article 03 September 2015 UK, Syria
Aylan Kurdi
Aylan Kurdi: images that changed UK views on refugees?

The heart-breaking images of a Syrian toddler lying dead on a Turkish beach have reverberated around the world, but will they lead to a change in British attitudes towards the refugee crisis?

post 08 July 2015
Read more from Paul Mason on his blog The Greek crisis: on the ground and on Twitter

Last night I responded sharply to an anonymous Greek troll known as @GreekAnalyst, comparing his right-wing network of abusive and unaccountable people...

article 25 May 2015 UK, United States
Dancing man Sean O'Brien
Fat-shamed 'dancing man' gets last laugh at LA party

A man who was bullied online after pictures were posted of him dancing has become an unlikely celebrity and flew to Los Angeles for a celebrity anti-bullying fundraiser in his honour.

article 24 May 2015 UK
Internet 'troll' convictions soar: is social media to blame?

Convictions for internet "trolls" who target people with abusive or offensive material online increase eight-fold in a decade, official figures reveal.

article 22 May 2015 UK
'The horror': Kent's earthquake 'devastation'

Kent is "hit" by a 4.2 magnitude earthquake, and the subsequent media explosion is greeted by mockery online.

article 10 May 2015 UK, Scotland
JK Rowling Twitter row: support for author over poll abuse

Twitter users rally to show their support for JK Rowling after she became a target for online abuse in the wake of the election results.

article 07 May 2015 UK
Sign for a polling station on a five-barred gate (Getty)
Election 2015: I'm a Voter so #IVoted

As party leaders head to their local polling stations, millions of people take to Facebook and Twitter to let their friends know they have voted, encouraging others to do the same.

article 06 May 2015 UK
How online is mobilising the youth vote at #election2015

Two young activists have been taking very different approaches to youth engagement at this general election.

post 17 February 2015
Read more from Geoff White on Technology The porn dilemma facing Twitter

Twitter faces a porn dilemma: introduce age controls and force every user to re-register, or ban porn from the site and monitor as many as 25 million images a day.