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post 21 July 2014
Read more on Michael's blog Why Gaza has always been tricky for Middle East envoy Tony Blair

Tony Blair was in London today, addressing the Progress think tank 20 years after he became Labour leader. But weren't there more pressing concerns in the Middle East?

article 21 July 2014 UK
Tony Blair
Michael Crick by 'Why are you in London, Mr Blair?' - video

As Tony Blair prepares to deliver a speech marking the 20th anniversary of his becoming Labour leader, Michael Crick asks him why he is in London and not in the Middle East.

article 21 July 2014 UK
Tony Blair
Should Blair make speeches in London during Mid East crisis?

In a speech on the 20th anniversary of his becoming Labour leader, Tony Blair devotes half a minute to the situation in Gaza. We asked if London is the place for the Middle East quartet envoy to be?

post 08 July 2014
Read more on Gary Gibbon's blog The dirt on the whips' 'dirt book'

Westminster holds its dark secrets like everywhere else. But don't expect them to have been handily written down and archived.

post 03 July 2014
Read more from Alex Thomson on his blog Alastair Campbell: Egypt hasn't paid me a penny

Tony Blair's former spin doctor denies taking money from the Sisi regime, but insists the west must engage with Egypt.

post 02 July 2014
Read more from Alex Thomson on his blog The Blair-Sisi Project

Tony Blair's people insist he will earn no money from his advising of "President" Sisi of Egypt, who seized power in the recent coup and sealed it in a phony election.

post 25 June 2014
Read more from Alex Thomson on his blog It's not just phones that have been hacked, it's British power

It has been called the Trial of the Century and cost millions of pounds. But the phone hacking trial also raises serious questions about our political system.

video 23 June 2014 UK, Iraq

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Should Tony Blair be sacked as Middle East envoy? - video

As a campaign demands Tony Blair be removed from his role as Middle East envoy, Jon Snow asks Respect MP George Galloway and Blair's former special adviser John McTernan - should he stay or go?

article 21 June 2014 UK
David Blunkett to quit as Labour MP at 2015 general election

Former home secretary David Blunkett is to stand down from parliament at the 2015 general election, he announces.