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article 19 July 2014 UK
UK storms: weather warnings and flights cancelled

Travellers are facing disappointment as flights are cancelled at Heathrow airport after storms are forecast to hit Britain. Flood warnings have also been put in place as heavy rainfall is predicted.

article 19 July 2014 UK
Got a great weather picture you want to share? See them here and let everyone know what you think of them.
Gallery: your weather pictures

Got a great weather picture you want to share? See them here and let everyone know what you think of them.

video 18 July 2014 UK

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Hot? Don't panic: Alex Thomson has some handy tips

Frazzled by the heat? Forgotten how to look after yourself as sweat drips into your eyes? Let our Chief Correspondent Alex Thomson help you out, in this not-entirely-serious piece.

post 17 July 2014
Read more from Alex Thomson on his blog Hot weather warning: more like a load of hot air

Summer happens. Get over it. Surely we don't need safety advice for normal weather events?

article 27 June 2014 Culture
by Storms shut Glastonbury stages - mudfest ahoy?

A massive electrical storm forces Glastonbury Festival organisers to shut off the power and close the stages - but the show must go on, with crowds joining an Always Look On The Bright Side singalong.

article 01 June 2014 UK
Stormy Tower Bridge London
Liam Dutton by Heavier summer downpours possible due to climate change

Extreme summer rainfall events could become more frequent in the UK due to climate change, according to new research released by the Met Office in collaboration with Newcastle University.

article 15 May 2014 UK
Lightning Strikes
Liam Dutton by Solar wind 'increases lightning on earth'

Research published in the journal Environment Research Letters suggests that there is a link between the activity of the sun and lightning on earth.

article 19 April 2014 UK
Hold on to your brolly for a soggy Easter Sunday

Weather forecasters are predicting a rainy Easter Sunday for most of England and Wales, as the dry and sunny start to the Bank Holiday weekend comes to an end.

article 09 April 2014 UK
Butterfly on a flower
Liam Dutton by Warm summer gives butterflies boost

Butterflies saw their fortunes improve in summer 2013, following their worst year on record in 2012. However, numbers were still below normal, according to the UK butterfly monitoring scheme.