article 08 October 2015 UK
Jeremy Hunt tries to reassure junior doctors in contract row

Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt attempts to diffuse the junior doctors' contracts row, insisting it is not about saving money or imposing longer hours.

article 08 October 2015 UK, Syria
Nato ready to deploy forces to Turkey

Nato says it is ready to "defend" allies after Russian jets violated Turkish airspace whilst conducting air strikes in Syria.

article 07 October 2015 UK, Russia
Russia claims strikes on Isis from warships

Russia says it has launched rocket strikes on Islamic State targets in Syria from its warships 930 miles away in the Caspian Sea.

article 07 October 2015 UK
Housing crisis: will Cameron's 'national crusade' work?

David Cameron promises a "national crusade" to boost house building, with the aim of helping more people buy their own homes. Why has housing become a crisis?

article 06 October 2015 UK
David Cameron challenged over Saudi Arabian teenager

The Prime Minister indicated that he would try and personally intervene with Saudi Arabian authorities in the case of Ali Mohammed al-Nimr who has been sentenced to death.

article 06 October 2015 UK
Boris Johnson
Boris Johnson: welfare reforms must protect low paid

London Mayor Boris Johnson challenges his Conservative leadership rival George Osborne to protect the low paid when his welfare reforms are introduced.

article 06 October 2015 UK
Theresa May
Theresa May: high immigration bad for Britain

Home Secretary Theresa May tells the Conservative party conference that high levels of immigration make it "impossible to build a cohesive society".

article 05 October 2015 UK
David Miliband versus Jeremy Corbyn: Who would win?

As David Miliband returns for a high profile speech at the Institute of Directors we ask the question  would Corbymania be so powerful if he the other Miliband had returned to contest the leadership?

article 05 October 2015 UK
NHS Nurse
Nurses being placed in 'intolerable situations'

Nurses are being made to work in "intolerable situations", with many considering leaving the profession, according to a poll.