article 01 August 2015 UK
Pilot dies as plane crashes at Chris Evans car show

A pilot has died after a plane carrying out a stunt as part of an aerial display team crashed at the CarFest event at Oulton Park in Cheshire.

article 01 August 2015 UK
Corbyn supporters risk party split, says Burnham

Labour leadership contender Andy Burnham has warned of a 1980s-style split in the party over provocative language used by supporters of rival candidate Jeremy Corbyn.

article 01 August 2015 UK, Saudi Arabia
Emergency services at Bin Laden plane crash scene (Getty)
Bin Laden family members killed in Hampshire plane crash

Relatives of al-Qaeda founder Osama Bin Laden were among the four people who died when a private jet crashed near Blackbushe Airport.

article 31 July 2015 UK
Harry Smith and Abby Tomlinson
Labour leadership: Milifandom founder and conference hero

From two different generation, and backing two different candidates for the Labour leadership. Milifandom founder Abby Tomlinson and 92-year-old Harry Smith tell Channel 4 News who they support.

article 31 July 2015 UK
Simon Israel by Scotland Yard sergeant cleared of child sex charges

A retired police sergeant cleared of racially and sexually abusing a teenager 29 years ago has called on the Metropolitan Police to "stop targeting me and my family".

post 31 July 2015
Read more on Liam's blog Good weather for August? Don't get your hopes up.

The curtain is about to fall on the month of July, meaning that we are about to enter our last summer month of the year. But what will August bring?

post 30 July 2015
Read more on Cathy Newman's blog 'I feel less of a woman': living with FGM

The inspirational Dr Comfort Momoh has been supporting the victims of FGM for years, giving her patients hope for a new life.

article 30 July 2015 UK, France
Calais migrant camps: seventeen years of shanty towns

The migrant camp near Calais known as the Jungle is causing controversy. But it's not the first. Channel 4 News looks back at seventeen years of political impotence and refugee despair.

article 30 July 2015 UK
NewsLiam Lyburd
Newcastle teenager found guilty of planning massacre

A Newcastle teenager who assembled a Glock handgun from parts he bought on the internet has been found guilty of planning a massacre at his former college.