article 18 March 2015 World, Tunisia
Tunisia attack: siege over leaving more than 20 dead

Security forces kill two Islamic militants who attacked the Bardo museum next to parliament as country's prime minister says 17 foreign tourists dead - and the death toll may be higher.

article 29 November 2013 UK, Bangladesh
Protesters in Thailand occupy the grounds of the national army headquarters, asking the military to support their increasingly tense campaign to topple Prime Minister Yingluck (G/R)
Gay rights to austerity: protest pictures that made 2013

As protesters in Thailand march to the ruling political party's office in Bangkok in a bid to topple the government, Channel 4 News looks back at a year of demonstrations.

article 04 November 2013 World, Bahrain
by What happened to the Arab Spring?

As Egyptians get deja vu at the trial of another deposed president, a Channel 4 News interactive graphic looks at what has happened more than two and a half years on from the Arab Spring.

post 26 September 2013
Read more from Tom Clarke on his blog Climate change and conflict from Tunisia to Texas

It only takes a few extreme weather events or a prolonged drought to pit humans against each other.

article 25 July 2013 World, Tunisia
Tunisian opposition party leader shot dead

Gunmen shoot dead Mohammed Brahmi, the leader of a leftist Tunisian opposition party, in the capital Tunis. It is the year's second political assassination in the birthplace of the Arab Spring.

article 07 February 2013 World, Tunisia
Riot police run at protestors in Tunisia (Reuters)
Tunisia: unions call general strike as protests continue

Police in Tunis fire tear gas at protestors outside the Interior Ministry as unions call the first general strike since 1978 following the assassination of a secular opposition leader.

article 10 October 2012 World, Tunisia
Syrian passenger plane forced to land in Turkey

Turkish fighter planes have forced a Syrian passenger plane to land at Ankara's airport amid suspicions it was being used to carry munitions, according to reports.

article 14 January 2012 World, Tunisia
Moncef Marzouki - Reuters
Tunisia celebrates one year since Ben Ali

Tunisia is celebrating the first anniversary of the fall of Ben Ali, which sparked the Arab Spring and spread to the entire region. But with discontent still rife, where does Tunisia find itself now?

article 10 January 2012 World, Tunisia
Tunisian protesters call for more rights. January 5, 2012 (Getty)
Tunisian man dies after setting himself on fire

A Tunisian protester who set himself on fire to protest against high unemployment has died in hospital. It comes almost exactly a year after a fruit seller's self-immolation sparked the Arab Spring.