an absolutely wonderful job looking after others, but looking after her own appearance comes way down the pecking order. Brown, beige and baggy are a big feature in her wardrobe, and combined with a ruddy complexion and lack of make-up expertise, our lovely Eileen looks more like a pensioner than a thirtysomething yummy mummy. Can the Team work their non-surgical magic, and turn Eileen into a Hollywood starlet, without the knife?

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