article 23 April 2014 World, Ukraine
Ukraine call for action after politician 'tortured to death'

Ukraine's acting president Oleksander Turchynov calls for the re-launch of an anti-terrorist operation after the body of a local politician from his own party is found showing signs of torture.

article 22 April 2014 World, Ukraine
Biden to Ukraine: you can be energy secure - video

US Vice-President Joe Biden tells the Ukraine parliament that in future the country may not have to be dependent on Russia for its energy.

post 22 April 2014
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The EU/Nato powers must be prepared to accept Ukraine for what it is - a buffer state in which both powers have some interest.

article 21 April 2014 World, Ukraine
Russia: Kiev 'breaking Geneva accord' on Ukraine

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov accuses Ukraine of violating an accord reached in Geneva last week aimed at averting a wider conflict between the two neighbours.

article 20 April 2014 World, Ukraine
Ukraine two dead after shooting breaks Easter truce
Ukraine gun battle shatters Easter truce - but who did it?

At least two people were killed in a gun battle in eastern Ukraine. The outbreak of fighting in Slaviansk broke the uneasy silence that had fallen on the area after Kiev promised a truce over Easter.

article 20 April 2014 World, Ukraine
by After the Ukrainian revolution - what next for Femen?

The Ukrainian pressure group scaled church steeples and ambushed President Putin. But that was before the Ukrainian Revolution. Channel 4 News speaks to Femen about what happens next.

article 18 April 2014 World, Ukraine
Ukraine: Separatists refuse to leave despite deal

Armed pro-Russian separatists who occupied buildings in eastern Ukraine are refusing to leave, despite an amnesty offer and threats of "more concrete actions" to remove them next week.

post 18 April 2014
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The tired looking young men in t-shirts and combat fatigues manning the barricades in Slovyansk say they are not going anywhere.

article 17 April 2014 World, Ukraine
US, EU and Russia urge 'de-escalation' of crisis in Ukraine

After international talks in Geneva, the Russian foreign minister and the US Secretary of State both call for "de-escalation" in Ukraine and agree to expand an international monitoring mission.