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The battle for Syria

Inside a secret civil war, Channel 4 News witnesses Syria's bloody fight for freedom.



article 27 February 2015 UK, Somalia
Jamal Osman by Security services and the road to radicalisation

It has been commented on that - like the Woolwich killers  the British security services had a file on Mohammed Emwazi. Here, Channel 4 News Africa reporter Jamal Osman describes his own experiences.

article 26 February 2015 UK, Iraq
Why was 'Jihadi John' unmasked?

How did the alleged identity of Islamic State's most wanted suspect fall into the public domain on Thursday morning? And where does the UK go from here in the fight against Islamic State?

article 24 February 2015 World, Syria
Missing London schoolgirls 'crossed into Syria' - police

Three missing schoolgirls from east London, thought to have left the country to join the Islamic State group, are now believed to have crossed into Syria, police say.

article 24 February 2015 World, Syria
Aleppo destruction, before and after images. Photo credit: Varun Shiv Kapoor and Reuters
Aleppo's devastation: before and after images

One of the oldest and most beautiful cities in the world is now in ruins after four years at the centre of Syria's bloody war. Drag the cursor across each image to see the destruction.

post 18 February 2015
Read more from Lindsey Hilsum on her blog Ceasefire in Aleppo: best option for civilians but proof of rebel despair?

The Syrian government knows it's in a strong position. If the rebels don't agree the ceasefire, they may be crushed. Previous 'local ceasefires' have been a euphemism for surrender.

article 18 February 2015 World, Syria
Syria: 'hope' but 'no illusions' over Aleppo ceasefire

The Syrian government has said it is willing to suspend its aerial bombardment and artillery shelling of the northern city of Aleppo so a local ceasefire can be tested, a UN mediator says.

video 11 February 2015 World, Belgium

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The trial of the absent jihadis - video

Brian De Mulder, a "sporty and outgoing" 21-year-old, is among 46 Islamist extremists sentenced in Belgium today. Like many of his co-defendants he was not there - presumed to be in Syria, or dead.

article 10 February 2015 World, Syria
Barrel bomb
'There are no barrel bombs': Assad's Syria 'facts'

Syrian President Bashar al-Assad began his interview with the BBC's Jeremy Bowen by saying: "We need to talk about facts" - but very little else he said was grounded in reality.

article 29 January 2015 World, Syria
Kurdish fighter and young boy on Kobani
Inside Kobani: happiness in a ruined city

From the city of Kobani, where a four month assault by Islamic State fighters has been repelled, Kurdish official Idriss Nassan describes a city crippled by violence, but optimistic about the future.