post 01 January 2001
Read more from Kylie Morris on her blog Fracking for oil in North Dakotas boomtown

Williston, North Dakota, is attracting thousands of workers keen to make their millions from fracking. But as the economy is on the up, the town has been hit by a rise in crime, drug-use and rape.


article 24 June 2015 World, United States
Boston Marathon bomber Tsarnaev says sorry

Dzhokhar Tsarnaev apologises for the "suffering I have caused" at a hearing where he will be sentenced to death for killing three people and injuring 264 at the Boston Marathon in April 2013.

article 24 June 2015 World, France
Former President Sarkozy and President Holland of France (Getty)
Wikileaks revelations trigger France-US spying row

The US ambassador to France is called in to explain documents released by Wikileaks that show the US authorities were spying on French President Francois Hollande and two of his predecessors.

article 23 June 2015 UK, United States
David Miliband: Britain must not resign from world

Former foreign secretary David Miliband, now president of the International Rescue Committee, says the view from the US is that Britain is "resigning" from the world.

article 23 June 2015 World, United States
The confederate flag - key questions

South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley calls for the confederate flag to be taken down after the killing of nine black churchgoers. Why does the flag provoke such controversy?

article 23 June 2015 United States
Titanic composer James Horner killed in plane crash

The Oscar-winning composer, who wrote the scores to Titanic and Avatar, has died in a California plane crash.

article 22 June 2015 World, United States
Obama: racism is more than not saying n***** in public

Speaking in the wake of the Charleston shooting, President Obama uses the "n-word" to make the point that America has not been "cured" of racism and slavery "casts a long shadow".

article 21 June 2015 World, United States
Charleston church reopens
'There are dark days': Charleston church reopens

Hundreds of people crowd into the Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church in Charleston as it reopened following an attack on Wednesday in which nine black church members were killed.

post 19 June 2015
Read more on Matt's blog: Matt Frei Was the Charleston shooting an 'act of terror'?

Gun violence is an epidemic in America. But every time there is a school, cinema or restaurant massacre, the sale of guns and ammo increases and the gun control debate gets drowned out.

article 19 June 2015 World, United States
Dylann Roof will appear at a bail hearing today
Charleston shooting suspect Dylann Roof appears in court

The man suspected of killing nine worshippers at a church in Charleston, South Carolina, makes his first court appearance.

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