article 30 July 2014 World, Turkey
Turkish women say #kahkaha to minister's 'laughing ban'

A laughing matter? Pictures of women chuckling and guffawing sweep Twitter in protest at Turkey's deputy prime minister, who says women should not laugh in public.

post 21 July 2014
Read more from Paul Mason on his blog Why Israel is losing the social media war over Gaza

For the first time in a major Arab-Israeli conflict, the world has access to non-traditional sources of reality such as Twitter - and it means Israel is losing the battle for hearts and minds.

article 02 July 2014 World, United States
Tim Howard (picture: Getty)
Private Ryan and the dinosaurs: what could Tim Howard save?

The USA might be out of the World Cup, but an inspired performance from goalkeeper Tim Howard has earned him the best respect Twitter can offer  the hashtag #thingstimhowardcouldsave.

article 17 June 2014 World, Iraq
Still from Isis video
by #Jihad: how Isis is using social media to win support

The Islamic State of Iraq and al-Sham (Isis) is not just battling its way into the cities of Iraq  it is also fighting for global support and action via a major social media campaign.

article 14 June 2014 World, Spain
Netherlands goes nuts after World Cup demolition of Spain

Fans of the Netherlands took Twitter by storm after their team beat Spain 5-1 in their opening World Cup match - here are a few of the more tasteful creations we're able to share.

article 13 June 2014 Culture
by New project to make 'The Space' for digital art

We live much of our lives in the digital sphere in Britain in 2014, from dating to food shopping. But art?

article 22 May 2014 Business
Facebook knows what you're watching & listening to

Facebook's phone app will soon be able to listen in to your music and TV shows - and identify them, in a new Shazam-like feature aimed at hoovering up even more of your personal data.

article 20 May 2014 World, Thailand
Thai girls take a selfie following 2006 coup (picture: Getty)
Are selfies a sign of a military coup in Thailand?

Not just the preserve of the Oscars or Facebook profile pictures, the "selfie" could give us clues as to what is happening in Thailand, after the military there declared martial law.

article 08 May 2014 World, Nigeria
People wearing red for BringBackOurGirls campaign
#BringBackOurGirls goes red - and reaches a million tweets

The #BringBackOurGirls social media campaign has reached more than a million tweets - as people across the world wear red to show solidarity with more than 200 kidnapped Nigerian schoolgirls.