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Michela Chiappa

Classic Italian Food - The Top 10

Michela Chiappa wants to know which classic Italian dishes are the all-time favourites of the UK public. That's where you come in! Michela's assembled a shortlist of 30 amazing Italian recipes, and wants you to pick your favourite. She will count down the top 10 in her new show.

Once you've voted for your absolute favourite, we would like to know what you like best in each category - do you prefer Pannacotta or Tiramisu? Margherita or Pepperoni pizza?

The 10 recipes with the most votes overall will be featured on the show in ranking order. Votes cast in the optional categories sections further down the page also count toward the overall vote total.

Please note: We reopened the vote on 22 May 2013. If you have already voted, don't worry - your vote has already been counted.

This vote is now closed.