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post 07 August 2015
Read more from Siobhan Kennedy Was the Governor flip-flopping on interest rates?

Mark Carney is saying that in order to stop inflation overshooting the target, we might have to start raising rates more quickly or more steeply than yesterday's report would imply.

post 09 June 2015
Read more from Siobhan Kennedy Will Osborne back down over HSBC's bank levy concerns?

The timing of today¿s HSBC announcement couldn¿t be any more convenient - and there are signs that George Osborne may respond in a way that will please the bank.

post 04 June 2015
Read more on Gary Gibbon's blog No 10's media machine tightens its grip

George Osborne will speak on the economic task ahead today, just as the OECD suggests he might consider easing off. Don't expect that to be the tone of his remarks though.

article 19 May 2015 Business
Negative inflation (Getty Images)
UK inflation turns negative - the key questions

UK consumer prices turned negative in April for the first time, falling to -0.1 per cent. Good news for consumers - but is there a downside?

article 28 April 2015 UK
Chancellor George Osborne
Do GDP figures mean UK economy is still not 'fixed'?

The economy finally picked up momentum in 2013. But what is worrying for George Osborne about today's GDP figures is how they suggest that momentum ebbing away over the last year.

post 14 April 2015
Read more from Siobhan Kennedy If UK plc is putting the skids on spending, that's bad news

A new survey says Britain¿s chief financial officers are so worried about the general election that they¿ve started to rein in spending - a worrying development for the UK economy.

article 31 March 2015 UK
George Osborne makes a pizza (Getty Images)
Labour scornful of Osborne's good news 'topping'

The Conservatives and Liberal Democrats claim credit for today's news of a 2.8 per cent rise in economic output. But Labour is dismissive, saying this is still the slowest recovery in 100 years.

article 30 March 2015 Politics
George Osborne interviewed by Cathy Newman on Channel 4 News
Cathy Newman by Is Osborne committed to extra £30bn for NHS by 2020?

Chancellor George Osborne tells Channel 4 News his party is committed to the NHS. Does that include the extra £30bn a year for the service by 2020 promised by Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt?

article 24 March 2015 UK
Ten-pound note (Getty Images)
Inflation at zero per cent - and now for the bad news

Inflation is no more. The annual inflation rate is zero for the first time on record. So is the dawn of deflation a good or a bad thing?