article 22 January 2016 World, Venezuela
Fumigating houses for mosquitoes in El Salvador (Reuters)
Zika virus epidemic prompts Latin America travel warning

Pregnant women are advised to avoid countries that have seen outbreaks of the mosquito-borne Zika virus, which doctors are linking to unusually high numbers of babies born with brain defects.

article 29 July 2015 Culture, Venezuela
Venezuela's hospitals on life support

Venezuela's hospitals are in disarray. Betty Zapata reports on a country where inflation is forcing doctors' salaries below $10 a month and patients are forced to buy life-saving drugs on the street

article 31 July 2014 World, Venezuela
Brazilian President Dilma Roussef and Bolivia's Evo Morales (Getty Images)
Guillermo Galdos by Gaza war prompts Latin America to break ties with Israel

While the US and UK stand by Israel over its military offensive in Gaza, governments across Latin America have moved to cut their links.

article 24 July 2014 World, Venezuela
Tower of David
Venezuela moves squatters from Tower of David 'tallest' slum

Venezuelan soldiers and officials begin moving hundreds of families out of a half-built 45-storey skyscraper that dominates the Caracus skyline and is thought to be the tallest slum in the world.

video 21 April 2014 World, Venezuela

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Violent clashes in Venezuelan capital - video

Anti-government protesters clashed with National Guard officers in Caracas on Sunday, with masked protesters throwing rocks at police, who responded with water cannon.

article 18 March 2014 World, Venezuela
Pro-Chavez demonstration (Reuters)
by Venezuela in crisis: living in the shadow of Hugo Chavez

In any analysis of Venezuelan politics, it is prudent not to underestimate the vast shadow that former President Hugo Chavez casts over his country, writes Thom Walker.

video 13 March 2014 World, Venezuela

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Venezuela: three dead in fresh violence - video

Protesters battle riot police in the streets of Caracas as three more fatal shootings raised to 25 the death toll from a month of demonstrations in Venezuela.

article 23 February 2014 World, Venezuela
Venezuela: eight die in violent clashes

A female student and a young supermarket worker are the latest fatalities from Venezuela's political unrest as the death toll from 10 days of violence rises to at least eight.

article 21 February 2014 World, Venezuela
Is Venezuela burning while world watches Ukraine?

As the violence in Ukraine threatens to take the country to the brink of civil war, on the other side of the world unrest in Venezuela threatens to do the same.