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article 07 July 2015 UK
Sun in Sky
Liam Dutton by Hot summers 'to become the norm in UK'

A study by the Met Office suggests that hot summers are likely to become more common in the UK by the end of the century.

article 01 July 2015
Can you smash a car window to rescue a dog from the heat?

As temperatures reach highs of 35C in what is set to be Britain's hottest day for nine years, a debate has emerged online prompting the question can you legally break into a hot car to save a dog?

article 18 February 2015 UK
Under water: before-and-after images from the 2014 floods

In February 2014 large parts of southern England were flooded - from Surrey to Somerset and beyond. One year on, how are they faring? Move the slider across each image to see what happened.

article 03 February 2015 UK
How the snow and ice could affect your journey

Britain wakes up to a covering of snow on the ground this morning as temperatures plummet as low as -11C in some parts of the country.

article 30 January 2015 UK
Ice warning after 'thundersnow' storms pelt Britain

Ice poses the major threat today, although remnants of the snow storms could clip the south east of England, the Met Office says.

article 29 January 2015 UK
'Thundersnow' storms to hit parts of UK - but what is it?

Wintry weather is causing hazardous conditions across many roads in Scotland and northern England with "be prepared" warnings of heavy snow still in place.

article 27 December 2014 UK
How the weather and travel chaos could affect your journey

Snow and blizzards sweep through large parts of Britain, leaving many travellers stranded due to icy conditions.

article 27 December 2014 UK
How Twitter reacted to rail travel misery

Trains in and out of King's Cross station are cancelled leading to overcrowding and misery for commuters at Finsbury Park.

post 10 December 2014
Read more from Alex Thomson on his blog On the tail of the 'weather bomb' battering Scotland

On the point just outside Oban a freelance cameraman joins us as we watch the bright red, Norwegian-flagged fishing vessel nose out gently from Oban harbour.