article 27 April 2015 UK
Meet the party winning young renters...the warehouse party

Politicians have hijacked warehouses this election but do young adults calling for better housing policies want to vote for them?

article 27 April 2015 UK
Nepal earthquake: survivors and families tell their tales

Britons on mountaineering holidays in Nepal, as well as Nepalese in the UK, have all been affected by the huge earthquake that struck at the weekend. These are some of their stories.

post 27 April 2015
Read more from Alex Thomson on his blog Zero-hours contracts: Labour guilty of hypocrisy?

In Glasgow, Ed Balls stands in front of a placard which states: "Ban exploitative zero hour contracts." Trouble is, the technicians doing the staging are on zero hour contracts.

post 27 April 2015
Read more on Liam's blog Spring? The temperature dropped to -8C last night

Near record-breaking cold was experienced in Northern Ireland last night. Is the recent sunshine and warmth going to return anytime soon?

post 26 April 2015
Read more from Alex Thomson on his blog Life, politics and election in the last commercial shipbuilder on the Clyde

In the sparking of plate-welding and the hammering of rust-coloured sheet-steel, the old certainties are going down the slip, while the thought of the SNP coming to power has now become a possibility.

article 24 April 2015 UK
Election 2015: too late to talk foreign policy?

Until today two words have been missing from the general election 2015 campaigning: foreign policy.

article 24 April 2015 UK
HSBC headquarters in London (Getty)
HSBC to quit London? The key questions

Britain's biggest bank HSBC says it is considering moving its headquarters out of London. Why is this on the agenda and how many British jobs are at stake?

post 24 April 2015
Read more from Siobhan Kennedy Why HSBC's threat to leave London is a big deal

The creep of banking regulation, combined with a potential Brexit, has created the image that Britain is not the best place to do business for the likes of HSBC.

article 23 April 2015 UK
Andy Davies by Grass fires in south Wales: who's to blame?

Above the village of Wattsville in the Sirhowy valley, we find another blackened, smouldering hillside, ignominiously stripped bare by yet another grass fire arson attack.