post 01 January 2001
Read more from Kylie Morris on her blog Fracking for oil in North Dakotas boomtown

Williston, North Dakota, is attracting thousands of workers keen to make their millions from fracking. But as the economy is on the up, the town has been hit by a rise in crime, drug-use and rape.


article 25 March 2015 World, United States
by Bowe Bergdahl: US soldier could face life in prison

Sergeant Bowe Bergdahl could face life in prison after being charged with desertion and misbehavior before the enemy following his disappearance from an Afghan outpost in 2009.

article 24 March 2015 World, United States
Death penalty in the USA - the key questions

Utah's governor signs a bill that brings back firing squads as one potential form of execution. But why is this significant?

article 23 March 2015 World, United States
Ted Cruz (Getty Images)
Ted Cruz in his own words: from Duck Dynasty to Dr Seuss

Senator Ted Cruz is the first Republican to declare he is running for the US presidency in 2016 - and the Tea Party favourite is as well known for his colourful speeches as for his right-wing views.

post 19 March 2015
Read more from Tom Clarke on his blog The solar eclipse: how you can view it

On Friday we will see the deepest eclipse of the Sun so far this century. For most of us, of course, the view will be ruined by cloud, fog and rain just as it was for the total eclipse in 1999.

article 17 March 2015 World, United States
Sea lion pups stranded in California by lack of food?

Sea lions, mainly of them pups, are found stranded on beaches in California, raising fears that they have been left starving because of a lack of food.

article 16 March 2015 World, United States
Robert Durst (Reuters)
'I killed them all' says US millionaire in TV admission

New York real estate baron Robert Durst is to be extradited to Los Angeles from New Orleans to face a murder charge, after being recorded in a documentary making what appears to be a confession.

post 13 March 2015
Read more from Kylie Morris on her blog Ferguson ignites tensions that reveal divisions in the US

For protest organisers like Johnetta Elzie, everything comes back to Michael Brown. She told me: "The start of this movement is because of one dead black boy in the street for four and a half hours."

article 12 March 2015 World, United States
Ferguson: two officers shot in unrest after chief resigns

The two police officers who were reportedly shot outside the Ferguson, Missouri, police station early Thursday are conscious and being treated at a local hospital, St. Louis County Police says.

article 10 March 2015 Culture, United States
Sam Simon: tributes pour in for Simpsons co-creator

Sam Simon, one of the developers of The Simpsons animated cartoon, has died aged 59 after a battle with colon cancer. His colleague Matt Groening says his "sly sense of humour" will be missed.

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