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article 24 June 2014 World, Ukraine
Have pro-Russian rebels violated Ukraine ceasefire?

Pro-Russian separatists fire on Ukrainian military checkpoints in the east, despite a ceasefire declared by the rebels, Ukrainian government forces claim.

post 24 June 2014
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The question is no longer what Tony Blair did, or what President Obama should do, but what are we all going to do?

article 17 June 2014 Somalia
Jamal Osman by Who should govern Somalia: Somalis or the UN?

Al-Shabaab's attack on Kenya over the past two nights, in which more than 60 were killed, shows the group still poses serious threat to the region's stability, writes Jamal Osman.

article 03 May 2014 World, Ukraine
Ukraine: military tighten grip on Kramatorsk and Slaviansk

Ukraine's defence ministry release footage of government forces making their way towards Kramatorsk as part of an ongoing operation against insurgency in the east.

post 18 April 2014
Read more from Lindsey Hilsum on her blog The power of parody in eastern Ukraine

The tired looking young men in t-shirts and combat fatigues manning the barricades in Slovyansk say they are not going anywhere.

video 15 April 2014 UK

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UN rapporteur banned from Yarlswood detention centre - video

A "boys' club" culture, sexual bullying in schools and austerity endangering women's protection are findings of the UN's special rapporteur on women and violence. Now she's been barred from Yarlswood.

article 14 April 2014 World, Ukraine
Ukraine unrest
Hague: 'No real doubt' Russia is behind Ukraine unrest

Pro-Russian protesters respond to Kiev's deadline to leave buildings by seizing more, as Foreign Secretary William Hague says there is "no real doubt" Russia is behind the unrest.

article 27 March 2014 World, Sri Lanka
Sri Lanka war crimes: the evidence
Sri Lanka 'war crimes': the evidence

As the UN prepares to launch an inquiry into allegations of war crimes and human rights abuses in Sri Lanka, Channel 4 News presents the evidence collected by this programme over the past five years.

article 27 March 2014 World, Sri Lanka
Sri Lanka soldier under UN sign
Jonathan Miller by 'Victory for Sri Lankan people': UN to probe 'war crimes'

The United Nations is to launch an investigation into alleged war crimes and continuing human rights violations in Sri Lanka.