post 01 January 2001
Read more from Kylie Morris on her blog Fracking for oil in North Dakotas boomtown

Williston, North Dakota, is attracting thousands of workers keen to make their millions from fracking. But as the economy is on the up, the town has been hit by a rise in crime, drug-use and rape.


article 28 August 2015 World, United States
Katrina 10 years on: New Orleans still in recovery

A decade after Hurricane Katrina wiped out swathes of New Orleans, the recovery is yet to reach residents in some parts of the city.

article 26 August 2015 World, United States
Vester Lee Flanagan: shooting suspect shoots himself dead

Virginia TV shooting suspect Vester Lee Flanagan, who appears to have posted a video online showing the shooting of two WDBJ journalists, has died from self-inflicted shooting.

article 26 August 2015 World, United States
Virginia TV shooting: two journalists killed

Two members of a US news crew are killed in a gun attack during a live TV broadcast in Virginia. After a chase the suspected gunman - a former reporter - shot himself and later died.

post 26 August 2015
Read more from Jon on Snowblog Does Corbyn's run indicate that alienation rules?

There is a genuine sense that some of those supporting Jeremy Corbyn are invigorated by the sense of a genuine alternative to the broad consensus among the major parties.

article 25 August 2015 UK, China
China financial crisis: the key questions

Following China's "Black Monday" jittery global financial markets begin to recover - but do we all need to start worrying about China?

article 24 August 2015 UK, China
'Black Monday': markets plunge over China fears

The Chinese government's failure to take action sparks panic across global stock markets, with the FTSE 100 dipping to its lowest level since January 2013.

article 22 August 2015 World, France
French train shooting: hero passengers overpower gunman

Three American soldiers and a British businessman are being hailed as heroes after restraining a heavily armed attacker on a train in France.

article 21 August 2015 UK, United States
Geoff White by Ashley Madison fallout: blackmail risk

Doctors, secondary school teachers and charity workers are among the paying customers of infidelity dating website Ashley Madison now at serious risk of blackmail after the site was hacked.

post 20 August 2015
Read more from Kylie Morris on her blog What Donald Trump did last night...

Donald Trump is hiring. He's hiring himself as President of the United States and the hundreds of people crowded into the school hall in Manchester, New Hampshire as his cheerleaders.

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