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post 30 December 2014
How 2014 unfolded - in tweets

In Britain, 2014 was the year of the floods, Ukraine saw a revolution, Scotland almost went indy and the deadly Ebola struck west Africa.

article 27 November 2014 UK
Andrew Lansley
Would you give Andrew Lansley the UN's top humanitarian job?

If Andrew Lansley were to submit a CV for the top humanitarian role at the UN - which David Cameron is nominating him for - what would he write under "relevant experience"?

post 31 October 2014
Read more on Simon Israel's blog Hostages for fortunes: why governments still pay terror ransoms

Terrorist kidnapping and extortion is now a multi-million pound industry, according to a UN report - and the average value of a foreign hostage is 1.7m.

post 25 September 2014
Read more from Jonathan Miller on his blog Iraq: why this isn't 2003 all over again

The legality of any future British air strikes on Iraq may be clear - but the justification for US intervention in neighbouring Syria is much less obvious.

post 23 September 2014
Read more from Tom Clarke on his blog What difference does a day make to climate change?

Today in New York the UN will sit down to talk about climate change. Again. But can one extra day of talking possibly make any difference to change the pace of action on global warming?

post 23 September 2014
Read more from Kylie Morris on her blog US seeks 'bandwidth' to deal with IS, Ebola and the Ukraine crisis

Achieving a unified approach in dealing with the threat from Islamic State is one of several challenges facing the US at the United Nations General Assembly this week.

article 22 September 2014 UK, China
UN climate change summit - Q&A

This weekend saw the world's biggest march on climate change to date. Will the enthusiasm be replicated at the New York on Tuesday? Channel 4 News takes a look.

post 21 September 2014
Read more from Tom Clarke on his blog Climate change: can the UN break the deadlock?

Organisers are expecting 100,000 people to take to the streets of Manhattan to call for global action on climate change. But will it translate to action in the corridors of the UN?

article 16 September 2014 UK, Iraq
US air strike targets Islamic State in Iraq

The US carries out its first air strike against Islamic State (IS) militants under a new strategy to defeat the group in Iraq.