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video 19 October 2014 UK, European Union

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Is David Cameron's EU immigration cap illegal? - video

Any attempt to limit EU migrants coming to the UK would be illegal, says Jose Manuel Barroso. However, Tory party chairman Grant Shapps argues that Britain "needs to be able to control its borders."

article 25 August 2014 World, European Union
Italian Navy rescues migrants
Deadly journey: 4,000 migrants rescued on way to Italy

The Italian navy says it has rescued almost 4,000 migrants in the last 48 hours. At least 25 migrants died during the weekend Mediterranean crossings.

article 30 June 2014 UK, European Union
David Cameron and Jean-Claude Juncker
David Cameron: Tories can 'deliver' on EU reforms

David Cameron says he can "deliver" on European Union reforms, despite a failed attempt to block former Luxembourg prime minister Jean-Claude Juncker's path to the European Commission presidency.

article 05 June 2014 UK, Ukraine
'Bon appetit': Vladimir Putin's message to G7 leaders

The leaders of the powerful G7 industrial nations meet in Brussels - with a noticeable exception - Russia President Vladimir Putin.

article 05 June 2014 World, European Union
Obama: 'Hard to imagine' it would serve Britain to leave EU

US president Barack Obama says it would be "hard to imagine" that it would be in Britain's interests to leave the EU, and hints that the US would prefer Scotland not to vote for independence.

article 02 June 2014 World, European Union
Blair: European elections are 'wake-up call'

How do you solve a problem like Europe? Former prime minister Tony Blair has a go, suggesting Britain should lead on reform in Brussels, while current leader David Cameron gets into an EU spat.

article 21 May 2014 World, European Union
European elections
by Ten reasons why you should vote in the European elections

From making pigs happy to making bankers sad - ten reasons why, whatever you think about the European Union, you should be voting in the elections on Thursday.

article 19 May 2014 UK, European Union
by European parliament elections: the key questions

Parties are campaigning for the European elections - but how much do we really know about what goes on in Brussels and the European parliament?

article 18 May 2014 UK, European Union
by The United States of Europe: EU's answer to Russia?

Only a strong single European state would be able to fend off the threat from Russia and solve the euro crisis, a prominent supporter of a federal Europe tells Channel 4 News.