article 07 July 2015 UK
George Osborne (Reuters)
George Osborne family business' 6m offshore deal

Chancellor George Osborne's family business made 6m in a property deal with a developer based in a tax haven, writes Paul McNamara and Guy Basnett.

article 07 July 2015 UK
British Tamil cricketer dies after being hit by ball

Bavalan Pathmanathan collapsed after being hit in the chest while batting in Surrey, and died shortly afterwards.

article 07 July 2015 UK
Energy bills '1.2bn a year more than they should be'

A year-long investigation by the government's Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) finds that millions of customers in the UK are spending more than they need to on energy bills.

post 07 July 2015
Read more from Alex Thomson on his blog 7/7 : contemplation after a terrifying and confused day

Seeing our camera and tripod, tourists around St Paul's and Aldgate constantly approach to ask what is going on. No need for any inquiries a decade ago as the streets fell empty.

article 07 July 2015 UK
Sun in Sky
Liam Dutton by Hot summers 'to become the norm in UK'

A study by the Met Office suggests that hot summers are likely to become more common in the UK by the end of the century.

article 07 July 2015 UK
7/7 anniversary: petals from St Paul's dome
7/7 bombings remembered in London and across UK

Petals fall from the dome of St Paul's cathedral during a minute's silence to remember the victims of the 7/7 bombings, on the tenth anniversary of the terror attack.

post 07 July 2015
Read more on Simon Israel's blog MI5: 7/7 ended scepticism about terrorist threat

Ten years on, the head of MI5 says 7/7 delivered a step change "in the nation's counter terrorism defences".

article 06 July 2015 UK
Simon Danczuk's struggle with alcohol and depression

Simon Danczuk, the MP who helped to expose the child sex abuse committed by Cyril Smith, tells Channel 4 News about his decision to step back from campaigning to seek help for depression.

post 06 July 2015
Read more on Gary Gibbon's blog BBC's new benefits responsibility confirmed

The Culture Secretary John Whittingdale has confirmed the Sunday Times story that the government is handing over responsibility for the free licence fees for the over-75s policy to the BBC.