article 30 August 2015 UK
Theresa May targets broken European migration system
Theresa May targets 'broken European migration system'

The Home Secretary Theresa May says the system of free movement in Europe needs changing, and migrants should only cross borders into a new country if they have a job waiting for them there.

article 29 August 2015 UK
Police hunt for missing mother and children bound for Syria

Scotland Yard are hunting for a mother and her four children who are believed to be travelling to Syria.

post 28 August 2015
Read more from Alex Thomson on his blog Glasgow bin lorry inquiry: 'remarkable lack of compassion'

Tonight in Glasgow and beyond  all the signs are that this painful and tragic accident will remain painful and unresolved in the minds of many, forever. Perhaps this is because although the fatal a

article 28 August 2015 UK
Government extends controversial badger cull into Dorset
Government extends controversial badger cull into Dorset

The government says "strong action" is required but opponents call the plans "chaotic". The heated debate over the effectiveness of badger culls wears on as the cull is extended into Dorset.

article 28 August 2015 UK
HSBC IT glitch leads to payday moans

Some 275,000 payments, including salaries, are delayed before the bank holiday weekend because of a glitch in HSBC's IT systems.

article 28 August 2015 UK
Meningitis vaccine 'will cause fever'

Babies who are about to be given the new meningitis vaccine are likely to suffer a fever that can last several days, Public Health England is warning parents.

post 28 August 2015
Read more from Jon on Snowblog New peers: time for a constitutional commission

Bloated and undemocratic, the current House of Lords is a nonsense. It's time for a re-think.

post 27 August 2015
Read more on Liam's blog Bank holiday weekend: rain or shine?

Once again, a bank holiday weekend lies ahead (except in Scotland) and most of us will be hoping that the relentless rain of the past week will ease.

article 27 August 2015 UK
Border gates at Gatwick
Net migration to UK reaches record high

Despite a Tory pledge to bring net migration to the UK down to 100,000, new figures show it has reached record levels.