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article 17 September 2015 World, Serbia
Refugees and migrants in Croatia
European refugee crisis: Croatia, the new pinch point

The latest dramatic scenes from Eastern Europe show chaos at yet another country's border. This time, the focus of those trying to reach Western Europe is Croatia.

article 09 September 2015 UK, European Union
Juncker demands 'compulsory' relocation of 120,000 refugees

Jean-Claude Juncker was heckled by a far right Italian MEP in an Angela Merkel mask as he said that 120,000 refugees had to be relocated from Italy, Greece and Hungary to other European countries

article 12 July 2015 World, Greece
Greece crisis: eurozone issues reforms-for-bailout demand

Greece is told it needs to enact key reforms by Wednesday in order to restore trust with eurozone leaders, who will then open talks to negotiate a bailout deal with the struggling country.

article 30 June 2015 World, Greece
Greece crisis: last-minute talks for a bailout deal

As the midnight deadline for Greece to repay 1.6bn fast approaches, last-minute efforts are underway to avert a chain of events that could lead to Grexit.

article 29 June 2015 World, Greece
Greece: 'Either we're all winners or losers' - Juncker

With European stock markets falling and banks closed in Greece, the president of the European Commission warns that "egotism" and "tactics" have hampered efforts to resolve the Greek crisis.

article 25 June 2015 World, Greece
Syrian refugees arrive in Greece (Reuters)
Migrant crisis sets nation against nation within EU

With hundreds of migrants being rescued daily from overloaded boats in the Mediterranean, the EU is struggling to agree on an adequate response to the new arrivals.

article 24 June 2015 UK, European Union
Paraic O'Brian has been on patrol with the police in Calais as they chase people away from lorries headed for the UK.
Chaotic Calais: migrants struggle to get to UK

Paraic O'Brien has been on patrol with the police in Calais as they remove people from lorries headed for the UK.

article 11 May 2015 World, Greece
Greece: eurozone ministers meet ahead of debt deadline

Eurozone finance ministers are meeting in Brussels to discuss the Greek debt crisis.

article 15 April 2015 World, European Union
by The Mediterranean's deadliest migration sea routes

As 400 migrants - including children - are feared to have died after a boat capsized off Libya, Channel 4 News looks at the desperate journeys migrants are taking to reach Europe.