post 09 April 2014
Read more on Matt's blog: Matt Frei Facing the harsh economic truth: Spain's brain drain

We may be seeing the green shoots of recovery come into full bloom - but parts of Europe still languish.

post 04 April 2014
Read more from Jackie Long on her blog The unexpected costs of the 'welfare revolution'

If the government's "welfare revolution" is to work , then it has to work in places like Torfaen, a south Wales community where direct payments are being trialled.

post 01 April 2014
Read more from Jackie Long on her blog Families hit hard by scrapping of council tax benefits

If you're one of the 2.34 million low-income families who used to get council tax benefit, you'll be paying on average 149 more in council tax this year than just over a year ago.

post 20 March 2014
Read more on FactCheck FactCheck: Work Programme still under pressure to prove its worth

The government's back-to-work programme is praised by ministers but damned as a failure by the unions. FactCheck referees.

post 19 March 2014
Read more from Jackie Long on her blog Budget brings storm clouds to Port Sunlight

Port Sunlight on the Wirral lives up to its status as a model village, with wide tree lined roads and pristine gardens. That's despite, not because of, the economy, residents say.

article 06 March 2014 UK
Job Centre sign (Getty)
Up to a third of jobs on government website are suspect

An investigation by Channel 4 News finds that as many as one-in-three jobs now advertised on the government's Universal Jobmatch website are suspect.

video 04 March 2014 UK

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Why some apprenticeships fall short - video

A new report says 300,000 more apprentices would add 4bn to the British economy. But despite their glossy endorsements, some big firms are failing in the training and remuneration they offer.

article 26 February 2014 UK
by Why the 1970s were better than you think

The 1970s get a bad press. Economic ruin, union strife, racism, Jimmy Savile, embarrassing music - the list is endless. But was this decade really as bad as it's portrayed?

post 26 February 2014
Read more from Jackie Long on her blog Rubbish tips and mice: one mum's story of the private rental sector

Aggressive landlords and the fear of eviction: a new report shows how the private sector is increasingly being used by councils to house the vulnerable.