article 27 August 2014 World, Ukraine
'Roadmap' for peace? Ukraine to seek ceasefire after talks

Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko promises to work on an urgent ceasefire plan with Russia's Vladimir Putin to defuse the separatist conflict in eastern Ukraine.

article 26 August 2014 World, Ukraine
Ukraine: Poroshenko meets Putin as tensions rise

Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko holds talks with his Russia counterpart, Vladimir Putin, at a summit in Minsk, capital of Belarus, as tensions continue to mount in eastern Ukraine.

post 26 August 2014
Read more from John Sparks on the World News blog Flying Malaysia Airlines: something only 'brave travellers' do

Passengers on Malaysia Airlines flights have been busy posting photos on Twitter of deserted cabins and rows and rows of empty seats.

video 24 August 2014 World, Ukraine

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Parading captured troops in Donetsk - video

Around 100 captured Ukrainian troops are paraded through Donetsk by pro-Russian separatists. The episode - which may breach the Geneva Convention - came as Ukraine celebrated its independence day.

article 23 August 2014 World, Ukraine
Russian trucks cross back over the frontier from Ukraine into Russia (Reuters)
Aid convoy trucks cross back from Ukraine into Russia

Some 100 trucks from a Russian aid convoy which crossed into Ukraine on Friday have crossed back into Russia. The incursion had been described as a "direct invasion" by Kiev.

article 22 August 2014 World, Ukraine
Russian convoy approaches Ukraine border (Reuters)
Kiev accuses Russia of 'invasion' as convoy crosses border

A column of Russian trucks crosses the border into eastern Ukraine without permission in what Kiev called a "direct invasion" of its territory.

article 20 August 2014 World, Ukraine
Russians pull down Ukrainian flag from Stalin landmark

Four protesters are arrested after a Ukrainian flag appears on a famous Russian landmark in Moscow and a golden Soviet star is painted blue.

article 16 August 2014 World, Ukraine
Ukraine forces clash with rebels near Russian border

Skirmishes resume in Ukraine between government forces and pro-Russians as Moscow dismisses as "fantasy" the claims that part of one of its military convoys was destroyed.

article 15 August 2014 World, Ukraine
Russian military by border
Ukraine 'destroys' part of Russian military column

Ukrainian artillery has destroyed a "significant" part of a Russian military column that crossed into Ukraine on Thursday night, according to the Ukrainian president. But Russia denies this.